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Ryan's Story

“My favorite thing to do is play basketball. I can’t really run, but I can shoot! I play with my cousins and other relatives. My younger brother Mark John has to keep repeating his grade in school, because he misses school to play! After surger… Read more

“My favorite thing to do is play basketball. I can’t really run, but I can shoot! I play with my cousins and other relatives. My younger brother Mark John has to keep repeating his grade in school, because he misses school to play! After surgery, I’m looking forward to playing more basketball. That’s all!” Ryan tells us with a wry smile. 

Even though basketball is pretty much life, Ryan has managed to stay focused on school and is now in Grade 7. His favorite subject is Filipino, and he likes to write. He also like computers and hopes to work in an office someday. His younger and older brother that he lives with go to school too, well at least when Mark John isn’t sidetracked by the courts along the way!

Ryan and his two brothers are part of seven boys that make up Ryan’s siblings. “Some live with other family, or were adopted. A few I’ve never met before. But, I like having my brothers around to play with. My mom didn’t know how she was going to take care of me, so when I was born premature my grandparents, Vergilio and Vergilia, said they would raise me. My grandmother is really kind. But, if I want to do something at home, she only lets me do it a little.” Even though she’s not biologically Ryan’s mom, it sounds like Vergilia, whom Ryan calls “mom”, worries just like moms do!

One effect of Ryan’s premature birth is mild cerebral palsy, which has caused him to have clubfoot. His left hand is stiff as well, but he doesn’t let that slow him down too much. “When I walk a long ways, my foot starts to hurt, and it’s hard for me to grab things with my hand. But at home, I can carry things to help out. But besides that, I can do anything!” Ryan will have surgery to correct his clubfoot, and possibly soon on his hand to gain more mobility and strength. Before we know it, he’ll not only be shooting baskets, but running on the court too!

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Sep 21, 2017

"I brought my other pair of sandals," Ryan tells us. He's in clinic ready for his worn out cast to be taken off. You probably guessed right, now that it was finally off, a new one immediately was put on! Although there's some disappointment in his eyes, he is still hopeful that it's for the better and the next time his cast comes off, Ryan will be clubfoot-free! Photo of Ryan

Aug 11, 2017

Ryan did physical therapy this morning hoping to stand up using crutches. Unfortunately, his hands aren't strong enough to help bear the weight. We offered a wheelchair to take home, but the ones left are too bulky for the bus ride. They are hoping to borrow one from a local hospital when they get home, so please pray with us that will all be settled out to minimize the stress on Grandpa Vergilio as he takes care of Ryan. Despite all the setbacks before he got discharged today though, Ryan and Vergilio still carried a smile as they went home. We admire this family's character to persevere with the right attitude. Please pray for them as they head home! Photo of Ryan

Aug 10, 2017

“Oh, look at this handsome guy!” our CURE Philippines Storyteller Hope Kim joked as she pulled up Ryan’s CUREkids profile to read his Get Well messages. He couldn’t help but beam, and the smile kept going as she read him his letters. He told us, “no more pain!”, and as long as he keeps improving, he’ll get to go home tomorrow! Photo of Ryan

Aug 09, 2017

Ryan’s trying to hide his pain behind his sweet, shy smile. He tells us, “It hurts…but it’s OK.” The smile got a little bigger when we pointed out that his foot is straight, so the pain he’s feeling will have a positive ending. His bed is by the window so he has a nice view, today is all about resting and recovering and watching the world pass by outside. He’ll get to be part of it again soon! Photo of Ryan

Aug 08, 2017

Elaine held Ryan’s hand as he was being prepped for surgery, and the two discussed his future hopes for having it fixed someday as well. Today though was all about getting his foot straight, and after a bunch of cutting and hammering, Dr. Jun and Dr. Burgess did just that. He’ll be pretty sore for a few days, please be praying for him! Photo of Ryan

Aug 07, 2017

Ryan spoke highly of his Grandma Vergilia's kindness, which he evidently inherited. While his Grandpa Vergilio was out and about taking care of admission details, he patiently waited in the room and responded to staff questions with a calm and trusting attitude. After taking photos with CUREkids Coordinator Marlene and meeting Dr. Jun during rounds, Ryan got all relaxed in the ward and is ready for tomorrow's surgery! Photo of Ryan

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