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Jenalyn's Story

“I get to take my little sister for a walk to my neighbors. Being a big sister is ‘OK’” says Jenalyn.

Even though Jenalyn can’t quite describe how she feels about being a big sister through words, but you can tell that she loves ta… Read more

“I get to take my little sister for a walk to my neighbors. Being a big sister is ‘OK’” says Jenalyn.

Even though Jenalyn can’t quite describe how she feels about being a big sister through words, but you can tell that she loves taking care of her little sister as her huge smile peeks out when she talks about her. “She is very responsible and helps me change her sister’s clothes when she gets all sweaty from playing. Jenalyn is quiet at first, but moves so much when she’s at home,” describes Jenalyn’s mom, Gemma.

Jenalyn loves to draw, and write and wishes to be “able to walk with [her] feet straight” someday. “Her disability isn’t inborn, but there was an incident when she was only four months old. My niece got up on the bed and landed on her foot. It most likely caused her bone to break. We noticed something wrong when she wouldn't put her feet on the ground when she started walking,” shares Gemma as to why Jenalyn is having surgery.

Jenalyn looks forward to getting her foot fixed so she can play and and hopefully take her little sister for a walk a lot better! We pray for her as she goes through spiritual and physical healing with us!

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Latest Updates

Feb 12, 2019

Jenalyn received so much love when we partnered up with the Tim Tebow Foundation to hold a Night to Shine prom for our CUREkids here in the Philippines! When we caught Jenalyn on the dance floor with her buddy that night, our heart was filled with joy! What an amazing time so celebrate her healing! Photo of Jenalyn

Nov 20, 2018

Such a great day for Jenelyn! She came to the hospital still in her cast, but without crutches! That is a huge step for her. She had her cast removed, which was her final “major” step in treatment! We had a chance to get her caught up on her Get Well messages, they were piling up. Thanks for all the support! Please feel free to continue sending your prayers and well wishes, we’ll share the love when she returns for her follow ups. Photo of Jenalyn

Oct 18, 2018

“She’s been through so much,” Dr. Shelley said as she gave a teary-eyed Jenalyn a sympathetic hug. Jenalyn wasn’t due to return until November, but Gemma brought her in because “her cast smells”. It was a smart decision, Jenalyn was having a reaction to her sutures, causing an infection. We removed the sutures, gave her in a fresh cast and put her on antibiotics, and now she’s back on the road to healing. We extended her follow up date by a week so she can get some extra healing time in, but Dr. Jun encouraged her to start trying to walk without her crutch soon, please pray for encouragement as she tackles this next phase in healing! Photo of Jenalyn

Oct 03, 2018

"I finally won't have to worry about cleaning the wound area," says Gemma as we checked out Jenalyn's nice and shiny cast. Since she only had a quick procedure, she quickly packed up this morning all ready to head home. But before she headed out, Jenelyn was able to catch up on all her Get Well letters and read that many people are praying for her! Thank you so much for encouraging Jenalyn in her journey! Healing is so much better with our partnership with you! Photo of Jenalyn

Oct 02, 2018

Jenalyn’s external fixator came off in a flash this morning! Even though it was a quick and simple procedure, we never cut corners, including when it comes to prayer before surgery. Dr. Jun showed us how much her bone has grown in the last three months, and his x-ray estimate was right on, just about an inch. Jenalyn also still had a rod in her leg, which was a little more complicated to remove. Sometimes they come right out, and other times, like today, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. We finally found it, and now Jenayn can hopefully say goodbye to the operating room for good! She’ll wear a cast for a few weeks while everything “fills in” and settles, but she’s in the home stretch! Thanks for continuing to cheer her on as she finishes her marathon! Photo of Jenalyn

Oct 01, 2018

We spotted Jenalyn in the x-ray room once again today; she’s been in there more times than she can count! She wore a big grin at the possibility of hearing that her external fixator could be removed, and after a few minutes, that good news came! While Jenalyn has been going about her daily routine of going to school and being a normal kid, her leg has grown nearly an inch! Mom Gemma tells us that they’ve both noticed a difference in how she stands and walks. Jenalyn won't have to wait too long at all, there is an open spot on tomorrow's surgery schedule, so she'll get it off tomorrow! Photo of Jenalyn

Sep 04, 2018

Jenalyn and Gemma teamed up to make Jenalyn's healing process as smooth as possible. They come in on their clinic schedules and make sure to get updated reports on x-ray images. Throughout their visits, we've seen great progress of her bone healing and where we want it to be. It's not very strong yet, but it's healing the way it's supposed to be and hopefully we'll be able to take out her external fixator very soon. As they look at both legs, Dr. Jun showed them the result of what he hoped to see throughout this process – a pair of legs with the same length...and if not, "almost" the same length! Photo of Jenalyn

Jul 13, 2018

Jenalyn tends to err a little on the serious side, but the news that she gets to go home today has her full of smiles! Just a little more paperwork to finish, and a lesson on how to clean and tighten her fixator pegs, and she’ll be out of here. She and Gemma will need to adjust the pegs each week as her healing progresses, it’s a little intimidating, but we’re confident they’ll get the hang of it in no time! We’ll check in on her next month to see how things are going, please pray for her and Gemma as they tackle this fun project at home! Photo of Jenalyn

Jul 12, 2018

Jenalyn has been using a crutch since her first surgery a year ago, so it’s nothing new to her. She’ll continue to use one for the time she wears her fixator, and did a quick session in physical therapy to make sure the new addition hasn’t thrown off her balance. She passed with flying colors, of course, and is one step closer to going home! Photo of Jenalyn

Jul 11, 2018

Even though external fixators are “zero fun”, Jenalyn scored the sports model in the operating room today! Instead of the older version, which is made of plates that “cage” the leg, hers sits on top, which will make it much more comfortable. The fixator will be adjusted at home each week, which will slowly spread her bone apart, and as it slowly heals, it will be longer. Dr. Jun inserted a rod in her bone to ensure that it grows straight through all of this. Jenalyn will wear the fixator for the next three to four months, please pray for successful, rapid healing! Photo of Jenalyn

Jul 10, 2018

Jenalyn’s back and handling check in like a pro! We’re happy to see her, but we have mixed feelings as to the reason why. When she came to clinic in May, her legs were still drastically uneven in length, and equipping her with an external fixator was discussed to correct this. Mom Gemma and Jenalyn made the bold decision to proceed with this option, in hopes that it’ll get her straightened up sooner than later. We’ll just say it, external fixators are zero fun, but if the result is that Jenalyn is fully healed, then it’s worth the hassle! Please pray for her surgery tomorrow, and also for emotional strength as her healing journey continues. Photo of Jenalyn

May 10, 2018

Jenalyn was in for a visit and follow up today! She still has her crutch with her, but she’s completely healed, and just uses it for balance. The balance issues are because her right leg is still a few inches shorter than the left, just due to the trauma from her bone having been broken for so long. She has the prescribed lift in her shoe, but it still isn’t enough to stabilize her. We talked about options with Gemma, and a solution might be to put Jenalyn in an external fixator for a while, which will spread and stretch the bone. That decision doesn’t need to be made for a while, so we’ll just monitor her for now. Please pray for continued healing, as well as discernment in Jenalyn’s treatment. Photo of Jenalyn

Sep 08, 2017

Still living up to her reputation as one tough cookie, Jenalyn came to clinic walking unassisted! She’s been off crutches for about a week, but Dr. Burgess would like her to err on the side of caution and keep using at least one crutch for a little longer. She’ll also need a shoe lift, since her leg is still a little shorter. So, we sent her home with a small to do list, but she’s doing great overall! Photo of Jenalyn

Aug 11, 2017

Jenalyn was sporting a huge shoe brace to protect her cast. It's bulky, but she won't be bothered by it anymore! Her cast came off and her X-ray showed that's she's ready to be completely done with casts. In one month, we'll see how she's doing and we hope that she'll be off of her crutches by then, too! Photo of Jenalyn

Jun 23, 2017

We were reunited with Jenalyn today. You can tell that she was a bit shy coming back, but never hesitated to give a sweet smile. She's looking good! She's still walking with a pair of homemade crutches, but there's improvement in her healing. So as she waits to go home, we continue to chat and hope to see her again feeling even better! Photo of Jenalyn

May 12, 2017

“I’m thankful that my foot only hurts sometimes now,” Jenalyn said during morning devotions. She’s doing so well and gets to go home today, another thing to be thankful for! Photo of Jenalyn

May 11, 2017

“Smile Jenalyn!” Gemma pleaded, but we’ll take a serious face over tears any day! Jenalyn’s been having a pretty sore day, but we caught her in an almost happy moment in the playroom. Please keep praying for pain relief and healing for Jenalyn! Photo of Jenalyn

May 10, 2017

This girl is one tough cookie! If you read yesterday’s update, you know that she had a long, rough day, and the day after surgery is usually even more challenging. But, she was in a calm mood, happy to be resting and watching TV in her room. Photo of Jenalyn

May 09, 2017

Jenalyn was the last surgery of the day, which meant she wasn’t able to eat for about twelve hours! That was compounded with the fact that she had to wait a while in the operating theater, but she was so patient, never complaining once! She chatted with Elaine for a while, which helped keep her occupied. Dr. Tim and Dr. Shelley made some cuts in Jenalyn’s bone, put in a rod, and now everything is on it’s way to being straight! Photo of Jenalyn

May 08, 2017

While Gemma shows much gratitude for being here at Tebow CURE, Jenalyn is curious to see what we're really up to, which is why she intently pays attention to what's going on through admission. She knows she's having surgery, but not quite sure what that really means. Hopefully, the orientation will help give her clarity on how her foot gets healed! Photo of Jenalyn

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