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Jhonrey's Story

“I want to buy really nice shoes when my foot is fixed!” Jhonrey tells us enthusiastically.

Although he doesn’t play basketball, “really nice shoes” in Jhonrey’s book are high tops, but that might be the nudge he needs to start … Read more

“I want to buy really nice shoes when my foot is fixed!” Jhonrey tells us enthusiastically.

Although he doesn’t play basketball, “really nice shoes” in Jhonrey’s book are high tops, but that might be the nudge he needs to start playing! Jhonrey was born with both amniotic bands and clubfoot on his right leg. We first met him in February, when he came to Tebow CURE to have the amniotic band on his thigh released. Now he’s back to have his clubfoot corrected, and he’s much more comfortable and outgoing this time around. He still does most of his communicating in a series of head nods, shakes, and eyebrow raises, but when he does speak, the words come out full of sass, we love it!

According to mom Judith, healing has been a long time coming. “When Jhonrey was born, his umbilical cord was tightly wrapped around his leg. I don’t know if that is part of the reason he is like this or not. This is the first time we’ve been able to seek treatment. He started walking when he was two years old, and really doesn’t have a hard time walking, running, or climbing trees.” The fourth of six siblings, Jhonrey never needs to look far to find a playmate, although one of his favorite activities is to just hang out at home and watch cartoons.

One thing Jhonrey’s surgery will do is improve his future prospects. “I want to be a policeman, so I can put thieves in jail.” He’s already off to a good start with his education. “I’m in grade two, and we have exams soon, but I can take them later.” For the moment, he’s just focused on surgery. “My leg [from the first surgery] feels, good, it doesn’t hurt. I’m ready!” We’re ready to see Jhonrey’s healing completed too!

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Latest Updates

Jan 12, 2018

Jhonrey and his sweet mom Judith were back just to check-in with the doctor. He wore his really nice shoes which had to be taken off so Physical Therapist Chin could work on his exercises. "He skipped his exam today, so he could come in for a follow-up! But he will do a make-up exam when he gets back," says Judith. We love how proactive Jhonrey is with his follow-up visits! Photo of Jhonrey

Aug 03, 2017

After school the other day, it was raining, and Jhonrey didn’t want to burden mom Judith with picking him up, so he started to walk home alone. Yes, in the rain and through a muddy banana plantation. Let’s just say, his cast was a little icky today! Bless him for trying though! The good news is, he got to keep the cast off, and finally gets to wear two “really nice shoes”, just like he wanted! Photo of Jhonrey

Jul 17, 2017

Jhonrey was our early bird patient for mobile clinic this past weekend. His cast was removed and he was able to move his foot a little bit before he was re-casted for a few more weeks. He says he's content with the improvement, but also wants to see if he can improve some more! Check out Jhonrey's video update here –

Jun 21, 2017

The small incisions from yesterday has got nothing on Jhonrey! He's feeling so great, he's ready to go home today! While he was looking a bit bored while waiting for Judith to get done with discharge papers, he entertained himself by watching local shows. We are so happy to know that Jhonrey recovered so quick! Photo of Jhonrey

Jun 20, 2017

Jhonrey had his third surgery this morning, which involved some small incisions in his achilles tendon in order to stretch his foot flat. Since he's become a pro at surgery, we think he might have been trying to help even while he was under sedation, and ended up with plaster all over his hand! Nurse Lucille cleaned him up, hand included, and now we're hoping the third time's a charm in Jhonrey's healing, and that he'll be done in the operating room for a while! Photo of Jhonrey

Jun 19, 2017

Jhonrey has been eager to come back to get his tendon release done, and finally persuaded Judith to bring him in. After the bus trip, they relaxed in the ward watching TV. Currently though, Jhonrey is under observation due to sniffles, so please pray that it'll clear out so his surgery will happen tomorrow! Photo of Jhonrey

Jun 08, 2017

Jhonrey’s making progress! Today though, Dr. Tim noticed that his foot is still turning inward, due in part because he’s always had to stretch to reach the ground because of the length difference in his legs. So, he’s still not all the way there, but he’s definitely getting closer! Dr. Tim recommended a tendon release, which will allow his foot to sit flat, and then he’ll wear a shoe lift for a while, until that leg catches up. He’s been awesome though, very few complaints from Jhonrey! Photo of Jhonrey

Apr 21, 2017

Jhonrey got his cast off during clinic and immediately graduated as a physical therapy patient. He will work on muscle strengthening this summer until he comes back to see us again, hopefully stronger and more brave than he was before! Photo of Jhonrey

Mar 29, 2017

"No pain" didn't come as quickly as we hoped, but good thing Mom Judith was right next to Jhonrey as he recovered. He didn't get enough sleep last night due to pain, so he decided to rest in the ward with Judith. Thankfully, there were no tears, but we hope that sleepless nights for him will be over soon since he'll be going home today. Thanks for praying with us! Photo of Jhonrey

Mar 28, 2017

And the award for “Today’s Bravest Kid” goes to Jhonrey! With honorable mention for “Cutest Pout”! He tried so hard to stay brave and tear-free as he was entrusted to the surgical staff, and only let one teeny, quiet tear slip as he was being prepared. Two of our housekeeping staff, Elaine and Dhang (both moms of little boys themselves!) jumped in and offered some preemptive comforting, which definitely helped keep him and Judith calm. And, now that Jhonrey is done with surgery #2, we’re praying he’ll get back to being in “no pain” quickly! Photo of Jhonrey

Mar 27, 2017

We have been competing for Johnrey's attention from the TV screen since this morning! We finally got the giggles while blocking his PS3 view just to joke around. After that, he still wouldn't budge as he tried to win the racing game! We are all fun and games today because tomorrow will be all serious business in the OR. Even though it's his second time down in the OR, we hope that he will not be anxious as he see familiar faces! Photo of Jhonrey

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