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  • Age9
  • Conditiona spinal condition
  • Next Appointment 11/21/2019

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Zoe's Story

“Whatever Zoe wants to do in life, I’m going to be here to support her.” -Zoe’s mom Yvyz.

Growing up surrounded with nurse professionals, Zoe aspired to become like her grandmother and uncle who worked as nurses at a local hospital. … Read more

“Whatever Zoe wants to do in life, I’m going to be here to support her.” -Zoe’s mom Yvyz.

Growing up surrounded with nurse professionals, Zoe aspired to become like her grandmother and uncle who worked as nurses at a local hospital. Most recently, Zoe also has thought about the idea of becoming a teacher. But there’s plenty of time for her to decide, so in the meantime, Yvyz focuses on giving Zoe everything she can for her healing.

Zoe is Yvyz's only child but she says she wants to have a big family. When we asked Zoe what her idea of a big family is, she says it had to have about 20 siblings because “six is just not enough.” Even if Zoe’s the only one, she definitely keeps Yvyz's hands busy. Zoe has had health complications since she was 8 months old, she ran a high fever and had to be hospitalized to run some tests. As the doctors checked on her X-ray, they found out that Zoe had been born with congenital scoliosis on top of being diagnosed with astigmatism causing vertigo and other asthmatic issues. For the past five years, Zoe has kept up with getting yearly X-ray images to follow-up whether the curve is getting worse as advised by her doctor. Zoe became active in swimming and gymnastics to prevent the abnormal curve and it wasn’t until recently that she was advised to get her surgery done here at Tebow CURE.

Although you can’t tell that Zoe is going through some physical problems, when you spend time with her, she is so sweet and sociable and very interested to get to know other people. She will ask you question after question just to keep the conversation going. She also talks in a pretty mature way for her age. Yvyz thinks it’s courage built from what Zoe has gone through medically, she doesn’t complain much and has a high pain tolerance. We’re glad to know that we can prevent Zoe’s scoliosis from getting worse and we do pray that Zoe keeps her courage as she goes through surgery.

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Latest Updates

May 24, 2019

“After this, I’m going to celebrate my birthday at the beach and swim!” Zoe told us about exciting events coming up when she came for her yearly check up. We knew she was getting older because Fluffy the zebra doesn’t get to tag along with her anymore. Part of growing also means her spine is getting longer, which is why we are a bit bummed to hear that the doctors found a slight spinal curve on Zoe’s current x-ray. It’s not anything that we should be worried about, but she needs to be intentional with her exercises. She stopped by physical therapy for some “Superwoman” exercises! As she checks in with us regularly, we're praying her spine doesn’t curve any more and she’ll continue to grow healthy and strong! Photo of Zoe

Jun 07, 2018

We can't believe it's been a year since we last saw Zoe but we are happy to let you know that our prayers were heard and her spine didn't curl one bit since last year! She's been stable and we continue to pray that it stays that way. In other good news, Fluffy the Zebra found out that he still has hope! Nurse Jhun recasted him so he won't be broken anymore. Thank goodness he tagged along with Bunny! We love seeing Zoe and her crew, and we hope to see them back with Zoe next year! Photo of Zoe

Aug 24, 2017

“This is Bunny,” Zoe told us as she introduced us to her newest fuzzy friend. Fluffy the Zebra was “broken”, so he needed to stay at home and rest. She also made friends in the playroom with CUREkid J-Vie’s cousin, Aiko, who is visiting from Japan. But she wasn’t here just for fun and games, it was time for her six month checkup. She’s doing so well, she won’t need to return for a year! But, we reminded her though that she’s always welcome to come visit us before then, and we invite you to keep praying for her to stay straight and healthy! Photo of Zoe

May 05, 2016

This is the final stretch for Zoe! From here on and out, she will be checking in on a yearly basis to make sure that her spine is doing just fine! She’s been busy swimming all summer and packed in a lot of stories to tell and shared some of the skills that she's learned. Swimming is such a good exercise for her, but she also needs to know some non-aquatic exercises for when she’s not in the pool. So before she left, Zoe learned some physiotherapy exercises with Alex! We praise God for Zoe’s progress and we thank you for keeping her in your prayers throughout her healing! Photo of Zoe

Apr 01, 2016

Zoe didn’t have new companions today, but she’s rocking a new pair of specs! She recently got her eye checked and picked out a pair of eyeglasses that she liked. She also told us that she already went swimming not only once, nor twice, but three times! And just to confirm, they asked Dr. Badjun whether she was cleared to go back to her swimming classes, which she was then given the permission to do so as long as she still keeps her brace on after swimming. We’ll continue to keep an eye on her and will see her back in a month! Photo of Zoe

Jan 14, 2016

Great news from Zoe! She’s standing incredibly straight, and her x-ray shows that she’s healing perfectly. She will wear a wrap-style brace for a few more months, just to help her to keep getting stronger. She brought a new friend today, Rudy, apparently Fluffy the Zebra had the day off and stayed home. Thanks for all you ongoing prayers for our fun, spunky girl! Photo of Zoe

Dec 03, 2015

We missed Zoe’s sweet and sassy character, so we were glad to see her back today with her little zebra friend, Fluffy, and her new elephant friend, Ellie! Aren’t they adorable? Although Zoe’s little sassy character emerged when she walked into the clinic room, thanks to Dr. Jun’s pep talk, Zoe pushed through during her cast removal and her body is now cast free! Knowing Zoe, It didn’t take too long for her to be back to herself, dancing and giggling with the staff before she left! Photo of Zoe

Oct 30, 2015

We caught a glimpse of Zoe up and walking this morning! She was on her way to the lobby to see some visitors, and we had to scoot to keep us with her, she’s on the move! A little while later she had her vitals checked, and explained the whole process to Fluffy so he wouldn’t worry. Can she get any cuter?! We’ll miss these two, they’re doing so well that they get to go home today, thanks for all the prayers! Photo of Zoe

Oct 29, 2015

Zoe walked a handful of steps this morning! She wants to go home, but needs to take a few steps first, so she’s determined. She paid for all that exercise though, she and Fluffy were sacked out in a big way shortly afterward. We’re not sure if Fluffy took any steps, but he definitely looked content sleeping next to Zoe. We know she’ll be going home soon, please keep praying! Photo of Zoe

Oct 28, 2015

We met “Fluffy”, Zoe’s stuffed zebra this afternoon. He is sporting a cast, just like Zoe, compliments of Alex our PT Specialist! Zoe spent the morning singing for some of our staff, and listened to a handful of Get Well messages this afternoon, most were from family members and friends, how fun! A few of them called her by the cute nicknames they have for her, which brought huge grins and giggles, it definitely made her feel more at home. Thanks for all your prayers for Zoe, she’s doing so well today! Photo of Zoe

Oct 27, 2015

Zoe’s surgery is all done! In simple terms, the team removed some bone marrow from Zoe’s lower back near her growth plate, which will stimulate growth in the right direction, not unlike trimming branches to encourage a tree to grow. She spent a chunk of time in recovery, since she decided she was comfy and didn’t care to wake up, but the nurses and doctors kept a close eye on her, and she’s finally stirring. We have a feeling this silly girl doesn’t do anything until she’s good and ready! Thanks for all your continued prayers! Photo of Zoe

Oct 26, 2015

Zoe’s here! She came in the medical records office with her mom Yvyz for admission and quickly warmed up to the staff and even made it easy to communicate with the English-speaking staff since she’s fluent with both English and Tagalog, the main Filipino language. When she ran out of English words to say, she eventually said, “I’m Tagalog and not English” which made all of us giggle. She kept saying how she’s scared of the surgery but when Che Che drew blood on her this morning, she didn’t even cry or panic. We are so proud of her! Zoe’s procedure is tomorrow and she’s spent the afternoon resting and getting ready for it, coloring and relaxing in her room. Photo of Zoe

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