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Paulla's Story

“Paulla is my stress reliever. My prayer is to see her walk and run without difficulty.” - Paulla’s dad Paul.

How many times would you watch your child go through a procedure before giving up? At only two years old, Paulla has already … Read more

“Paulla is my stress reliever. My prayer is to see her walk and run without difficulty.” - Paulla’s dad Paul.

How many times would you watch your child go through a procedure before giving up? At only two years old, Paulla has already had three surgeries on her clubfeet, and countless castings, with no success. The family was recently referred to CURE by one of our surgeons, and we pray that this is the end of the line in the family’s seemingly never-ending search for a solution.

Paul works a few hours south of Davao, but is here for Paulla during her surgery. Paulla is looked after locally by her grandmother Carmen, while mom Nerjane also works. She is an only child, but has enough energy to fill a room! “She starts out slow in the morning, but winds up later in the day,” Paul tells us.

Paulla can walk on her clubfeet, but it’s slow going and difficult for her. She doesn’t seem terribly bothered by her limitations, but wearing shoes does hurt, so she strongly resists when she has to wear them. Otherwise, she’s very happy-go-lucky, it’s easy to see why Paul tells us she’s a stress reliever, she’s just a nonstop party! Once she’s healed and not limited by her clubfeet, watch out world!

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Latest Updates

Oct 21, 2019

“Hiiii!” Paulla squealed and waved at us during clinic. As always, Paulla is happy to be playing with doll houses in her happy place⁠—the playroom. Afterwards, she went on to have a chat with Doctor Rayray and did some stretching exercises with him. So far, Paulla’s feet are well corrected and in place! She will just need to check in with us after six months. Photo of Paulla

Jul 15, 2019

Paulla became cast-free today and she immediately put her feet to work in physical therapy! Her homework is to “March! March!” as she practices to walk to her “new normal.” When she read your get-well messages before she left, she knew that her healing was possible because God used people like you to provide for her treatment! She will check-in with us in a month as she is in line to receiving a brace from our orthotics shop. For now, she is back to wearing her favorite pink shoes! Thank you for being a part of Paulla’s journey! Photo of Paulla

May 27, 2019

Dads really are superheroes! They have the power to comfort us and make us brave when we're afraid! Just like Paul shows his daughter Paulla that the cast cutter cannot hurt her, as he touches the blade with his hand (the blades are designed to cut the cast, but be harmless when they touch skin). Thanks to her dad, Paulla put her brave face on and did great! As she continues to heal with a walking cast, we pray that Paulla will experience the love of her Heavenly Father! Photo of Paulla

Apr 26, 2019

Paulla checked in with us during clinic, but she's not quite ready to fully get off the casts yet. We gave her a new pair, and she's pleased to know that she can go back to the playroom and pretend to have her own restaurant. We ordered today's special in her menu, which had broccoli juice! Hmmmm. We think she must only be serving organic meals! Paulla will continue with the rest of her summer at Grandma and Grandpa's house and she will check back with us next month!

Apr 04, 2019

Paulla was in a silly mood this morning, because she’s excited to take her pink casts and go home! “Home” for now will actually be grandma’s house, since she lives much closer to the hospital. Paulla gets a lot of attention from her parents, but Paul joked, “She gets pretty spoiled there!”. So, we have no worries about the care she’ll receive until we see her again next month! Photo of Paulla

Apr 03, 2019

“It says ‘Paulla Jane’ here!” Paulla showed us how she could read her hospital bracelet today. Since she’s definitely not a baby now, she’s growing academically too, and ever-proud dad Paul showed us further proof of her brilliance. “She finished third in her class, and here are all the medals she earned!” Paulla will spend her summer break in casts, which will give her plenty more time to sharpen her mind, but we hope she finds time to have fun too! Photo of Paulla

Apr 02, 2019

Today was Paulla’s third trip to the operating room here at Tebow CURE, and even if she needs more surgery, it will be several years from now. We know that God has big plans for her life, so it’s hard seeing her and her family go through so much. But, we know that in the end, God will be glorified! We made sure to fill her with encouragement before she went downstairs by reading her Get Well messages, and Dr. Shelley also prayed before her surgery. Our kids love knowing that people all over the world are praying for them! Photo of Paulla

Apr 01, 2019

Paulla is back for surgery! She wasn’t thrilled to have her blood drawn today, and it put her in a funk this afternoon. So, we’ll share the video we shot of her performing in the x-ray waiting area last week instead! Please pray for Paulla’s surgery tomorrow, it’s been a long road for her, and she’s not done yet.

Mar 28, 2019

"I am moving up to first grade after this vacation!" Paulla proudly told us as she proved that she's "not a baby anymore." Part of her growing up also means learning new skills as Storyteller Marlene offered to show a few camera buttons to push. Unfortunately, also part of growing up means correcting her growing feet. She got her cast removed today and will be heading to surgery next week! Photo of Paulla

Mar 13, 2019

Our “casting crew” has been on the road a lot lately! This month, small groups of nurses are traveling about three hours south each week to do cast changes. This is a huge blessing for our patients, as it saves them the time and cost of coming all the way to Davao multiple times. Without these outreaches, many of our patients would be unable to seek care at all. Nurse Tzaddi sent us a picture of a sweet, familiar face today, Paulla! When we saw her last November, we knew that she had more casting ahead of her, and her family has been faithful in making that happen. She’ll have a few more cast changes at home, then next month we’ll see her again at Tebow CURE for a small procedure. Thanks for helping make these trips possible, they are making a difference for dozens of families! Photo of Paulla

Nov 26, 2018

Our little Paulla just keeps growing up! She told us all about how she’s in Kindergarten now, and also showed us in extreme detail the sticker that she got from dad’s coffee that he bought at 7 Eleven. She hasn’t gotten any less chatty with age, we love it! The down side to her growing up is that her right foot is starting to relapse, which is actually quite common in young kids with clubfoot. Her tendon isn’t growing as fast as the rest of her, causing it to pull her foot inward again. She’ll wear a few casts after the holidays, then have another tenotomy, but that just means we get to see her again soon! Photo of Paulla

Oct 19, 2017

No more cheesy grins from Paulla when you ask her to smile. In return, we got the cutest little pouty lips, which got all of us laughing. She is definitely grown and has not forgotten any of us. As she rocks her school uniform today, we checked that her feet are stable, which we are all happy about! We'll continue to keep watch of her as she grows. Who knows what she'll show us next time? Photo of Paulla

Mar 23, 2017

The little celebrity is back! She doesn't have a cooking show this time, but Paulla when goes around the hospital, everybody knows her! That doesn't stop her from making new friends though, "Hi there!" she greets Kisha who's doing physical therapy next to her. Paulla is back to using AFOs and is one step closer, once again, to becoming fully healed! Photo of Paulla

Feb 22, 2017

Paulla’s going home today! But before she left, we got to be part of the live studio audience for an episode of “Paulla’s Kitchen”. She cooked a lovely meal of plastic hamburger, egg, chicken, and veggies and narrated the whole thing for us of course, she’s such a hoot! We’ll see her again in a few weeks when she’ll get those casts off! Photo of Paulla

Feb 21, 2017

We saw some rare tears from Paulla this morning as she entered the operating theater, but CUREkids Coordinator Marlene and Dr. Jun provided some distraction in the form of selfies, and the crocodile tears quickly dried, she’s so awesome! Dr. Reyes did a simple procedure, poking a few holes in her achilles tendons to loosen them, hopefully it’ll be the last time! And of course, Paulla woke up with dad Paul by her side, and the smiles quickly returned. Photo of Paulla

Feb 20, 2017

We don't remember seeing Paulla frown until she came for admission today just after she woke up from her trip. But that frown quickly turned upside down when she headed up to the playroom and we said the magic word- "Bubbles!" Her eyes lit up! It was so precious. Playing with My Little Ponies kept her entertained all afternoon as she waited for her tendon lengthening procedure first thing in the morning. Photo of Paulla

Feb 09, 2017

Paulla’s dad Paul was working today, so mom Nerjane brought Paulla in for her cast change. Even though Nerjane is an awesome mom, Paulla is definitely Daddy’s girl, and fussed for him in the exam room. It was decided that she’ll wear this set of casts for two weeks, then return for her tendon lengthening. It’s been such a long road, but she still gave us a lot of smiles in the playroom! Photo of Paulla

Feb 02, 2017

Oh Paulla, just when we think you couldn’t be any cuter! She was making faces at us during her cast change today, and once Nurse Jun got the old set off, she exclaimed, “Let’s wash now!”, she knows the drill all too well. She got another set of casts, and there’s a slight chance she’ll need one more minor surgery in the near future, but we’ll just keep watching and praying for healing for now. Photo of Paulla

Jan 26, 2017

Poor Paulla has had one of the toughest, longest treatments for clubfeet, but she has remained one of our happiest, cheeriest patients! Those stubborn feet are oh so close to being correct, but they keep wanting to turn in. One more set of casts (please pray for just one more!) and then back into braces she’ll go for a little while. Even though she had a disappointed look when Nurse Jun started casting her feet, she brightened the mood by singing her ABC’s, what a champ! Photo of Paulla

Jan 05, 2017

Paulla waved "Hello!" to let us know that she's back for more story telling! She showed us the new shoes that she her Dad bought her and told us that she had the "best Christmas last year!" Obviously, this is the best New Year too, because she continues to heal in physical therapy. We will see her back in six months when she checks in for more progress! Photo of Paulla

Jun 30, 2016

Paulla is on the move! She was all over the PT room tossing exercise balls whether it be big or small! When it was about time to sit down and stretch her feet for a little bit, her chatty self took over and everyone gathered around to listen. It was as if she had a "Paulla Show" talking about the "swimming pool" at their house which turns out to be the puddle of water gathered from a water well pump! We look forward to hearing more of her stories when she comes by for her PT treatments! Photo of Paulla

Jun 16, 2016

Paulla's welcoming smile turned upside down during cast removal, but it didn't take too long for her to get back to her cheery self once it was over. She's cast free once again and immediately put her feet to work in physical therapy! It looks like we'll be seeing her more often for PT treatments, which we don't mind at all. That way, we can follow through her progress and keep an eye on her foot! Photo of Paulla

Jun 02, 2016

Paulla is as cute as ever! She headed straight for the playroom and chased down the bubble ladies, she is always right at home here at Tebow CURE! Her right foot has been “on the bubble” for quite a while, it’s been OK, but could be better. Dr. Tim decided to go ahead and put a cast on for just a couple of weeks to be on the safe side. Our cheery Paulla wasn’t too bothered though and took it all in stride. The good news is, we get to see her in two weeks for more fun! Photo of Paulla

Mar 03, 2016

This little chick was all over the hospital today, tagging along with the bubble lady, saying hi to the people in the admin office, making silly faces with CKC Marlene, chatting and laughing with the staff. Paulla told us how excited she is to start going to school especially now that her feet have improved so well. We’ll continue to keep a good eye on her progress as she grows, to make sure that everything is going well. Before she left, she went to the doctors thanking them in her cutest raspy little voice! Photo of Paulla

Jan 08, 2016

Paulla is back for another follow-up and still rocking her treatment boots! We could tell that she already knew the clinic routine since she sat patiently in the waiting area. Paulla’s still required to wear her shoes consistently for treatment and will be back for another review in a month, so we can follow-up with her. It's so good to see how much her feet have improved and we thank God for healing her! Photo of Paulla

Nov 19, 2015

Check out Paulla’s new shoes! After so long, it’s awesome to see her wearing regular shoes at last! The self-appointed bubble queen was here for a follow up today, and took some time to blow bubbles for the kids in the playroom. She was quick to show us when she got here that she had her very own bottle, she was prepared! It looks like she’s almost at the end of her treatment, it’s been such a crazy long road for her and the entire family. We’ll miss seeing her around as often, but we’re so thrilled for her! Thanks for all your prayers and support! Photo of Paulla

Oct 15, 2015

Paulla was telling us all about the carousel horse she rode at the local mall in her adorable little scratchy voice, until Dr. Reyes walked into her exam room. His presence was enough to send her into a panic, and she was all tears until she realized that he was “just looking”, and then it was all OK. Paulla came in today with her grandpa. We already knew that Paulla was a daddy’s girl, but we didn’t know how much of a grandpa’s girl she was! Dad might have some competition! After “just looking”, Dr. Reyes was able to tell that her feet are finally as they should be, but we’ll see her back in a month “just to look again”, and make sure they’re staying that way. Photo of Paulla

Jul 31, 2015

Cute Paulla was back again, and had special shoes fitted for her to wear the next 3 months. She will need to wear them for 23 hours a day, which will not be fun for a toddler, but they will finish turning her feet straight. She made friends with Boniemarz, another clubfoot patient, in the playroom while she was waiting, they were adorable together! Please keep praying for Paulla, the next few months will not be a ton of fun for anyone involved, but she’s getting closer and closer to complete healing! Photo of Paulla

Jul 24, 2015

Paulla is back with her tight curly hair and sweet smile! We were hoping that this would be her last cast from all the casting that she’s gone through and it is finally off! Dr. Reyes replaced it with a splint. Yay, no more casting for her! She will be back in the next couple of weeks for another follow-up and hopefully get a leg brace then. Thank you for praying for Paulla! Photo of Paulla

Jun 26, 2015

It’s discharge day for Paulla and the rest of the family! Paul left Wednesday to go back to work, but we’re so happy he was able to be here for a few days. Paulla was watching worship songs on the iPad this morning while waiting to leave, but once she saw the camera she was more interested in posing and being silly, which of course we love! Please keep praying for Paulla as she continues to heal, she’ll be back the beginning of August for a cast change and a sneak peek of her new feet! Photo of Paulla

Jun 25, 2015

Paulla’s buddy and roommate Yi Yi went home last night, so now Paulla has the room all to herself. When we visited her this morning, the first thing she said was “bubbles!”, like most 2 year olds she knew just what she wanted. Later she was in the playroom buried under an adorable thick knit hat, it’s still chilly and rainy today. We’re sure going to miss this cutie when she goes home, but we’re excited that she’s doing great and on the road to recovery for the last time! Photo of Paulla

Jun 24, 2015

“We’re going to have really strong arm muscles!” Nerjane told us this morning as she held a sleeping Paulla. Her casts have added a bunch of weight, but Nerjane and Paul have been doing whatever they can to keep their sweet girl comfortable. She slept on and off last night, the ‘off” was interrupted by tears of pain, as evidenced by her little puffy eyes. Last night Paulla and her parents doodled, and they drew an outline of her leg. Paulla looked at it and told them, “That’s not my foot, that’s a chicken foot!” It will take a while for her to adjust to her new, improved feet! Photo of Paulla

Jun 23, 2015

So one of the few benefits of having three surgeries by the time you’re 2 years old is it takes a lot to rattle your cage while in the hospital. Paul accompanied Paulla to the operating room this morning, and she slept the entire time, from the entry door all the way to when she was endorsed to the surgical team! The team split the work, and each dealt with one ankle. Paulla had quite a bit of scar tissue from her previous surgeries, but it looks like this will be the last one, praise God! Photo of Paulla

Jun 22, 2015

As soon as Paulla was all checked in and settled this morning, she told Paul that she wanted to “go to the 5th Floor”, where the playroom was! She remembered it from clinic a while back, what an incredibly bright kid. She spent time blowing bubbles, trying to break the ice with her shy new friend Yi Yi, and it worked. Paul isn’t too nervous about the procedure tomorrow, since they’ve been through it countless times before, but he is nervous about the results. Please be praying, thanks! Photo of Paulla

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