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  • Age10
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Jasmine's Story

“We have prayed for Jasmine to be healed, and now, because of CURE, we will finally have an answer to that prayer” - Jasmine’s father, John.

As we chatted with John and his wife Virgie, Jasmine happily scooted around the hospital playr… Read more

“We have prayed for Jasmine to be healed, and now, because of CURE, we will finally have an answer to that prayer” - Jasmine’s father, John.

As we chatted with John and his wife Virgie, Jasmine happily scooted around the hospital playroom on her hands and knees. She has never walked due to diplegia, a condition that causes tightening in her leg muscles. Both John and Virgie were emotional as they talked about the hurtful words that they have heard over the years, most often, “This handicap is a curse” or “How do you deal with this burden?” Watching the sweet interaction between Jasmine and her parents, it’s obvious that she is anything but a curse or a burden, but instead a huge blessing in their lives. Their biggest hope for her is that she will be walking when she begins school soon.

While John and Virgie have carried the burden that the careless words of others have caused, Jasmine is incredibly carefree and casual. She is all smiles, closely protected from people that aren’t positive influences. Jasmine lives right here in Davao, and was referred to CURE by a hospital employee. Jasmine will undergo surgery soon, and we are excited to follow her journey! Please pray with us for healing for this wonderful family!

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Latest Updates

Aug 17, 2015

Sweet Princess Jasmine was back for a checkup today. She’s been doing regular physcial therapy near her home, and is getting so strong, we’re amazed! She is able to kneel with a straight back, and can stand holding on to a walker. PT Specialist Alex fitted her with a set of braces that will help give her extra support, so she can keep building those muscles, we’re excited for the day when she’ll take her first unassisted steps! Mom Virgie told us that Jasmine still has her Get Well notes at home from when she had surgery, they really do mean something to these kids! Thanks for all the ongoing prayers! Photo of Jasmine

May 15, 2015

Jasmine got to unload her big heavy cast today, yahoo! She giggled during the entire removal, she was so happy! She went to physical therapy afterward so the family could learn some stretches to help her regain mobility in her joints, and her stiff little knees really hurt. So, the giggles turned into tears, but only for a while. She will begin “real” physical therapy soon, and will learn to walk for the first time ever! Stay tuned, and thanks for your continued prayers! Photo of Jasmine

Apr 24, 2015

Jasmine was back unexpectedly today, the edge of her cast was rubbing against her leg, and it was causing a painful raw spot on her skin. The doctors were able to cut the edge down a bit, and smooth out the edges, so everything is back on track. But while she was here, she got to enjoy some more bubbles, and listen to a few Get Well messages that arrived after she was discharged last week! Please keep praying for Jasmine’s healing process, it’s already been an adventure! Photo of Jasmine

Apr 17, 2015

Tomorrow Jasmine gets to go home! Good news, since she’s getting pretty tired of staying in bed. Virgie said she had a bit of a drama moment earlier, saying that no one cared about her because they put her in the cast. Quite the opposite, so so many people care for her! And speaking of drama, she saw her profile on the CUREkids website last night, which she loved, but she wasn’t happy with her picture. So today, we got approval from her before posting it! Such a cute little firecracker, just wait until she’s mobile! Watch out world! Please keep praying for patience for Jasmine and her family for this coming month as she continues to recover. Photo of Jasmine

Apr 16, 2015

Jasmine was in such a cute, happy mood today! She was holding a Get Well note from yesterday, Virgie says she has kept it by her side nonstop. Her pain is pretty low at this point, and she spent a busy morning popping bubbles and singing. Oh, and fixing her hair…she made sure to have her hair pretty before we took more pictures! Virgie said Jasmine asked earlier why she needs a cast, she doesn't like lying flat, unable to move her hips. But, she loves the idea of being able to get out more once she’s healed! Please keep praying for this cutie! Photo of Jasmine

Apr 15, 2015

Jasmine’s surgery was over and done with first thing this morning, what a relief for the family! In order to help her have full use of her legs, the doctors made small incisions and released the tightened tendons in her hip, knee, and ankles. She was pretty upset when she woke up, due in part to the large casts that are on both her legs, no fun for anyone! She’s also in some pain as expected, please pray that Jasmine can rest easily today and tonight. Photo of Jasmine

Apr 14, 2015

Oh, sweet Jasmine had a bit of a rough start to her time here at CURE today! The lab nurse came and took her blood, so everyone who entered her room afteward was met with tears. But, some time in the playroom cheered her up, and we think all is forgiven. She is surrounded by Virgie, and a handful of other family members, she has a great support system! Jasmine is first up for surgery tomorrow, please pray! Photo of Jasmine

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