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  • Conditionburn contractures
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Abdoul Hakim's Story

“Abdul Hakim suffered too much,” says his mother Salamatou. “He had lost a lot of weight, he was very pale, always lying in bed and unable to move. Abdoul Hakim was not born like this. He was a healthy baby and very energetic baby.”

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“Abdul Hakim suffered too much,” says his mother Salamatou. “He had lost a lot of weight, he was very pale, always lying in bed and unable to move. Abdoul Hakim was not born like this. He was a healthy baby and very energetic baby.”

It all started on a rainy morning. His mother, Salamatou, was heating food on a brazier and Abdul Hakim was on her back. Seeing that he was bored and crying, she put him on the mattress and went outside to quickly grab a dish. Being an energetic baby as he is, Abdul Hakim rolled out of bed and landed on the ground with his hand on the brazier. Unfortunately, his hand was already burnt before Salamatou got to him.

Salamatou rushed him to the hospital where he received emergency care. And as influenced by the community, Abdoul Hakim's parents did not continue the follow-up care at the hospital and continued on with traditional medicine. Days became months and the burn did not heal.

Looking for a better option, Salamatou went back to a local hospital. But this time, Abdul Hakim's treatment would take much longer due to the burn contracture. Again, they were discouraged by their community and were told that the child will never completely heal. They were told that because of this, he will certainly die or if he survives, he would be handicapped and good for nothing for the rest of his life. His siblings would often tell Salamatou that she should get the baby exchanged and bring them another one whom they can play with.

"I had cried a lot for my baby. Each day was a torment for me," Salamatou tells us. Having to live with her baby’s condition, Salamatou decided to go back to the hospital again and was immediately referred to CURE Niger. Despite of the distance and the community’s opposition, Salamatou took the bold step and they are now at CURE Niger for Abdoul Hakim’s treatment!

"My child, who had been immobile for a long time, had started crawling and even speaking some words just two weeks after we arrived at the guesthouse at CURE Niger. I can't tell you all the joy I felt seeing my baby come back to life!”

Abdoul Hakim is very fit for surgery. He will be operated to release the burnt contracture on his hand. Let us pray that Abdul Hakim's operation will be a success and that he will be a living testimony to his community for the glory of our Lord!

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Latest Updates

3 days ago

This morning, the elderly women caretakers of the guesthouse are gently teasing Abdoul Hakim since he is wearing a shirt for girls. These elderly women, according to our African tradition, have the traditional, legal right to make jokes about the very young ones whom they consider as their grandchildren. Photo of Abdoul Hakim

Oct 13, 2020

Abdoul Hakim has been having an awesome recovery! It was a joy to see him this morning walking around the hospital. His mother told us that since this young man has made his first steps, he is never tired of walking around the yard. Abdoul Hakim's mother is very happy with her son's wonderful transformation and is very thankful to God for what He has done for her son. Photo of Abdoul Hakim

Oct 05, 2020

Abdoul Hakim's skin graft procedure was a success! He has been recovering well since coming out from the OR. Please keep praying for Abdoul Hakim's complete healing! Photo of Abdoul Hakim

Oct 01, 2020

Abdoul Hakim has been recovering well from his first surgery. He is very energetic and has been crawling all around the guest house. His mother had to bring him back to the therapist twice to get his cast fixed. Abdoul Hakim has been pressing a lot on it that it broke and he also tried to open the bandage himself. But we are happy to learn from the doctor that his wounds have healed enough that they already scheduled a second surgery for a skin graft. Please continue your prayers for Abdoul Hakim! Photo of Abdoul Hakim

Sep 22, 2020

Abdoul Hakim has been recovering so fast that the doctor decided to release him back to the guesthouse yesterday afternoon. We are are happy to see him this morning in good shape, as he enjoys the fresh air with his mom. Please continue to pray for Abdoul Hakim's quick healing! Photo of Abdoul Hakim

Sep 21, 2020

Abdoul Hakim has been in deep sleep after spending long hours in the surgery room. He is finally back in the ward and we're happy to let you know that this surgery went well. Please continue to pray for Abdoul Hakim's healing journey! Photo of Abdoul Hakim

Sep 17, 2020

Since Abdoul Hakim lives so far away, he stayed at CURE Niger’s guest house with Salamatou for weeks. His stay allowed him to recover from his initial treatment and adjust to the new environment. After six weeks in the guesthouse, Abdoul Hakim is finally ready for his surgery to get his hand released. Please pray for him! Photo of Abdoul Hakim

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