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  • Age6
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Nazifi's Story

Nafizi is a quiet and nervous young man who is the fifth child of his large family. He is also the first one born with any type of disabling condition. Due to no fault of his or his family, Nafizi was born with his fingers all connected. The indivi… Read more

Nafizi is a quiet and nervous young man who is the fifth child of his large family. He is also the first one born with any type of disabling condition. Due to no fault of his or his family, Nafizi was born with his fingers all connected. The individual bones are there, but he has skin connecting each finger to the next, preventing him from both moving any of them individually and using his hand effectively. Because of his hand, Nafizi has been held back from starting school this year with the rest of the kids his age as he cannot hold a pen or pencil in order to do the work needed. Our little guy is lucky to have a family who loves him no matter what his condition. They firmly believe that his condition is from God and it is their job to love him regardless. Luckily though, the nurses at the health clinic where Nafizi was born had noticed our man's hands as soon as he was born and had referred Nafizi here to us at CURE Niger. Wasting no time, Nafizi and his family made the trip to our hospital where we unfortunately had to inform them that to properly treat Nafizi, he had to be slightly older than a newborn. In the years since then, Nafizi has grown, gotten strong, and is now ready to receive the surgery that will release not only his fingers, but also his future!

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Latest Updates

Jun 06, 2019

Nazifi swung by for a check up today and got his bandages completely off! If you check out his updated after photo on his profile you can see an up close shot of his hand where his thumb has been released! The next step for Nazifi is to start some physical therapy in order to learn how to use this thumb for the first time in his life! Now that we're seeing results, Nazifi is much more enthusiastic about the process and we can't get him to stop smiling! Photo of Nazifi

May 24, 2019

Nazifi had a bandage change today and was promptly discharged. While this is good and all, the big news is we saw the first smile out of Nazifi today! We don't know if it was getting out of the ward or the fact that he gets to go home, but he finally started to open up a little! It was a huge blessing being trusted with a smile and we can't wait to see Nazifi when he comes back next week to start his bandage change routine! He'll be having them regularly as keeping the surgical site clean and infection free is key to making sure he heals properly! Photo of Nazifi

May 23, 2019

One day post-op and Nazifi is doing well! He's running a little hot so the nurses are keeping an eye on him, but it's nothing to be worried about. Our art therapist got to spend some time with Nazifi today and they made this pipecleaner crown! The idea behind it, if God is King and we are his sons, then we are princes and royalty! We were also able to deliver SO MANY get well messages to him this morning, driving home similar messages. Thank you all so much for loving this little guy so well! Photo of Nazifi

May 22, 2019

Nazifi has had his surgery! He was his stoic little self the whole morning. We did get a chance to sit down and read him several of your get well messages. In all honesty, he didn't seem too fazed by them, but his mom was amazed that people all over the world love, care for, and are praying for her son! As for the surgery itself, the doctors released the thumb on Nazifi's left hand. While this is the first surgery of many, it is also one of the most important ones. Before this surgery, Nazifi's hand was essentially just a stump. He couldn't use his fingers to pick anything up. Now that his thumb is free, he will be able to pick up and hold things for the first time in his life! It's kind of a big deal! Our man is sleeping off the meds in the ward now and it'll be a few weeks before the surgical site is all healed up for Nazifi to use his thumb. But this is an incredible first step! Photo of Nazifi

May 21, 2019

We greeted Nazifi this morning and tried our hardest to make him feel welcome and wanted here at CURE Niger. We couldn't get a peep out of him and we didn't even come close to getting a smile out of this little guy! Regardless, we're happy he's with us and we will keep doing our best to make sure he knows just how much he is loved here and how excited we are for him to get his first surgery! Photo of Nazifi

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