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Zabeirou's Story

"He is so young and already people are whispering about him. When he is healed, they will not make fun of him and he will be able to live his life," Younoussa, Zabeirou's mom, tells us matter of factly. Zabeirou is the youngest of three children an… Read more

"He is so young and already people are whispering about him. When he is healed, they will not make fun of him and he will be able to live his life," Younoussa, Zabeirou's mom, tells us matter of factly. Zabeirou is the youngest of three children and the first in his family to be born with a cleft lip. Younoussa had seen other children with cleft lips before so she knew there was hope and healing for Zabeirou! The doctors at the hospital where Zabeirou's birth certificate was issued told Younoussa about us here at CURE Niger, but correctly advised that Zabeirou needed to be a little older and bigger before he could be operated on. Younoussa and Zabeirou have endured the judging side glances and gossipy whispers of those in their village as they've waited for Zabeirou to grow. These experiences have only served to strengthen their resolve to find healing and a life free of stigma for Zabeirou. Now that our little guy has grown big and strong, he is finally here at CURE Niger where the doctors will heal his cleft lip and help that smile beam even louder!

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Latest Updates

May 02, 2019

Our little man came back for a post-cleft palate check up and while we missed getting a photo update for you, the doctors say he's doing great! He's headed home once more, but we'll see him again in another few months!

Feb 06, 2019

Zabairou was discharged over the weekend. Everything is going well with him and he will be back in a few weeks for a checkup. We cannot wait to see him again but until then, please pray that his healing process keeps getting better!

Jan 28, 2019

Zabeirou was crying this morning because one of his stitches came undone.We were able to fix that for him, it took a lot of work and nurses to hold him down but the job is done! He is still waiting to go home, please keep him in your prayers as he waits and that when he does leave he will have a safe trip! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 25, 2019

Zabeirou is still waiting to go home. He has been sleeping a lot and just making the best of his time here. Pray for him that he continues to stay healthy and that the Lord would bless him! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 17, 2019

Zabeirou is feeling better! We found him smiling and playing with a nurse, it was encouraging to see him having a good time and in a good mood after all the healing he has gone through. He will be discharged soon, please pray for complete healing! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 16, 2019

Our little guy is not feeling so well. He was crying this morning and is having a hard time eating. Mantou from our spiritual staff was encouraging and joking with Zabeirou. Please pray for a speedy recovery! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 15, 2019

Zaberiou is now out of surgery and we're happy to report that everything went well! The doctors did what they needed to do and they have stitched up his cleft palate. Please be praying for Zaberiou as he recovers! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 14, 2019

After last week's feeding fiasco, Zabeirou is back in the ward and ready to try again! Here's he's getting his cleft palate checked out by Head Nurse Fatima, Nurse Consultant Maureen, and Dr. Negrini. Barring no unforeseen issues, our little guy will finally be heading into what will be his last surgery! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 11, 2019

Bad news on the Zabeirou front. So before a patient goes into surgery, they have to fast for several hours to make sure their stomach is empty and food won't come up, potentially suffocating them during the surgery. It's kind of important. Unfortunately, Zabeirou was hungry and his mom gave in to his cries and fed him which means we had to cancel his surgery for his own safety. Zabeirou is back in our guesthouse now and we're working on fitting him back into the surgery schedule for the future! Photo of Zabeirou

Jan 09, 2019

Zabeirou is back. His ex-cleft lip is looking incredible and has healed up better than we could have ever imagined! (Check out his updated after photo for a more "up close" view!) With that behind us, it's time to tackle his cleft palate. He's been admitted to the ward and is waiting for surgery. While he's waiting, we caught him peeking during morning prayers with our spiritual staff! Photo of Zabeirou

Oct 19, 2018

Zabeirou saw the doctor today and found out that he can go home!!! His mom shared the great news with us while Zabeirou was taking a nap and she was packing up. We were hoping to get an updated photo of how his lip has healed, but, by the time we went back, he had already left. Thankfully though, they'll be coming back in a few months for a check up and we'll be able to check in with this smiley little man then. In the meantime, we just wanted to share this photo of how far Zabeirou has already come! Photo of Zabeirou

Oct 11, 2018

Zabeirou has been continuing his lip cleaning process in order to make sure it heals up with as little of a scar as possible! This morning, he and Younoussa stopped by the ward to visit some of their friends who are going into surgery today. They helped pass a little of the time as well as reassure their friend's fears! Photo of Zabeirou

Oct 05, 2018

We had a chance to speak to Younoussa this morning and we asked how Zabeirou slept. She shook her head tiredly and told us he was up all night making a fuss. His surgery was no small task which means his healing process won't be easy either. He had his first wound cleaning with the nurses today and after he was allowed to go home! He'll be back next week to continue these wound cleanings as they're important to make the healing process as complication free as possible! Photo of Zabeirou

Oct 04, 2018

Zabeirou's has had his surgery and it went great! His cleft lip was rather large, but the doctors were able to stitch it up no problem. It was a big surgery, but it will have been completely worth it once this little guy is all healed up and smiling big again! Photo of Zabeirou

Oct 03, 2018

Zabeirou and his mother Younoussa are here with us to finally get Zabeirou's cleft lip healed! He's a smiley little guy who spreads joy to everyone he can get to! He's not the most smiley in this specific photo though because Younoussa just yelled at him for sticking his tongue through his cleft lip and into his nostril (like you can see him doing in his profile photo). He's going to miss being able to do this once he's healed, but we think it's an alright trade off. Photo of Zabeirou

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