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  • Age13
  • Conditionburn contractures
  • Currently In Hospital

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Massaouda's Story

“She cannot work. She is completely dependent on others.” Massaouda’s mother tells as if letting us in on a dark family secret. “And when it comes time for marriage, she will have trouble because no one wants to marry a woman who cannot wor… Read more

“She cannot work. She is completely dependent on others.” Massaouda’s mother tells as if letting us in on a dark family secret. “And when it comes time for marriage, she will have trouble because no one wants to marry a woman who cannot work.” In a country where a woman’s worth is often tied to her ability to marry, this is a sobering thought. When Massaouda was just three years old, she was cooking with some of her cousins. Eager to help, she was running towards them when she tripped and fell hand first into the cooking fire. She was burned instantly and severely. Her family rushed her to their local hospital, but it didn’t have the necessary equipment and abilities to properly treat a burn as severe as hers. In the ten years since Massaouda was burned, her hand has contracted and become essentially useless. She is lucky enough to live surrounded by family who look out for her, but she needs help with the simplest feminine tasks such as fetching water and preparing food. She and her entire community dreams of a life for her where she can pull her weight. Thankfully, a CURE Niger outreach team visited Massaouda’s village and actually ended up parking right in front of her house! They shared with her the healing hope that is offered at CURE Niger and, before long, she was on her way to the hospital. The first priority of our doctors will be to release her thumb which will give her a “mitten grip” before deciding what can be done for the rest of her fingers. Even with her thumb released, Massaouda will be able to pick up and hold objects as well as help out with small tasks around the house. It will be a long journey for Massaouda, but we are excited to be walking it with her!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

Massaouda had yet another appointment with the nurses in the bandage change room today and we have some good news! Massaouda is all healed up so she is done with her bandage change routine. After getting the news, she went to see the doctors who agreed her thumb is all healed up, but would like to wait about two more weeks in order to let her skin toughen up before we start discussing the next surgery. Overall, it's a great day for Massaouda and to make it even better, we were able to deliver a whole bunch of your get well messages! Thanks for loving this young woman so well. Photo of Massaouda

Aug 07, 2018

Another week, another bandage change for Massaouda. She's a champ handling the procedure without any tears, just pure determination! Photo of Massaouda

Jul 24, 2018

Our young woman had her first post-discharge bandage change today and she was all giggles as she waited with a few of her new friends! The bandage change procedure itself isn't a ton of fun, but it's necessary to keep the wound clean and infection free! Photo of Massaouda

Jul 20, 2018

Massaouda had an appointment with our physiotherapist today where she got her bandage changed and her hand repositioned. Then, with that, she was discharged! She'll still have regular bandage changes and follow ups so it's not quite "goodbye" yet, just "see you later." Photo of Massaouda

Jul 19, 2018

First day post-op and Massaouda is already smiling while up and around the ward which is a testament to her strength! She claims she doesn't have any pain and is ready to go. The doctors say she has to stick around a little longer before she's discharged though. She spent some time with our spiritual staff today and they helped us deliver a few of your get well messages to her which made that smile of hers even bigger. Thanks for loving on this young woman so well! Photo of Massaouda

Jul 18, 2018

Massaouda's surgery was a success! Dr Issa went in and was able to release the burn contractures pulling her thumb in towards her palm and making it useless. He then grafted some skin from her stomach onto the newly exposed surface area on her hand, bandaged her up, and she was good to go! She's resting up in the ward now and, when she's all healed up, she'll be able to use her new opposable thumb to grab, lift, and carry items as she helps around the house for the first time in over ten years!!! Photo of Massaouda

Jul 17, 2018

Massaouda has been admitted to the hospital and is ready to get her hand sorted out! Will you be praying with us for her as she goes into surgery? It's going to be a long process and this young woman will have to be both brave and strong. Thankfully, nothing is outside of the Lord's control!

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