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  • Age14
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Balkissa's Story

Balkissa is a hard of hearing young lady who lets her smile do the talking. On top of the difficulties of being hard of hearing in a hearing world, when Balkissa was learning to walk, her family noticed her foot dropping into an unusual, “tip-toe… Read more

Balkissa is a hard of hearing young lady who lets her smile do the talking. On top of the difficulties of being hard of hearing in a hearing world, when Balkissa was learning to walk, her family noticed her foot dropping into an unusual, “tip-toe” position. Concerned about how their village would judge her, Balkissa’s uncle attempted to make a wooden splint to stop her foot from dropping further. Although well intentioned, the splint just ended up deforming her foot more. Balkissa has learned to respond to the discrimination and stares she receives due to her condition with a sweet smile and much more grace than many could ever muster. Thankfully, a CURE Niger mobile clinic took place in a city near Balkissa’s village and was able to inform Balkissa’s family that her condition was indeed curable through surgery. Balkissa has now made the journey to our hospital where our medical staff will correct her foot and send her home with a smile even bigger than the one she arrived with!

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Latest Updates

Aug 20, 2018

Balkissa did indeed go home over the weekend. We were blessed enough to say goodbye to her on Friday as well as deliver her the last of your get well messages! Just as a reminder, here's a photo compilation of just how far this young woman's foot has come! Photo of Balkissa

Aug 17, 2018

Balkissa had a follow up appointment today and her cast was taken off completely! Dr. Negrini (in the blue) and Rabi (in the pink) say she's all healed up and can go home. She's still walking with crutches, but those will go away both as her ankle loosens up with physical therapy exercise and she practices walking. Balkissa will be back in several months for another follow up, but until then she's free to go home and show off that newly oriented foot of hers! Photo of Balkissa

Aug 09, 2018

Good news on the docket today, Balkissa is infection free! After receiving the all-clear, she had her cast patched up from where the nurses had cut a hole in order to access and treat the infected wound. Balkissa celebrated her progress by attending a little arts and crafts session put on by a visiting volunteer from France. Photo of Balkissa

Aug 02, 2018

Balkissa had two more wound cleanings this week and things are coming along in that respect. The big news, though, is that Balkissa got to take part in a knitting class with our spiritual staff! She was all about it and is keenly practicing now! Photo of Balkissa

Jul 24, 2018

During a recent checkup, the doctors found Balkissa has a small infection at her surgical site. They cut out a small part of her cast which allows them to clean the wound while still allowing her foot to heal up. She's not too excited about the new routine of having to get her foot cleaned a few times a week, but she knows it's important! Photo of Balkissa

Jul 18, 2018

Balkissa got the chance to join in on a bakery lesson today! A visiting volunteer made no-bake coconut cookies with the kids. We're not sure Balkissa completely understood what she was making until they were all done and she got to eat some! Photo of Balkissa

Jul 16, 2018

Balkissa is doing well. She's slowly, but surely healing up and she won't let anything dampen that beautiful smile! Photo of Balkissa

Jun 20, 2018

Our young friend joined in on a game of "sit down volleyball" today. Since so many of our patients, Balkissa included, have casts and walkers, sitdown volleyball allows everyone to play at the same level! It should be noted that we use a line of walkers instead of a net and balloons instead of a volleyball, but it works just fine. Photo of Balkissa

Jun 07, 2018

Balkissa got discharged again today and went straight into a group art therapy session where she got to hang out with some volunteers who were helping to run the session. They made flower pots and pipe cleaner flowers! Photo of Balkissa

Jun 06, 2018

Balkissa's procedure went well! She wasn't a big fan as it was a little painful, but she made it through just fine. She's still hanging out in the ward for a bit and got to spend some time with our spiritual staff this morning just chatting and then a little time praying together! Photo of Balkissa

Jun 05, 2018

Balkissa is back in the ward for a cast change and a little bending of her foot to make sure it continues healing in the correct position! She's a pro at this now and is helping to put all the other patients at ease! Photo of Balkissa

May 25, 2018

Balkissa is a whole lot more animated today which is always fun! She had a chance to hang out with our spiritual team (pictured) today before she got discharged! Photo of Balkissa

May 24, 2018

Balkissa is out of surgery and doing great! She's a little muted and sore, as expected, but she'll be back to herself in no time. We're sure of it! Photo of Balkissa

May 23, 2018

Balkissa had her surgery today. She was calm, collected, and all smiles going into the operating room with not a trace of fear on her face. The doctors were able to release the tendons that were pulling her foot into such an awkward position and straighten her foot right out! Please be praying that her body recovers quickly from the surgery. Photo of Balkissa

May 22, 2018

Balkissa has been admitted to the ward. For the longest time, she wouldn't respond to anything we said and just smiled at us. It wasn't until her aunt came back and told us that she's smiling to be nice and that she can't hear us because she's hard of hearing did we understand we needed to talk louder, a lot louder! Once we did, her sweet smiles became genuine and we were able to chat a little. As most people are, she's nervous about heading into surgery, but also excited to get her foot straightened out! Photo of Balkissa

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