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Balkissa's Story

"We want her to have a normal life: to go to school, to get married, to have a family of her own," Balkissa's grandmother, Hamou, tells us as Balkissa flops around on the ward bed, giggling. Balkissa was born with a cleft lip and although it is a r… Read more

"We want her to have a normal life: to go to school, to get married, to have a family of her own," Balkissa's grandmother, Hamou, tells us as Balkissa flops around on the ward bed, giggling. Balkissa was born with a cleft lip and although it is a relatively small physical difference, it has made her a spectacle in their small town. Hamou continues, "People come just to look at her. They are amazed someone can be born this way." It is likely that as Balkissa grows, her lip will become less a point of interest and more an excuse for discrimination and ostracization in a culture that rewards homogeneity. Balkissa is still young and her life has not been all that effected by her cleft lip just yet, but her entire family fears deeply for her future. So when CURE Niger conducted a mobile clinic near their town, Balkissa's family was first in line to be seen. They didn't know if there was a solution for Balkissa's lip, but their hopes and prayers were answered when we were able to schedule this young lady for surgery! Balkissa has now made her way to our hospital where her lip will be reconstructed and she will return home to laugh, play, go to school, marry, and have a family of her own!

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Latest Updates

May 23, 2018

Balkissa saw the doctor today and he's given her the all clear to go home! This little lady could not be happier with her new lip and the chance to show it off to her friends back in her village! Photo of Balkissa

May 21, 2018

Balkissa got super into a bowling-esque game that we've invented here at CURE Niger. She wasn't the most accurate in her throws, but she was one of the most passionate! Photo of Balkissa

May 18, 2018

No worse for the wear, Balkissa's wound cleaning is over and today she's rocking the cool mustache bandage! Photo of Balkissa

May 17, 2018

Balkissa had a wound cleaning today which she wasn't too happy about. It hurts a little since her lip is still tender so there were quite a few tears. After the cleaning, we got to sit down with her and deliver a whole bunch of the get well messages you all have sent her. Although there were still a few tears in her eyes, your messages did succeed in cheering her up! Thank you so much for caring about and praying for this little lady! Photo of Balkissa

May 14, 2018

After a solid weekend of healing up, Balkissa has been discharged! She'll still be coming for regular wound cleanings to make sure her lip doesn't get infected so we'll still be seeing her around! Photo of Balkissa

May 11, 2018

Balkissa got a visit from Balki (L) and Salamatou (R) from our spiritual department today! They spent some time playing with Balkissa, talking with Balkissa's grandmother, and praying with both of them! Photo of Balkissa

May 10, 2018

Only one day out from her surgery and Balkissa is already smiling. This little one is resilient and filled with joy! It also helped that we were able to deliver a slew of your get well messages this morning which always help raise spirits! Photo of Balkissa

May 09, 2018

We were amazed that, even while being carried into the operating room, Balkissa never seemed scared. She wore that big smile of hers all the way in! She had her surgery to repair her cleft lip and everything went stunningly well! She is waking up from the medicine now and she'll be in a little pain, but we foresee nothing but good things for this little lady! Will you pray with us that she'll deal with the pain well and that both her and her grandmother will come to understand the love of Jesus while they're here with us? Photo of Balkissa

May 08, 2018

Balkissa has been at the hospital for a few days and staying in our guesthouse. It's now her time for surgery and she's been admitted into the ward. That smile shows you just how excited she is to get her cleft lip fixed!!!! Photo of Balkissa

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