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Amatoulaye's Story

Amatoulaye's family believes that her cleft lip was ordained by God, but they struggle to understand why. When Amatoulaye was born, they were initially shocked to see her lip split. Thankfully there was a nurse at the local medical clinic that assu… Read more

Amatoulaye's family believes that her cleft lip was ordained by God, but they struggle to understand why. When Amatoulaye was born, they were initially shocked to see her lip split. Thankfully there was a nurse at the local medical clinic that assured Amatoulaye's family that cleft lip was a very treatable condition, but that Amatoulaye would need to grow and gain some weight before she got her surgery. In the years since then, Amatoulaye's family have done their best to love and shelter Amatoulaye as they are painfully aware of how those with disabilities are treated in Niger. Now the time has finally come and they have made their way to us here at CURE Niger where Amatoulaye will finally get the surgery she needs to heal her lip. Amatoulaye's family still doesn't understand why God gave them, out of all the family's in their village, a child with a cleft lip, but they are simply thankful to God for providing a way to get her treated!

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Latest Updates

May 13, 2019

Amatoulaye left over the weekend and is now home! She is completely done with everything and will not be coming back unless something goes wrong. We are happy she is done but at the same time sad to see her leaving. Please pray for her that she continues to grow healthy.

May 09, 2019

So we have a mixture of good and bad news for you today. As it always should be, good news first. Amatoulaye came back a few weeks ago and was finally healthy enough to have her cleft palate surgery on April 23rd! The surgery went down with absolutely zero issues and she's healed up INCREDIBLY well in the weeks since then. She's healed so well that the doctors saw her yesterday and said she doesn't need to stick around in our patient guesthouse any longer. She is good to go home! We processed her paperwork yesterday and she is just waiting for a bus ticket courtesy of one of our partners! The only bad news is that we messed up and missed following her through this whole process for you. She still received all the love and attention CURE Niger is known for, but our photos and statuses didn't make it through to you and we are so very sorry for this. Amatoulaye will most likely still be at the hospital today and tomorrow and she'll probably be going home over the weekend so we can deliver any get well messages you may want to send her before then! After she leaves, she is officially done! Meaning she'll only need to come back if something goes wrong! Photo of Amatoulaye

Feb 25, 2019

Unfortunately, our suspicions were correct and Amatoulaye's results came back showing she's not yet healthy enough for surgery. She's been here so long fighting this thing that her mom made the call to go back home for a little bit. We loaded Amatoulaye and her mother up with the medications they'll need to continue treatment and they'll be back in April to see how she's doing! Photo of Amatoulaye

Feb 15, 2019

Our little lady is waiting for her doctor's appointment today. If she's cleared, she'll be able to have her surgery next week! We have muted expectation though as she had an adorable little cough while we were spending some time with her which might be enough to delay her surgery yet again ... In other news, we were looking back at some old photos of Amatoulaye and it's amazing how far she's come with her cleft lip being healed, but also how she was just a baby crawling around when she first showed up at our door and now she's a certified little person running all over the hospital! Photo of Amatoulaye

Feb 05, 2019

Amatoulaye is still taking medicine so that she may be infection free to continue with her healing process. She is always by her mother's side so we do not see her much but today we realized that she knows how to blow a kiss! Pray for quick healing so she can get her surgery. Photo of Amatoulaye

Jan 29, 2019

Sad news today, Amatoulaye's surgery was canceled. They were getting ready to start the surgery when they noticed that she had a lung infection so it's best to wait until that clears up. Please pray for her lungs so that the infection clears and she can continue with her healing! Photo of Amatoulaye

Jan 29, 2019

Amatoulaye is now in the ward prepping for surgery. She has finished with cleft lip and now she moves on to cleft palate. After being canceled a few times due to her health, we are happy she is here. She has been crying a lot but as soon as we came in she lit up! We are excited for her, please commit her into the Lord's hands as she heads for surgery. Photo of Amatoulaye

Jan 25, 2019

Amatoulaye is having one of the best mornings! She was laughing and playing with her mom and Salamatou from our spiritual staff. She still has not completely gotten over the cold she caught that prohibited her from getting surgery so please pray for quick healing! Photo of Amatoulaye

Jan 18, 2019

Amatoulaye is now in better shape, so we are excited that we will see her this week. She's ready to face the second part of her surgery, please join us in praying for her! Photo of Amatoulaye

Jan 09, 2019

Amatoulaye is back! She's healed up incredibly well from her cleft lip surgery and we're now looking forward to her cleft palate surgery. Unfortunately, she's a little under the weather at the moment so we've given her some medicine and she'll be staying in our guesthouse as she heals up and becomes healthy enough for her next surgery! Photo of Amatoulaye

May 24, 2018

So Amatoulaye wasn't able to arrange transportation until today so she's still here and leaving tonight. We were completely ok getting a little more time with this little angel. One of her friends from the guesthouse is going in for surgery so she spent the morning visiting his mother in the ward! Photo of Amatoulaye

May 23, 2018

Amatoulaye is going home! Once she got the good news, she was going around saying goodbye to everyone. It wore her out so, by the time she got to saying goodbye to us, she was fast asleep! Photo of Amatoulaye

May 21, 2018

Amatoulaye is back and waiting for her wound cleaning today. It's important to keep it clean and free of infection, but look closely, her lip is already looking so good! Photo of Amatoulaye

May 14, 2018

After having the weekend to heal up, Amatoulaye is looking great and her mom says she's doing great as well! If you look closely, you can see the stitches in her lip and that liquid is a disinfectant that gets applied every other day in order to keep her lip clean and infection free as she heals up! The doctor checked in on Amatoulaye this morning and said she's healed up enough to be discharged! She'll still have regular cleanings so we'll still be seeing her around! Photo of Amatoulaye

May 11, 2018

Our little lady has got her surgery! She went in early this morning and the doctors successfully closed her lip. She'll be in a little pain here for a bit, but we can wait to see her beautiful face when she's all healed up! Photo of Amatoulaye

May 10, 2018

Amatoulaye has been admitted to the ward and we can't get over how cute her face is! We also can't wait to see if with that cleft lip healed! Will you join us in welcoming Amatoulaye to CURE and praying for her while she's here with us? Photo of Amatoulaye

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