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  • Age9
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Zeynab's Story

"I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up," Zeynab shyly admits to us. "I never thought I'd be anything, but a beggar." With the lack of assistance for and the ostracization of those with disabilities in Niger, it is a heartbreaking reality th… Read more

"I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up," Zeynab shyly admits to us. "I never thought I'd be anything, but a beggar." With the lack of assistance for and the ostracization of those with disabilities in Niger, it is a heartbreaking reality that many of them will never amount to anything more than begging in order to scrape by in life. Zeynab has begged in markets since her legs first began to bow out when she was around three years old. It was in one of these markets that several CURE Niger staff found her. They quickly located Zeynab's grandmother and informed them that we can treat Zeynab's condition! Zeynab has now made her way to our hospital and is ready to take her first step to a new future filled with so many possibilities!

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Latest Updates

Apr 12, 2019

Zeynab gets to go home! We are happy for her that she will be going home, but we will miss her so very much! Please pray for her trip home and that she will continue to make good progress with her healing. Photo of Zeynab

Apr 02, 2019

Today we had the chance to read Zeynab your Get Well Messages! She was happy to hear them and she thanks everyone who took time out of their day to pray for her and see what is up with her. Please continue keeping her in your prayers though as she just got chicken pox. You can't see them yet, but she is scratching and itching like mad! Photo of Zeynab

Mar 20, 2019

Zeynab was feeling energetic today. She was playing a game in art therapy that is similar to bowling and she rocked her team to glory! Almost every time she threw the ball, she would get a strike! Photo of Zeynab

Mar 15, 2019

Day 1 post pin removal and everything is going super well! We noticed the nursing staff had Zeynab in a hairnet. Turns out she has a bit of hair fungus that can make your hair fall out. It's not a big deal, but no one wants that spreading! On a less gross note, the doctors say Zeynab is doing great and can be discharged back to the patient guesthouse today! Photo of Zeynab

Mar 14, 2019

Zeynab is going into surgery! Today will just be to remove some of the pins that had been placed in her leg previously. The doctors checked her out this morning and have no doubts that she'll be back up and at it in no time! Photo of Zeynab

Mar 01, 2019

Our Zeynab is back for a check up almost a full year since we've seen her last! The doctors say she could benefit from just a little more correction so that her legs continue to stay straight as she grows, specifically the lower part of her right leg. The plan is for her to go into what should just be a small surgery - compared to what she's already gone through - in a few weeks time! little more correction needed on right tibia going in two weeks (mar 12) Photo of Zeynab

Apr 26, 2018

Zeynab came back for her appointment today! She not only got her cast off, but she also got the pins out of her leg and she is doing great! Just look how straight those legs are! Photo of Zeynab

Mar 08, 2018

Zeynab made it back for her follow up appointment! The doctors are pumped about how well she is healing! They've given her a smaller cast and told her to keep walking on it for a month when we'll check in with her again! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 18, 2018

Zeynab has another follow up appointment with the doctor today and everything is looking fantastic! It'll be a few more weeks until her next follow up so she and her grandmother, Haoua, are heading home today. We'll miss her, but we can't wait to see her running around on two straight legs! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 12, 2018

The medication did it's work and Zeynab is feeling great today! The doctors have given her the AOK to be discharged back to the patient guesthouse with all her friends today. But not after she got a fun visit from Salamatou and Tante from our spiritual department! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 11, 2018

Dr Negrini spent some time with Zeynab during the morning rounds today. She's in a good amount of pain so he's upped her pain medication just a little. She should be feeling better very soon! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 10, 2018

Zeynab's surgery was a long one. It pushed four hours long, but everything came together and she's resting in the ward right now. She'll be in a little pain for a while, but our nurses are working on making her as comfortable as possible! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 09, 2018

The conversation with her grandmother has been a quick one and Zeynab is back in the ward today getting ready for surgery on her right leg! Just check out the difference between her corrected left leg and her soon to be corrected right leg! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 08, 2018

We have a long term volunteer here with us that has taken on the big task of continuing education for the kids staying in our long term patient guest house. Today they worked on their french numbers and you can see Zeynab front and center with the maroon and yellow knitted hat! Photo of Zeynab

Jan 04, 2018

Big news! Zeynab got her cast off before her doctor's appointment today! The doctor looked and it and said it's strong enough for her to keep the cast off! The conversation now begins about starting her second leg! Photo of Zeynab

Dec 27, 2017

Zeynab has a great attitude towards this whole healing process and is patient with how long it is taking. She also has a great smile which burst out again today as another patient tried to grab the camera lens as we were taking her photo! Photo of Zeynab

Dec 21, 2017

Zeynab spent her her day today enjoying the warm sunlight and coloring as her body does it's thing strengthening her leg! Photo of Zeynab

Dec 11, 2017

Zeynab spent some time in our physical therapy room today where she traded in her walker for a crutch! The crutch requires her to put more weight on her leg which will, in turn, help strengthen the bone right up! Photo of Zeynab

Dec 08, 2017

Zeynab had another check-up today. She got her cast off so the doctor can get a good look at how her leg is healing up. While he was happy with the progress, we're not quite done, so Zeynab had another cast put on. Just look how straight that left leg is compared to her right one, though! Photo of Zeynab

Sep 12, 2017

After her cast change, Zeynab opted to stay in our guest house here at CURE Niger because she lives a good distance away and has no family here in Niamey. We just need to keep an eye on her for a bit as we determine if she'll need any more adjustments or if she'll be good until her follow-up appointment in a few weeks! Please be praying for wisdom for the doctors and patience for Zeynab and her mother! Photo of Zeynab

Sep 11, 2017

Zeynab is back with us just for the day in order to get a small leg adjustment and cast change! It was scheduled last week, but we missed the memo. Our apologies for the misinformation, but we're always happy to see her smile around here! Photo of Zeynab

Sep 08, 2017

Our little Zeynab was feeling on top of her game and was discharged today! She'll finish healing up at home and we'll see her in a few weeks to check on her progress. Please continue to pray for her that the words she's heard about God during her time here will take root and she'll come back even more curious about our ultimate Healer! Photo of Zeynab

Sep 07, 2017

Only a day after surgery and Zeynab has an absolutely massive smile on her face! She's got a fair amount of healing left to do, but step one is now complete! Photo of Zeynab

Sep 06, 2017

Zeynab's surgery went exactly as planned! The doctors were able to essentially remove a triangle of her bone which allowed them to "break" her leg straight before sewing and casting her up. Zeynab is in some pain now, so your prayers for a speedy healing process are very much appreciated! Photo of Zeynab

Sep 05, 2017

After years of begging on the streets, we are PUMPED to welcome Zeynab to our hospital in order to straighten these bow legs out! Will you join us in praying for her throughout her time here? Photo of Zeynab

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