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  • Age14
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Currently In Hospital

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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Trinity. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Trinity. When you give a gift through Trinity's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Malawi. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Trinity's Story

"CURE Children's Hospital of Malawi is one of the best hospitals that I have ever been to. I shed tears of joy that my parents took me here for help," said Trinity.

Trinity is in seventh grade, and she wants to be a nurse. "With my daughter… Read more

"CURE Children's Hospital of Malawi is one of the best hospitals that I have ever been to. I shed tears of joy that my parents took me here for help," said Trinity.

Trinity is in seventh grade, and she wants to be a nurse. "With my daughter's condition, which she developed last year, she would hardly become a nurse. So, I started to seek help," Trinity's mother Dorothy told us.

Trinity has been here before, and she was successfully treated! Unfortunately, just last year, Trinity developed a condition that has affected the growth of her leg. Trinity feels pain whenever she walks a long distance. Even though she continues to go to school, her friends make jokes about the way she walks. If Trinity does not get help while she is young, her leg could be amputated. Fortunately, Trinity is at CURE Malawi to have corrective surgery.

Please join us in prayer for Trinity's healing.

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"I feel like I can help the younger ones here who are in grade five and below. I love to see others do better too," said Trinity. Despite her own treatment, which many times is painful, she teachers the little ones in her free time. How considerate is that! The prayers and the love of God are flowing out of Trinity to meet others with a blessing! She has become a tutor on her bed and a mentor for others. Well done, Trinity! Photo of Trinity


Tea time! Trinity enjoys her cup of tea, and she would never miss it! Trinity says her favorite part of being here is when she goes into the playroom to play and learn! Being in the hospital for such a long time, one can definitely get bored. However, our spiritual team has been keeping Trinity and all the kids busy either with bible stories or giving them coloring books to complete in their beds! Photo of Trinity

2 days ago

Your prayers are being answered, and Trinity is healing super fast! Our CURE Children’s Hospital here in Malawi said her bone is healing up quickly, and the turns on her frame have been completed! Trinity's mother is learning how to take care of the pins, and soon, Trinity will be heading home. Photo of Trinity

Apr 08, 2021

One step at a time! Trinity stills hang in there with her frame turns. This week is a bit slow for Trinity but we hope that this afternoon, the playroom will be open. Keep praying for our girl Trinity for smooth healing! Photo of Trinity

Apr 07, 2021

Trinity still continues to have her frame being turned. While it's slow, each turn helps get her leg just a little closer to being straight! Otherwise, today has been a slow day for her. She has been mostly in bed. She tells us that she just wants to rest up. Keep Trinity in your prayers as she keeps being a brave girl! Photo of Trinity

Apr 06, 2021

"You look so beautiful with your blue headwrap!" was a common phrase heard around the ward today! In Malawian culture, it's not common to tell another person they are beautiful or they look gorgeous! Well, we are called beautiful because He who is in us. And He made all of these precious children beautiful and wonderfully created! As Trinity hangs in there, our physical therapy team is progressing with the frame turns to correct her leg. During these turns, Trinity feels a little pain, but she is tough. Please send your comforting messages and your prayers for her! Photo of Trinity

Apr 01, 2021

Happy birthday to Trinity! It has happened that today we are celebrating someone special here at the CURE Children's Hospital of Malawi! As Trinity is recovering and learning how to look after her frame, please send your love and birthday wishes! Photo of Trinity

Mar 31, 2021

"Today, I spent my time coloring in the book," Trinity told us. She has been encouraged to stay in bed as much as possible and has been working on her coloring book given to her by the spiritual team. The only time Trinity can get out of her bed is when she goes to the physio room for her exercises. Trinity will be sticking around for her exercises and to start doing frame turns. Please remember Trinity in your prayers! Photo of Trinity

Mar 30, 2021

"I am so happy to see my daughter walking for the first time after her surgery!" Dorothy, Trinity's mother, said. Dorothy was scared that Trinity would not be able to walk with the frame around her leg! It does look scary, but Trinity is feeling happy that she is closer to her corrected leg! Today, our physio team took Trinity through a walking exercise. Her doctor said that they will start doing the turns to slowly correct her leg this week! Please join us to pray for Trinity as she enters another phase of her treatment! Photo of Trinity

Mar 26, 2021

"I felt so heavy on my leg when I was coming back from the surgery. I thought I lost my leg, but I knew the doctors had put a metal frame around it," Trinity told us. She is now in the recovery bed and is feeling so much better! She does not feel much pain. Dr. Lubega went to see her this morning to see how she is doing. Thank you so much for your love and prayers! Photo of Trinity

Mar 25, 2021

As we speak, Trinity is in the operating room! Dr. Lugeba and his team are putting metal around her leg to correct it! This is about a four to six-hour surgery. Please join us to pray for Trinity's successful procedure. Photo of Trinity

Mar 24, 2021

Good morning from Trinity! Trinity is in seventh grade, and her favorite subjects at school are Science, English, Bible studies, and life skills. "My favorite Bible story is the story of the lost son. It is a very unique story, and I get so encouraged to see the son coming back to the father," Trinity told us. As our CURE Malawi surgeons are reviewing her leg, please send your prayers and encouragements to Trinity! Photo of Trinity

Mar 23, 2021

Welcome Trinity, our future nurse! Trinity is here at the CURE Children's Hospital of Malawi to receive her surgery. She is a bit shy, but she is not new to our CURE Malawi hospital! This week, we saw Trinity again in the ward reading her Children’s Bible! Please join us in prayer and wish her the best as she prepares to go in for surgery. Photo of Trinity

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