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  • Age15
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Next Appointment 08/02/2020

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Yamikani's Story

“I know my parents would have taken me to a hospital sooner, but other people who influenced my parents delayed my help,” said Yamikani.

Yamikani was born with a deformed leg. During his early childhood, his parents were advised not to t… Read more

“I know my parents would have taken me to a hospital sooner, but other people who influenced my parents delayed my help,” said Yamikani.

Yamikani was born with a deformed leg. During his early childhood, his parents were advised not to take him for treatment because they thought the deformity would correct itself in time. “I was so worried when I saw that Yamikani was struggling to walk and felt a lot of pain,” Yamikani's mother, Mercy said.

His condition is oftentimes considered a curse and these children would be hidden from the public. This affects a child’s ability to attend to school and isolates the child from others. When we spoke to Yamikani, he shared with us that many times he wanted to hide in his house away and not be seen by anyone.

One day, Yamikani's mother, Mercy was approached by a man who encourages disabled children to go to the hospital for help. Yamikani was taken to the hospital where he was given a date to meet CURE doctors. Yamikani is waiting for his operation to be scheduled. Please join us in prayer for Yamikani.

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Latest Updates

Jun 29, 2020

Yamikani is going home! Both Yamikani and his mom have aced their frame care lessons and our medical staff is confident they can take care of things while they're home. Please keep praying for him for smooth healing and that he stays free of infection until he comes back in August! Photo of Yamikani

Jun 26, 2020

Yamikani is going home! Our CURE Malawi doctors said Yami can go home and he will come back after a few weeks. Today Yami was taught how to turn and care for his own frame! It is amazing how just within a few lessons, Yami is able to care for is own frame together with his mother! Thank you so much for what you all contribute to Yami's healing process. Please continue to pray for him! Photo of Yamikani

Jun 25, 2020

Now that Yamikani has this next frame on, our CURE Malawi doctors are saying he can go home as long as his mother, Mercy, learns how to properly care for and clean the frame. It's not hard to learn, but Mercy is nervous as medical equipment far outside her comfort zone. Our doctors, nurses, and physical therapists are all working to train Mercy and encourage her! Please be praying for Mercy to learn and internalize all the information. Photo of Yamikani

Jun 24, 2020

Greetings from Yamikani who is back here at CURE Malawi! He came back for his follow up and was admitted for another surgery. His corrected leg is shorter than his other leg so he'll be getting a metal frame on it which will gradually lengthen his leg over the coming weeks. Please keep him and his mother in your prayers as they reacquaint themselves with CURE Malawi! Photo of Yamikani

Mar 23, 2020

Yamikani went home over the weekend! His mom had finished her pin site care training so there was no reason for them to stay as they can do everything they need at home. We're not happy we missed saying goodbye, but we'll see him again in June when he returns for his follow up! Photo of Yamikani

Mar 19, 2020

We found Yamikani taking his hand hygiene very seriously. We taught him the Lord's prayer hand washing technique - if you say the Lord's Prayer while washing your hands, you'll be doing it for the proper length! Yamikani loves the technique! He has been learning some of it in English as well and he is getting really good. We thank the playroom school ministry and your prayers for remembering kids like Yamikani. Please continue to support us to change and improve the lives of so many children just like Yamikani! Photo of Yamikani

Mar 18, 2020

Yamikani is still here and his progress with the metal frame care is going very well! Thank you for your prayers and support. This week the physical therapy team is continuing with the turns that are ever so slowly bending his leg straight. He still has a few days of turns left to finish so please continue to pray for him! Photo of Yamikani

Mar 13, 2020

Yamikani and his two new friends went straight from playtime in the playroom to playtime on their beds when they got their hands on a phone with some mobile games! To make things even better during the ward rounds today, Yamikani said he is not in any pain and feeling great. Thank you so much for your prayers! Yamikani will still be hanging around to continue his pin site care so please continue praying for him. Photo of Yamikani

Mar 11, 2020

Moms take a big role in helping to clean the pin site in the healing process of their children. Yamikani's mother has been taught how to take care of the frame and she has mastered so well. It's a skill the moms are fully capable of doing and this allows the children to go home temporarily while still making sure no infection takes hold in the wounds! The doctors will see Yamikani again today and decides what will be the next step in his treatment! Please pray that Yamikani continues to heal! Photo of Yamikani

Mar 05, 2020

After physical therapy yesterday, the doctors reviewed Yamikani and decided he needs two metal rods to be inserted in his legs to strengthen his newly straight bones and keep them from re-bending. So today, Yamikani is heading back to the operating room. The operation will not take long because it is not a complicated procedure. Please pray that the pain should not be unbearable.  Photo of Yamikani

Mar 04, 2020

"Today, Dave and I decided to help our "Moms" by baby doll sitting!" Yamikani and Dave had a great pre-physical therapy treat! They call it baby doll sitting; where they collected the dolls and keep them company! What great future dads are they. Following that, the physical therapy team said Yamikani is really doing well and the physical therapists have started turnings to adjust his frame which in turn adjusts his leg! Sometimes it is painful and we ask for your prayers! Photo of Yamikani

Feb 28, 2020

Yamikani surprised us today; he has been visiting his friends who just came out from the OR and encouraging them. This is looking beyond what he is going through and valuing his friend's pain more than his! The CURE Malawi Spiritual team have been encouraging and teaching the ward more about Christ's love and healing and Yamikani has listening and putting this into practice! Photo of Yamikani

Feb 24, 2020

Our ward can be a movie theater sometimes! Yamikani and his friends here are having a great time watching some animated Bible stories. Yami is still waiting on the doctors to schedule when to remove his frame. Please pray with us that it will be sooner rather than later! Photo of Yamikani

Feb 21, 2020

Today was group physical therapy! Yami and her friend Mgwayisi have been doing exercises right away after they arrived from home. Yamikani is here so that he can have his frame removed! Please continue to pray as our doctors are planning for his removal in the OR.  Photo of Yamikani

Dec 18, 2019

Yamikani has gone home! He left early this morning and was so excited about his discharge. He says he'll always remember all of the friends he made here at the hospital and all of the games they've played together. Yamikani will be seen by our doctors again at his local clinic in February. Please keep him in your prayers while he continues his pin-site care with the help of his mom over the holidays and that they have a wonderful Christmas with their family! Photo of Yamikani

Dec 16, 2019

"Can you tell them thank you all for the prayers, support, and for my messages. Please continue praying for me and my mother while we are still here at CURE Malawi." Yamikani told us while reading your get-well messages today. Yamikani has really come out of his shell throughout his time in the hospital, and we are so happy to see him enjoying life and playing with friends. He'll be having an X-ray today, and the doctors will continue to review him and discuss future plans. Thanks for loving on sweet Yamikani! Photo of Yamikani

Dec 12, 2019

"I like watching gospel music because it helps me feel better, and I like listening to music," said Yamikani. Yamikani will be here at CURE for about another week. He still needs to get his pin sites cleaned every day. The Physical therapy team says Yamikani is doing really well, and he does not have much pain! Please continue praying for his healing!   Photo of Yamikani

Dec 09, 2019

Yamikani is hanging out in his wheelchair today and excited to go to the playroom. He'll also have physical therapy this afternoon, where the doctors have advised him to start weight-bearing as tolerated. He is slowly starting to feel better and is enjoying playing with his friends again. Thanks for keeping Yamikani in your prayers! Photo of Yamikani

Dec 05, 2019

Change of plans! Yamikani is in the operating room! He and his mom really didn't want to go home and come back anxiously again in the new year to start his healing process. So, they asked the doctors if there was any way they could begin now. Although our frame specialist, Dr. Lubega, will be out of town for the next few weeks, he's trained and prepared our Clinical Officer, Maureen, to manage Yamikani's frame while he's away. The physical therapy team will begin the necessary turns as they wait to see if they will go home or stay in the hospital for Christmas. They're okay with either and just happy to receive the gift of healing this holiday season. Please keep Yamikani in your prayers. Photo of Yamikani

Dec 04, 2019

Yamikani has been patiently waiting around the hospital for direction from the doctors. Since he will have a major operation which means staying in the hospital through Christmas, the surgeons plan to send him home and have him come back at the beginning of 2020. Yamikani and his mom are still waiting on confirmation, but plan to leave this week to go home and prepare for his operation in January. Please continue to keep Yamikani in your prayers throughout this season of waiting. Photo of Yamikani

Nov 29, 2019

Meet Yamikani! He has just come into our hospital this week with a bone condition in his left leg. Unfortunately, he has malaria, so his operation has been delayed. We are looking after his care and look forward to witnessing Yamikani's healing. Please join us in praying for Yamikani as he prepares for his upcoming surgery. Photo of Yamikani

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