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Mgwayisi's Story

“I feel so much pain when I walk and I dropped out of school. I could not do it anymore because of the shame and pain I encounter,” Mgwayisi told us when we first met her at the CURE clinic in her home district.

Mgwayisi has come here to… Read more

“I feel so much pain when I walk and I dropped out of school. I could not do it anymore because of the shame and pain I encounter,” Mgwayisi told us when we first met her at the CURE clinic in her home district.

Mgwayisi has come here to CURE Malawi for treatment of her right leg, and it has been a long journey to get here. Originally, she was visiting her older sister in a neighboring village when her leg mysteriously began to swell. No one is quite sure what exactly happened, but the deformity and pain followed shortly after.

Mgwayisi shared with us about the many hospitals and clinics that she has been to previously, searching for healing but only finding frustration. “The doctors cast my leg and there was a little improvement, but a few days later my leg was swelling up again with so much pain,” Mgwayisi remembers.

Mgwayisi’s mother was the one to find out about us here at CURE Malawi through friends in their village. Mgwayisi's father, chief of the village, began to ask more questions and found out about our CURE mobile clinic coming to their local hospital. After being seen by so many doctors, Mgwayisi with her parents arrived at the clinic with little hope and no expectations. But when Mgwayisi walked into the room to meet our doctors, she could already feel a difference and began to hope again!

Mgwayisi had been out of school for over four years because the pain in her leg became excessive. She would have been in grade eight if she had been able to continue, but she dropped out at grade four. Her greatest desire is for her leg to be healed and to no longer be in pain, so that she can go back to school and have a successful future. Please keep Mgwayisi in your prayers while she is being treated with us here at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

Apr 24, 2020

Mgwayisi is finally going home! After the doctors had reviewed her X-rays, she was told that she can go home for a few weeks. However, if there is any pain or infection, Mgwayisi's mother was told to come directly to us. We are so grateful for the pastor who came to pick up three patients, including Mgwayisi, to take them home! We were a bit worried about how will Mgwayisi make it all the way to central Malawi with public transportation not running due to the virus. But your prayers have been heard for the safety of Mgwayisi and the two others will travel. We will see Mgwayisi again in June. On a special note, we would like the extend our hearts of gratitude for your provision and prayers! Thank you so much!  Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 23, 2020

Mgwayisi's mother has mastered the session on how to take care and clean her daughter's wound. This, along with a really positive x-ray, gave confidence to our nurses and doctors that Mgwayisi can go home! We will keep you posted when will we see Mgwayisi again. Please pray that her wound does not get infected and that her healing process goes smoothly. Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 22, 2020

"I am waiting for Marrium to finish her lunch so that we can play cards," Mgwayisi told us today. The card game has quickly become the kids' favorite game in the ward! Mgwayisi was seen by the doctor this morning and she seems to be looking and feeling better. It was also said that her wound is looking really good! The doctors are still a little up in the air with how they want to proceed. Right now Mgwayisi will either get her surgery or her mother will be taught how to clean Mgwayisi's would thoroughly and thet'll go home. Mgwayisi wants to go home, but we will keep you updated as the path forward becomes more clear! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 21, 2020

Mgwayisi was supposed to have her operation today but she wasn't looking or feeling super well so the doctors decided to delay it a little bit. Her being sick would complicate the operation and it is safer to wait a little bit rather than force things. Mgwayisi didn't mind it being delayed and she went straight to play cards with her friend Marrium! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 20, 2020

Mgwayisi was playing board games this morning and she won one match out of two games! Tomorrow is another big day for her! Mgwayisi will go into the OR and the doctors will take a part of her skin to close her wound. When asked if she was ready for the OR tomorrow, Mgwayisi said that she was more than ready! Please keep her in your prayers!  Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 16, 2020

Mgwayisi had her wound cleaning this morning and our nurses suggest that she stay around for a few days so they can continue to closely monitor her progress. Mgwayisi was in a bit pain last night and the nurses would rather be safe than sorry. Please keep praying for Mgwayisi! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 15, 2020

Today we learned Mgwayisi loves legos! It was such a great moment to see her building a house from the pieces! Mgwayisi is doing really well and she might even be going home by the end of the week! Keep her in your prayers! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 09, 2020

Mgwayisi is getting so much better each day! Thank you so much for your prayers and support. she has two more days to finish her frame turning progression and then she should be able to go home for a few weeks. Keep her in your prayers! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 08, 2020

"I have been babysitting Praise and we had a great day even though she wanted to be moving all over. She is full of fun!" Mgwayisi told us, deserving to get an award for demonstrating one of our CURE core values: Being Childlike! The doctors said Mgwayisi will still be here through Easter so please continue to pray for her as she continues with her pin-site care cleaning and turns. Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 07, 2020

Mgwayisi had her bandage change today and she is doing fantastic! Please continue to pray that she continues on this trajectory! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 06, 2020

Mgwayisi keeps getting better each day! Today the nurses were so happy to see that her frame is super clean and there is no sign of infection! The doctors have recommended that Mgwayisi should start physical therapy this week, The physical therapy will include re-learning how to put full weight on her foot so that she can walk and use her leg as normal.  Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 03, 2020

Mgwayisi is doing great! Today, she has been reading her devotional book. When Mgwayisi was home, she able to continue her schooling so she finds it easy to read. Please continue to pray as Mgwayisi is getting much better. She has not been moving much but we know that soon she will be on her feet again! Photo of Mgwayisi

Apr 01, 2020

Mgwayisi's operation was successful! Thank you for your prayers and support. The doctors did end up having to install a compressing frame on her which will froce the bones in her leg grow together stronger, preventing any issues in the future! Photo of Mgwayisi

Mar 30, 2020

Mgwayisi is back! While the majority of her healing has been done and her leg is now straight, she has a few small procedures needed to finish things up completely. She'll need a small bone graft in her newly straight leg to strengthen it up (this may require another frame for a little bit). Then, since her two legs are slightly different lengths, her leg that has always been straight will need to have it's growth plate broken which will slow down it's growth until her previously deformed leg can catch up. Even though there are still some details to take care of, Mgwayisi is already back in school and already helping around the house more than she ever did before! Photo of Mgwayisi

Mar 01, 2020

Mgwayisi and her mother have gone home! They left the hospital with unspeakable joy! Your prayers and support have been a huge part of Mgwayisi's life transformation. Today we speak that Mgwayisi has found the strength to go back to school and her life has really grown spiritually. Continue to pray for them as we will see them again soon! Photo of Mgwayisi

Feb 25, 2020

"I believe this was a miracle! I completely had no hope that my lovely girl will have her leg fixed and able to say I have found peace now!" Mgwayisi' mother, Tinda told us. The plan was for Mgwayisi to have a cast put on after removing her frame, but the doctors were pleased to find her bones have healed so well that she doesn't need one! Thank you for your prayers and this is what prayers do, healing beyond our expectations! Restoring the broken hearts and Mgwayisi will be able to go to school again! Photo of Mgwayisi

Feb 24, 2020

Mgwayisi is going to operating room today! The doctors are going to remove her frame and put on a cast. Maya from our spiritual team prayed with the Mgwayisi and her mother as they waited to go into the OR. Prayer is an important part of what we do here and we're so happy we get to share these moments with our patients! Please pray that Mgwayisi's frame removal goes smoothly and successfully! Photo of Mgwayisi

Feb 21, 2020

Mgwayisi is back! It is amazing how her friend Yamikani is here as well. They both hit the ground running with physical therapy! It looks like the end of the frame! Well, we hope so, but let us wait and hear what our doctors have to say! Mgwayisi was told to come so that she might have her frame-off, but before they remove it, the doctors have to make sure that her bone is healed nicely. Assuming it is, they will then put a cast on. Please pray that Mgwayisi finishes her treatment well without any complications! Photo of Mgwayisi

Dec 18, 2019

Mgwayisi has been discharged and is currently on her way home with her mom! She finished her frame turn program and her mom learned how to manage her pin-site care so they could go home for Christmas. We will see Mgwayisi again at the Lilongwe clinic in February, where she'll be reviewed and scheduled to come back to the hospital for frame removal. Please keep Mgwayisi in your prayers while she travels home and that she has a great Christmas with her family! Photo of Mgwayisi

Dec 16, 2019

Mgwayisi read your get-well messages today and is so thankful for all your prayers and support. She says, "Thank you very much for the healing messages and encouraging words." Mgwayisi is enjoying her time at the hospital with her friends while she finishes out her frame program. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers and for all your heartfelt messages! Photo of Mgwayisi

Dec 12, 2019

Mgwayisi has a few days to finish her metal frame turns. Today, she has been watching how to do hair which is really interesting to her. Her friend, Natali, has been showing her how to style hair. We are so excited to see Mgwayisi making more friends! Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you so much for your support! Photo of Mgwayisi

Dec 09, 2019

It looks like Mgwayisi decided to stick around! Over the weekend, the doctors made the decision to create a new program for Mgwayisi with the same frame. The broken bone that used to stick out is now aligned and corrected in her leg, but there is a gap between the broken bones that the new program will help close. This program shouldn't take too long, and she should still be able to go home before Christmas. Mgwayisi will have pin-site care, physical therapy, and begin her new frame program today. Please keep her in your prayers while she patiently awaits her healing with us here at the hospital! Photo of Mgwayisi

Dec 04, 2019

Mgwayisi is at a standstill in her frame turns program, which means she gets to go home! Her turns are complete enough to last her through Christmas, and she plans to return home tomorrow. She will come back at the beginning of 2020 for final frame turns and removal! Please keep Mgwayisi in your prayers while she prepares to journey home! Photo of Mgwayisi

Dec 02, 2019

Mgwayisi is out of the septic bay, which is an isolated section in our kid's ward to patients with infections. She smiled bigger than ever while her mom cheered celebrating that Mgwayisi is clear of infection. Her mom will continue learning the frame turns today and pin-site care, but the two of them are beyond excited to be in a bed outside of the septic bay where they can see and hang out with other patients and guardians. Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 29, 2019

Looks like Mgwayisi won't be going home this weekend. Her mom had a difficult time learning the frame turns this week and is afraid she won't be able to do it for Mgwayisi at home. With all the pain and fear Mgwayisi has gone through, her mom doesn't want to mess anything up. Mgwayisi is in a good place now with little pain and no fear. She says she is okay staying in the hospital until the program is complete. Her mom will continue to try learning the frame turns, but the two will most likely stay awhile until she masters it with confidence. Please keep both Mgwayisi and her mom in your prayers, while they continue to persevere here at the hospital. Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 25, 2019

Mgwayisi is working hard on another day of physical therapy. The physical therapy team has started teaching Mgwayisi's mom how to do the frames turns. Now, when Mgwayisi goes home, her mom can manage her frame progression. She'll also be having another X-ray on Wednesday. Once Mgwayisi's mom masters learning the frame turns and her leg stays clear of infection, Mgwayisi can go home. Most likely, this will be this weekend or early next week. Please keep Mgwayisi in your prayers while she continues to heal. Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 21, 2019

Look at all the new friends Mgwayisi has made in the playroom! Mgwayisi is finally coming out of her shell. The doctors say that she might be going home next week since she's now walking, completing her physical therapy exercises, and has no sign of infection. We'll see how everything progresses. Thank you for keep Mgwayisi in your prayers. It is making a difference! Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 19, 2019

Mgwayisi is enjoying her Tuesday in the kid's ward. It looks like the infection in her leg has finally cleared, but she remains in the septic bay while the nurses continue managing her pin-site care (just to make sure it's extra clean). Mgwayisi is slowly becoming a pro with her walking sticks and will have physical therapy again later today. Thanks for keeping Mgwayisi in your prayers! Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 15, 2019

Mgwayisi is stylin' today in the playroom! Yesterday the kids received paper glasses and Mgwayisi loved hers so much, she plans to wear them throughout the weekend. She'll have pin-site care this morning and physical therapy again in the afternoon. We are really happy to see Mgwayisi persevering to find healing. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers! Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 13, 2019

Mgwayisi is in the physical therapy wing for another day of physio! While waiting to complete her exercises, she's played legos with a new little friend. Mgwayisi is definitely enjoying the hospital a lot more these days, and even though the pain and fear still exist at times, she has now found joy and encouragement. Thanks for keeping Mgwayisi in your prayers! Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 11, 2019

We are so glad to see Mgwayisi up and out of bed today. Your prayers have come through! She finally felt motivated enough to go to physical therapy and start working hard towards healing and learning to walk again. She's still taking antibiotics for her infection and will have her blood taken in the lab again today, but is feeling much better. Thanks for praying for and encouraging sweet Mgwayisi! She really appreciates it! Photo of Mgwayisi

Nov 06, 2019

We got a smile from Mgwayisi today! Yay! The doctors examined her leg and unfortunately found her knee is infected. they are sending her into the operating room for a wash-out this afternoon where they'll try and flush out as much as the infection as possible. Once she comes out, she'll also be put on antibiotics. Mgwayisi has had a really tough time adjusting to the hospital, the pain, and the idea of having a frame. She could really use some encouragement and prayers! Let's pray this infection be gone and the Lord bring her peace and joy that she perseveres through her physical therapy sessions and feels less pain so she can start socializing with new friends at the hospital! Photo of Mgwayisi

Oct 28, 2019

Mgwayisi cracked a smile! It may be hidden behind this balloon, but if you look closely enough you can see it in her eyes. Last week was very painful for Mgwayisi, but today she is slowly starting to feel better. We are hopeful for a pain-free week as Mgwayisi continues recovering and a week full of smiles. Please pray for Mgwayisi as she begins her frame turns today! Photo of Mgwayisi

Oct 24, 2019

It's another day of chill with Mgwayisi and her favorite pink shirt. This morning she was playing Bao (board game) against herself and told us she won with a smile. She's still a bit quiet and in pain, but is hanging in there like a champ! She'll have another physical therapy session this afternoon and will begin her frame turns next week. Mgwayisi is looking forward to painting her nails this weekend while she continues healing at the hospital. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers! Photo of Mgwayisi

Oct 21, 2019

Mgwayisi is rocking out at her first physical therapy session today! She's walking fast and should be using crutches in no time! Mgwayisi is still a bit timid, but she's enjoying her time at the hospital and slowly making new friends. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers while she stays with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Mgwayisi

Oct 18, 2019

Mgwayisi had her first operation and it took six hours! The doctors cut her bone and realigned it while also placing a TSF frame on her leg to hold the bones in the places they need to be to get the best correction possible. She'll be in a little pain, but her smile still remains. Please keep Mgwayisi in your prayers while she continues to recover smoothly! Photo of Mgwayisi

Oct 14, 2019

Meet Mgwayisi! She traveled all the way to our hospital yesterday with high hopes for her treatment at CURE. Even though Mgwayisi is nervous for her upcoming operation, she feels at peace seeing familiar faces from the CURE clinic she first met our team at, and the home visit our CURE team took to visit her before coming to the hospital. Mgwayisi is excited to receive the healing she's been seeking and hopes for her pain in her leg to be gone so she can finally go back to school. Please keep Mgwayisi and the doctors in your prayers as they prepare for her upcoming operation! Photo of Mgwayisi

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