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Zamumtima's Story

Meet Zamumtima! He is a ten year old boy with bilateral clubfoot, a condition he's had since birth. It has been a burden to both him and his mother. When he was born, his mother"s first thought was to get him treated and corrected for fear of his f… Read more

Meet Zamumtima! He is a ten year old boy with bilateral clubfoot, a condition he's had since birth. It has been a burden to both him and his mother. When he was born, his mother"s first thought was to get him treated and corrected for fear of his future, what people might say and most especially for him to be as normal as possible. She took him to the doctors who told her to be visiting the hospital in Nkhotakota once every week. Her biggest problem with this arrangement was that she did not have enough money to keep it up. When she explained that to the doctors, they told her to go to a hospital in Lilongwe. She couldn't manage it at all and with financial problems piling up, Loveness, Zamu"s mother, gave up hope on her son's healing and has kept him at home. That was all until her doctors in the Nkhotakota district hospital sent word to her that she had missed the CURE clinic out reach program for her area but that she could still go directly to Beit CURE hospital and get treatment there.

"I was vey happy when I was told of how wonderful CURE Malawi is and the work that God does through its staff members, and I was able to raise enough money to get me and my son here. I was also glad that all I had to spend on was transport and not food and other necessities, otherwise this would have been really hard," Loveness tells us. She also expressed her rekindled hope for Zamumtima's healing after seeing some kids in the CURE Malawi ward with casts and frames undergoing treatment of similar conditions and hoped that the same could be done for her son. Zamumtima also has hope to walk as other people do and is not afraid to go in surgery to get his healing.

"I love football and really wish I could play some with my friends back home," Zamumtima told us when we asked him what he wants to do but can't because of his condition. He went on to tell us that he likes the fan-favorite local soccer team, dubbed the "Bullets" a lot. Zamumtima is currently being shy and prefers to look on, he has only been in the hospital for a few days and we hope that he gets more relaxed and comfortable soon enough to make friends and be more open to us. It was surprising to hear Zamumtima tell us he can do backflips on his own but we are yet to hear the story behind that!

"People wonder and ask me all sorts of questions when they see Zamu working the in garden with his hoe just like everybody else, they ask questions like, 'how is a kid with those legs farming? or Isn't that too much for him to be doing in the garden like that?' but my Zamumtima is a strong boy and so I tell them he has been gifted by God," Loveness tells us when speaking about what she loves about her son so far.

Zamumtima is another special kid that has walked through the doors of CURE Malawi to receive God's healing physically and spiritually so we ask you to pray for him throughout his journey of healing here at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

Jul 12, 2019

Zamu is walking his way home! He practiced walking all morning in physical therapy and came back in the afternoon again where his physical therapist Tadala said, "Yes, miracles can happen!" We laughed about how Zamu's mom was holding him up by the back of his shirt as he wobbled across the room slowly just yesterday and how Zamu is now walking quickly and confidently, even taking the stairs! It definitely shows how practice makes perfect. We are so proud of Zamumtima and can't wait until he's walking properly without crutches. His mom jumped up and danced watching her son move across the room giving all thanks to God! Zamu will be reviewed at his local clinic in October! Please join us in keeping him and his mom in your prayers as they journey home! Photo of Zamumtima

Jul 11, 2019

Zamu is up and walking at physical therapy today! He tried to escape in his wheelchair, but Diana our physical therapist caught him red-handed and made him walk back to the ward! It's hard work as he starts out so he doesn't love it, but he's doing great! Thanks for keeping Zamu in your prayers as he learns to walk properly with his new braces! Photo of Zamumtima

Jul 10, 2019

Zamumtima is here for physical therapy! He's not super thrilled about the discomfort that comes with walking, but he is exciting to finally be up and out of his wheelchair. He is waiting for his AFO's (shoe braces) to be made so they can help him start walking at home. For now, he'll be here at the hospital patiently waiting and continuing his physio sessions to get him ready to walk! We are so proud of how far Zamu has come and can't thank you enough for your encouragement and prayers throughout his healing! Photo of Zamumtima

Jun 04, 2019

Good news. Zamu went home over the weekend! The doctors say there's no risk any more so there's no reason he can't continue healing up from the comfort of his own home. We'll be seeing him again in five weeks to check up on how he's doing!

May 23, 2019

Zamu just read your get well messages and says thank you for all the prayers. Even though we told him before, he forgot he had such a fanbase supporting and following his journey here at CURE Malawi. He is so grateful for all the love you have shown him!

Zamu had his tendon transfer yesterday in the operating room and has been in a bit of pain today. He still wanted to give you a thumbs up for all your awesome messages. He will be discharged tomorrow and back in six weeks for his final cast removal! We are so happy for Zamu's continued healing and can't wait until he is soon walking. Please keep him in your prayers as he heads home today! Photo of Zamumtima

May 16, 2019

Zamu is still patiently waiting for his operation. It seems the surgery list got a bit long this week, so he'll be having his cast removal and tendon transfer next week. Some moments he's sad and ready to go home, while others he is playing with friends and enjoying his time at the hospital. We are so excited for Zamu's healing that is just around the corner! Please keep him in your prayers while he waits and enjoys his time at the hospital with hope he can go home soon! Photo of Zamumtima

May 13, 2019

Zamu is in the playroom today! He LOVES coloring! Mercy from the spiritual team gave his table extra drawings since all of the kids had finished coloring so fast. Zamu snatched the papers and distributed them evenly to everyone since they all started fighting. What a kid! We are happy to see Zamu enjoying his time in the hospital, being a peacemaker and coloring with his friends. He is waiting to be reviewed by Dr. Maina tomorrow to find out his plan. Thanks for keeping Zamumtima in your prayers during his long stay in the hospital! Photo of Zamumtima

May 10, 2019

Zamumtima is still hanging in there while he patiently hopes and waits for his cast removal and operation next week. He's still been a bit down, but is feeling much better today than this past week. Today he was given a Tootsie Pop in the playroom, which made him smile. All the kids decided American candies are much sweeter than Malawian candies, and they really like it! He's hoping to get another Tootsie Pop when he goes back to the playroom later today! Thanks for keeping Zamu in your prayers! Photo of Zamumtima

May 08, 2019

Zamu isn't feeling too great today. The closer he gets to finishing his casting, the more painful it becomes. Our spiritual team sat with him after ward rounds today to encourage him to press on and keep persevering. Zumu is scheduled to have his cast removal and operation next week, but there is a possibility that could change if it looks like he's not ready when it gets closer. Please keep Zamu in your prayers as he continues healing and the doctors make a decision! Photo of Zamumtima

May 06, 2019

Zamu is coloring in the playroom today. Him and his friends, Christopher and Rudo, are all coloring the circles yellow, the squares blue, and the triangles red. All three of them say they really enjoy school and miss attending classes. Zamu later plans of watching the Jesus film on the TV in the kid's ward. The doctors say his casting treatment is progressing well and he will have an operation next week. Thanks for keeping Zamu in your prayers! Photo of Zamumtima

May 03, 2019

Zamumtima is having lots of fun playing in his wheelchair with his friend, Christopher. The two have become best buddies during their time in the hospital and love to hangout all the time. Today they made some funny faces for the camera while Christopher was pushing Zamumtima throughout the kid's ward! It's always great to see Zamu so happy, especially since he'll have a long stay in the hospital. Thanks for your continued prayers! Photo of Zamumtima

Apr 30, 2019

Zamumtima is enjoying his time in the hospital, and is slowly becoming a bit more comfortable. He'll be here a while since his clubfoot casting will take some time. He's making lots of new friends and loves hanging out in his wheelchair. Today he made some funny faces for us and gave the camera a big smile! We are happy to see Zamu so happy as he continues his casting and healing with us here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Zamumtima

Apr 26, 2019

Zamumtima was chilling out on his bed today, running his finger up and down his casts. We asked him how they felt and he said 'okay' and shared that they didn't bother him. Please pray for Zamu as he goes through his healing process! Photo of Zamumtima

Apr 25, 2019

Meet Zamumtima! This young lad is a bit shy but we can tell he has character and is so much fun to interact with, so we can't wait for him to loosen up around us. Zamu was getting his casts yesterday, and we will continue to keep you updated on his activities and the procedures he will go through while at CURE Malawi. Pray for Zamumtima to receive courage and healing from our almighty Father! Photo of Zamumtima

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