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  • Age10
  • Conditiona bone condition
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Chisomo's Story

“They are close because they are siblings. They are closer because they share the same suffering,” Chisomo’s grandmother, Granny Enifa, shared about her two grandchildren, Chisomo and Enifa, who came into CURE Malawi’s hospital with the sam… Read more

“They are close because they are siblings. They are closer because they share the same suffering,” Chisomo’s grandmother, Granny Enifa, shared about her two grandchildren, Chisomo and Enifa, who came into CURE Malawi’s hospital with the same disability.

Chisomo’s family noticed Chisomo’s condition when he was three years old, but didn’t know there was anything they could do about it. Chisomo and Enifa each use a stick to assist them when walking. Chisomo started using his walking stick just a few years before Enifa, as she was not diagnosed until later.

Both Chisomo (10 years old) and his sister Enifa (7 years old) have a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, a bone disease they were genetically born with. Even though their family didn’t recognize the symptoms at birth, this is a condition they have always had, but over the years their physical appearance and bending of the bones have become more severe. The doctors will be operating on them each this week, placing rush rods and plates in their legs to help straighten them.

“We were ignorant with Chisomo. Our family lives in a small village, so even though his legs began bending when he was three, we didn’t take him to the village hospital until he was seven, just one year before Enifa,” Granny Enifa shared. She told us how the village hospital referred them to a bigger central hospital nearby for physio sessions, and said that stretching and physiotherapy would be the answer for both of her grandchildren. Physiotherapy didn’t seem to solve anything, and the more they grew, the worse their legs continued to bend. The hospital never referred them to CURE Malawi’s hospital, but when Granny Enifa heard from her sister about her sister’s child’s healing from his disability at CURE, quite like Enifa and Chisomo’s, the family saved money for transportation and brought Enifa and Chisomo directly to the clinic at CURE Malawi.

“The community is supportive, but the kids mock and make fun of Chisomo and Enifa constantly. They come home so upset that they want to break their sticks and throw them away. School is very hard for them, but even if one knocks off early, they will always wait for the other to walk home with.”

Granny Enifa says, “I have high hopes that Chisomo and Enifa will both find healing, walk properly and leave here without having to use their sticks anymore.” She continued, “Please pray for a quick recovery and that CURE keeps doing what they are doing so that other children can also be healed. I will make sure to tell others what CURE does because that is how I came to know CURE, and I know that when others see my grandchildren are changed, they will ask, and I will share.”

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Latest Updates

Apr 29, 2019

Chisomo is back in the hospital for the clinic today. He tells us home was great even though he missed a certain toy that makes funny sounds in the playroom here at CURE Malawi. We asked him what he's being eating at home and he said, "We've been eating vegetables for relish but I love the chicken they make at home." Pray for Chisomo that the progress he has made so far is timely and will allow him to go for his next procedure. Photo of Chisomo

Mar 19, 2019

Chisomo is heading home today! He's not too excited to go since he loves the hospital so much, but he is excited to reunite with his sister Enifa. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he makes the journey home and recovers with his sister Enifa! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 13, 2019

Chisomo is going into the operating room for surgery on his left leg. He is still recovering from his previous operation and is really scared to be going back into another operation. We all wiped his tears, as he cried of pain and fear. We then put the movie "Sing" on for the children waiting for surgery. Many of the kids from the ward came over to watch, and Chisomo was absolutely mesmerized. Even though he doesn't understand English, he loved the songs! Please keep Chisomo in your prayers during this operation, and that he not be fearful or in pain! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 12, 2019

Chisomo is LOVING the hospital! "I never want to go home," he shared. The weekend has really helped Chisomo recover, and even though he still has pain, he is doing much better! The surgeons plan on operating on Chisomo again this coming Thursday, but it may be too early, so they will review Chisomo tomorrow to see if he's ready for the correction of his second leg. Thanks for keeping Chisomo close to your heart and in your prayers! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 08, 2019

The surgeons ended up deciding to operate only on Chisomo's right leg yesterday, as it would take four hours to just operate on one. His operation was successful, having rush rods and a plate placed in both the femur and tibia of his right leg. Enifa was so happy to see her brother come out of surgery, but was also super nervous to see him. Please continue to keep Chisomo in your prayers as he recovers from this intense operation! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 07, 2019

Meet Chisomo! He came into the hospital with his little sister Enifa this week and is currently in the operating room for his first procedure. Chisomo and his sister both have a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta and he is having rush rods and a plate placed in both of his legs as well as having a tibial and femur osteotomy. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers while he is in surgery and that he has a smooth recovery! Photo of Chisomo

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