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  • Age14
  • Conditionclubfoot
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Evance's Story

“The moment I stepped into CURE, I knew that there was an answer,” Evance’s mother Dorothy said with a powerful tone of voice. It has been a battle for Dorothy and Evance to seek medical attention throughout the years of Evance’s life.

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“The moment I stepped into CURE, I knew that there was an answer,” Evance’s mother Dorothy said with a powerful tone of voice. It has been a battle for Dorothy and Evance to seek medical attention throughout the years of Evance’s life.

“He was born with the condition and we went to many clinics and many hospitals over the years, but no one could help. After every visit, I went home with all hope lost.” Dorothy said she had completely given up, but with every new referral, she still went because she was desperate for her son’s healing.

Evance has bilateral neglected clubfoot and the surgeons will be placing two frames on his feet. They have advised Evance he will be here at CURE Malawi for one to two months. Dorothy says she is so confident in what God is doing for Evance at CURE Malawi, that she doesn’t even worry about missing farm season at home, which is her family’s greatest source of income.

“I had six children before Evance. He was my seventh child and his father died before I even knew I was pregnant with him. I was only a month pregnant and did not find out about Evance until two to three months. When Evance was born with his disability, it was very painful for me to accept that my child would not be able to walk properly, but I loved him so much from the beginning and my love for him could not be changed.”

Dorothy told us that when Evance reached six years of age, she started taking him to school, but as he got older, it was difficult to travel to and from school walking, so she bought him a pair of pink crocs. She now can never get him to take off his shoes, partially because of the pain and partially because he loves them.

“Transportation money was not easy for us. I had to take on a few contracting jobs farming, working hard and long hours to provide for both of us get here, but I know healing is coming and am very thankful to God.”

Dorothy’s last words were very moving. She said, “When you are expecting a blessing, there are a lot of trials that you go through. It acts like a test to your faith, but we must choose to press on and move forward. I have trust that the doctors are going to do a good job with Evance’s operation and pray that we should not leave here the same!”

Please join us in praying for Evance’s operation and months of healing to come here at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

"I am going home tomorrow! Yesterday, Chifundo's mom gave my mom her phone so she could call home to tell my family. I got to talk to my sister. I was so excited to tell her I was coming home. Now I have casts. I am in pain, but it is better than the frames."

Evance took his last picture for a while. He is scheduled to return to the hospital on January 14th. Please keep him in your prayers as he travels home to Zomba tomorrow morning and for his speedy recovery! Photo of Evance

3 days ago

Evance had his frames removed today! We walked along side him from beginning to end throughout the process as his heart raced from being so nervous for surgery and the removal. He told us we could take the photo from his perspective and write his status today, since he would be tired after surgery. Dr. James told us he would later need a tendon transfer and Dr. Karolina said it would take time for the balls on the side of his feet to heal and shift as he builds padding for his new heal. Please keep Evance in your prayers while he is resting and recovering and that he isn't in too much pain when he wakes up! Photo of Evance

Dec 03, 2018

"I went to the playroom today! We played with balloons. The doctors told me I am getting my frames off Thursday and I am counting down the days. Lex took me everywhere around the hospital because I will be going home soon, so I have to try everything. I am so excited to go home and I am so excited to get my frames removed!" Photo of Evance

Nov 27, 2018

Evance is going into surgery to have his frames adjusted, so he let us take his picture and write his status today! He is not too thrilled about going into the operating room, but is excited for next week when he is hoping to have his frames removed! It's been a long journey for Evance and he is definitely antsy to get out of his frames! Please keep Evance in your prayers while he is having his frames adjusted, for his recovery after and for his frames to be removed very soon! Photo of Evance

Nov 21, 2018

"Lex gave me her camera to use while she was sitting on my bed, talking to me and drawing. Then I asked her what she was drawing and she said, "Minnie Mouse for one of the kids." She looked up and saw me taking pictures of her and covered her face like this (Evance reenacted it). It was funny!" Photo of Evance

Nov 19, 2018

"This morning during ward rounds Dr. Lubega said I will need more adjustments to both of my frames and I will continue my turns. I was hoping to go home soon, but the program keeps getting longer. I hope I get my frames off soon. Please pray I can go home soon!" Photo of Evance

Nov 13, 2018

"I am at physio doing my exercises! Lex helped me take this photo because the camera was too heavy for me to hold. I just pushed the button. Lex let me watch Tom and Jerry on her phone again today! I also watched Popeye! She held my neck up with her back so I could see. My friend Evans had physio too, so he watched with me." Photo of Evance

Nov 12, 2018

Evance decided it's been a while since you saw his face, so today he took a selfie!

"Today Lex gave me her camera to take pictures. She is also going to let me watch a video of Tom and Jerry on her phone. She says that she is going to put me in a wheelchair and take me around the hospital because I don't like to leave my bed. I think that's funny. The doctor told me my program is finished, but my left frame has to be readjusted before having my frames removed." Photo of Evance

Nov 09, 2018

"I am feeling much better today. This is my friend Belason. He's kind of crazy, but I still wanted to take pictures of him next to me! Dr. Lubega told me again that my frames might come off next week, and my mom was really happy. I love taking pictures!" Photo of Evance

Nov 07, 2018

"This is Bessie. She is helping me with my turns. My mom is waiting next to me. She brought me to physio in my wheelchair. I am not feeling good today. I am in a lot of pain and really want to go home, but Dr. Lubega said I might get my frames off next week!"

Lexi here! Evance has not been feeling very well the past week to week and a half. His new program is causing him a lot of pain. He just wants to sleep and go home. It's hard for him to leave his bed. What he really needs is encouragement to keep on! He is almost finished his program and if all goes well, he will have his frames removed next week! As you know, Evance loves pictures, so if you'd like to send him some cool pictures to look at, we are sure that will keep him encouraged! Thank you for your continuous support and prayers! Photo of Evance

Oct 31, 2018

"This morning I watched television. It was of Malawians singing and dancing to gospel music. I really like to watch videos. Yesterday, Lex (Storyteller Alexis) let me borrow her phone and I watched a video of superheroes called 'The Incredibles'. I really liked it! The baby (Jack-Jack) is so funny!" Photo of Evance

Oct 30, 2018

"I have been in a lot of pain so the nurses have given me ice to sleep with. Today I went outside and helped Samuel build a fort with sticks and foam. I also taught Lex (Storyteller Alexis) how to say the body parts in Chichewa. She normally only remembers the word 'mphuno' (which means nose). Thanks for praying for me! Photo of Evance

Oct 25, 2018

"Lex (Storyteller Alexis) told me I could take a photo before going into theater (the operating room) today! The doctors are fixing my frames to make my legs straighter."

Evance let us step in today to explain his procedure. The doctors with be changing Evance's center washer on his right frame from metal to nylon and resetting the direction, since his right foot is not aligning as straight as they would like it to be. They will also be resetting his left frame, but the direction shift is not as difficult, so the doctors will not need to change out any washers, just bring in one of the rods. Please keep Evance in your prayers as he recovers. When we chatted with him after surgery he said, "My legs are in a lot of pain!" but he smiled regardless. Photo of Evance

Oct 23, 2018

"Hi, this is Evance! Today my mom is cleaning my wounds. Chimwemwe also had her wounds cleaned. They clean around the frame so I don't get an infection. My mom is also like my private nurse!" Photo of Evance

Oct 22, 2018

Our new photographer Evance will be taking over from now on! We've decided this guy has a good eye and we're going to let his dreams of becoming a photographer start coming true right now. Evance will now be in charge of his photos and updates! Medically, Evance has a while to go on his frame turning program, but we'll tell him to let you know if anything changes! Please continue to keep him in your prayers and enjoy his photos! Photo of Evance

Oct 19, 2018

Our little photographer Evance is at it again! Today he took a picture of one of his frames from his point of view to share with you all! Evance is keeping on with his frame turns and his new hobby of photography! Thank you for all your prayers and love! Photo of Evance

Oct 18, 2018

Evance has finally come out of his shell! Today we decided to get creative and have Chimwemwe and Evance take photos of each other from their beds that are across from one another in the kid's ward! This is Chimwemwe's photo of Evance! When Evance got a hold of the camera, he loved it! He not only took a photo of Chimwemwe, but also everyone else in the ward. He told the kids, guardians, Storyteller Alexis, and the staff to come pose. He loved learning and trying out all the technical details on how the camera worked. He then told Storyteller Alexis, "Now I want to be a photographer like you with a camera like this!" We are happy Evance is inspired and entertained while continuing his frame turns daily. Please keep him in your prayers and that his new dreams of being a photographer come true! Photo of Evance

Oct 17, 2018

Our sweet Evance has arrived at physio! Today he worked on keeping his legs completely straight while raising them up and down for his exercises, he didn't even shake! These frames are making him so strong! Evance is still very quiet, but he loves people watching and sweets. While he was sleeping today, we left a lollipop cuddled up with him. He said that when he woke up he laughed really hard and then immediately ate it! He loves lollipops! Please continue to keep Evance in your prayers as he continues his turns to full healing! Photo of Evance

Oct 12, 2018

Evance made some funny faces for us today! He is very quiet, but really enjoys watching the people around the hospital. Today he was wearing his new purple/pink shirt. We joked with him that it wasn't blue! Most of Evance's shirts and pants are all blue because blue is his favorite color. Evance continued his frame turns at physio this morning and is fascinated by how his feet are healing! Thanks for your constant prayers! Photo of Evance

Oct 11, 2018

Evance is beginning to get much more comfortable with his frames and has started to bend his knees. He now just sits in his bed with his knees in the air and his feet right up against him. It's really funny - we all laughed with him about it! Today he impressed us with a drawing of his house and says he misses home, but is very happy here. Evance had a dressing for his frames and continued his turning in physio. Please continue to keep Evance in your prayers as he keeps up with his program! Photo of Evance

Oct 09, 2018

We all cheered today after Evance moved hospital bed locations in the ward! His mom is very happy they are no longer in the back and are now in the center around all the other children to keep him entertained! He is right across from his friend Chimwemwe, so they can chat and compare their frames. We made sure to capture a photo of Evance and his mom, Dorothy, so you can see how sweet their hearts are! Please continue to keep Evance in your prayers as he continues his frame turns! Photo of Evance

Oct 05, 2018

Evance is starting his first session of physio today! We are very excited for him. Every time we pass him in the ward, he gives us the sweetest smile. He has a special heart just like his mama! During ward rounds this morning, Dr. Andrew was overjoyed with how his frames turned out and took great pride in the left frame because he had worked on that one while Dr. James worked on the other. Evance loved watching Dr. Andrew get really excited about it! It gave him great hope for what is to come! Please continue to keep Evance in your prayers during his healing! Photo of Evance

Oct 03, 2018

Evance is still recovering from yesterday’s surgery and his mom Dorothy says he is slowly moving his legs, which is a good thing! We delivered Chimwemwe’s encouraging message to Evance, as she also has the same condition and the same frames on both of her legs. Evance smiled and said, “I am happy because we get to go through this together. I will try to be as strong as Chimwemwe by God’s grace.” We are glad for the positive response from Evance, please keep him in your prayers as he is healing! Photo of Evance

Oct 02, 2018

Meet Evance! He has just come into the hospital with bilateral neglected clubfoot this week and had his first four-hour surgery this morning, where Dr. Andrew placed frames on both of his feet. His mom Dorothy is here with him and has the sweetest heart! We asked her to share something fun about Evance while he was in the operating room. She says, “Evance has skills! He is able to make toy cars out of wires. He then sells them and surprises us by buying things like vegetables or light bulbs for the house with the money he made. He has a kind heart!” We are excited to have a great guy like Evance here with us at CURE Malawi! Please keep him in your prayers as him and his mom will be here with us for the next month or two! Photo of Evance

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