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  • Age2
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Patricia's Story

“My baby’s disability has affected me so much. Many of my friends were mocking me because of my daughter Patricia’s hands. They gossip in a group, saying bad things about Patricia’s fingers. They say, ‘You have given birth to three health… Read more

“My baby’s disability has affected me so much. Many of my friends were mocking me because of my daughter Patricia’s hands. They gossip in a group, saying bad things about Patricia’s fingers. They say, ‘You have given birth to three healthy, normal children, and now at the end you have a child with extra fingers?!’ This hurts me so much. She is a gift from God, and I didn’t wish for her hands to be deformed. At times when she wants to itch herself she gives herself wounds because of her extra finger. So it concerns me, and I asked myself, ‘How will she be if she is not healed?’” says Beatrice, Patricia’s mother.

Patricia is one and a half and was born with deformed hands. Both of her hands have syndactyly, fused fingers, and her left hand has an extra, clawed finger and a deformed thumb. She will need a few surgeries here at CURE to sort everything out!

“My daughter Patricia was born with deformed hands. As soon as she was born the hospital referred us to a district hospital, and at the district hospital they said she was still very young and I should wait for six months. I have had many difficulties trying to get help for Patricia. The first hospital I visited in the early morning, but when I left the hospital it was dark, and I had received no help at all."

"After six months I went to the hospital again and I was told again that she was still too young. I went back home and decided to take my daughter to a private hospital. At the private hospital I was referred to a central hospital and there I was given a date to come again when CURE doctors were visiting. My daughter was nine months old and CURE doctors told me that she was too young and that I should wait until she’s one year old. When she turned one, I came again and I was given a date to come here to CURE for surgery, and that’s why I’m here now."

"Now that I’m at CURE I have confidence that my daughter will receive the right help. I have heard many testimonies from my friends who are also here with their children in the hospital, who say that their children are not the same as they used to be. I believe my daughter will be free to do anything she wants if she is treated."

Please join us in praying for Patricia and Beatrice as Patricia has surgeries here at CURE! We look forward to getting to know them better and sharing their story with you!

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Latest Updates

Jan 29, 2019

Patricia has been discharged! She is so excited to be going home! Her hand is healing very well. We plan to see her back for a review on February 25th. Thanks for keeping Patricia in your prayers during her time here at the hospital. Please continue to join us in prayer, that Patricia and her mom have a safe journey home! Photo of Patricia

Jan 28, 2019

Patricia is on her way into the operating room! Today she will be having a wound inspection from her syndactyly release last week. We are hoping all looks well so she can go home soon! Please keep this cutie in your prayers as the surgeons inspect her wound this morning! Photo of Patricia

Jan 23, 2019

Patricia went into surgery with a smile for a syndactyly release yesterday! Today during ward rounds, the doctors told her that she will have a wound inspection on Tuesday of next week and if all looks well, yesterday's operation should be her last! Patricia is finally on her way to full healing! Please keep her in your prayers as she recovers, and that her wound inspection next week goes well! Photo of Patricia

Jan 21, 2019

Patricia is back in the hospital and is very happy to be here! She's become a bit more comfortable with the camera this time! Her hands are healing very well from her past operations, where she had an extra digit from each hand removed. Tomorrow she will be going into surgery again for a syndactyly release on her left hand! Please keep Patricia as she prepares for surgery! Photo of Patricia

Oct 12, 2018

Patricia came in for clinic today, but the doctors ended up having an opening on the surgery list, so they took her into the operating room for a wound inspection. The surgeons removed the wires inside her hand and after recovery, she was discharged. What a spontaneous Friday! We plan to see Patricia again on October 22nd! Please continue to keep her in your prayers while she is away! Photo of Patricia

Sep 17, 2018

Our pretty girl Patricia, is going home today! She was all smiles even though she is too young to understand that she has been discharged. We will miss her cute smile and the face she makes for the camera! Please pray for Patricia and her mom, Beatrice as they will be traveling home. We hope will see them again in three weeks! Photo of Patricia

Sep 13, 2018

Patricia is in for surgery! Today, Dr. Karolina will remove Patricia's extra digit and begin transforming one of her fingers into a thumb. Please keep Patricia and the surgeons in your prayers as this may be a complicated surgery! Photo of Patricia

Sep 12, 2018

Our pretty girl Patricia is back at the hospital and she has been giggling all day with her mom, Belita. She appears to having more fun and now loves the camera! Patricia has been trying to "read" the notes which the doctor wrote about her. So funny! The plan is to release her fused fingers, remove the extra digit on her left hand, and have a skin graft. Please pray for this cute girl as she is preparing for surgery tomorrow! Photo of Patricia

Jul 03, 2018

Patricia headed home today before we could say goodbye! She'll be back in three months for her next operation, please be praying for her!

Jul 02, 2018

Patricia's still here, and still really scared of the camera so we didn't manage to get a particularly good shot! She had the wires taken out of her fingers today but Beatrice says that she's not sure if they're headed home yet since more dressings may be necessary. Photo of Patricia

Jun 28, 2018

Patricia's back in the hospital and has been readmitted but cries at everything, including the camera, so it's been hard to get a good photo of her! Mom says, "She's feeling much better, no problems. There's nothing wrong with her. I thought she may have a fever and that's why she's crying, but she's fine, she's just scared. Please keep praying the wounds heal completely." Photo of Patricia

Jun 18, 2018

Patricia and Beatrice have been discharged over the long weekend so we missed getting a goodbye photo and status update! She'll be readmitted on June 28th though so it won't take very long before we see her again!

Jun 14, 2018

Patricia was fast asleep yesterday when we brought her messages, but she's a bit too young to understand them so we read them out to her mommy Beatrice. She says, "They should continue praying for me, please don't leave me alone, whether it be in times of joy or sorrow. I'm happy that Patricia is doing better now more than yesterday, she's not as sick anymore. I would tell parents of children who need surgery that they should trust God and not lose heart, the doctors are doing their job and can help." Photo of Patricia

Jun 12, 2018

"I'm happy that my daughter Patricia has been operated on. Before the surgery I was afraid and I didn't know what would happen, but now that she's back, I'm happy. It's difficult with her hands wrapped up in bandages - the left one is really heavy for her! My prayer request is that her hands will heal properly, also she has had some diarrhea after her operation, that I would like prayer for. The nurses have given her medicine for it," says Beatrice, Patricia's mom. Photo of Patricia

Jun 08, 2018

Patricia is recovering from her surgery yesterday! Unfortunately we couldn't track down the surgeon for a word, but it looks like based on her notes they separated the first two fingers of both hands and amputated her extra digits. One of her thumbs is deformed, so that was also operated on to make it shorter and rotate it around. Please pray for her while she heals and has a wound inspection next week! Photo of Patricia

Jun 06, 2018

Patricia seems a bit more happy today and not as scared of everyone as she was yesterday! Unfortunately we just realized we're not going to be able to go in and take some photos of her operation tomorrow since we're going on a home visit to see one of our old CUREkids, but we'll catch you up with how it has gone on Friday, and she'll have more operations in the future we will be able to photograph! Photo of Patricia

Jun 05, 2018

Meet Patricia! She's a sweet little girl who has come in to have surgery for her fused fingers and extra digits. Please pray for her as she has her first operation on Thursday! She's a bit scared of everything in the hospital right now, so please also pray that she calms down and feels comfortable. Photo of Patricia

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