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  • Age14
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Patience. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Patience's Story

“My friends both at home and at school mock me because of my disability. At times I lose interest in going to school because I am always sure that I will spend the day being miserable. However, I ignore them and report to the teacher and my mothe… Read more

“My friends both at home and at school mock me because of my disability. At times I lose interest in going to school because I am always sure that I will spend the day being miserable. However, I ignore them and report to the teacher and my mother when am home. It encourages me when the teacher gives the friends who mock me a punishment for their wrong deeds. This makes me feel that the teacher really wants me in the class,” Patience says.

Patience is a twelve-year-old boy and is the first born child in a family of four. “We noticed his condition in his right foot when he was eight months old while he was crawling. However, we didn’t know that something could be done to make him better so we decided just to stay home. After we heard from our friends that it’s possible for him to be treated, we took him to a nearby hospital. He was then four years old. Patience underwent the casting method for two years but it was not successful. We then gave up and went back home. We stayed home for five years. After some time, we took him to another hospital and there we were given a date to come back. We did as we were told and when it was time we met CURE doctors who gave us a date to come here at CURE,” says Crescent, Patience’s father.

“Life has not been easy for me as a father who has to be at work to take care of my family. I am in one hospital or the other all in the name of trying to help my son walk normally. The most painful part is that my family and I have become a laughingstock where I live. People young or old laugh at us. As if we wished our child was disabled! This really makes me feel sorry for my son and family.”

Crescent says CURE is a helpful hospital. He has observed that children that came with disabilities are going but home healed. This has given him hope and confidence that his sons case will also be the same.

“When my foot is treated and I finish my secondary education I would love to be a policeman. I believe I would make a good policeman after am able to step my foot down,” says Patience with confidence.

Please join us in praying for Patience and Crescent as they wait to hear the results of Patience’s MRI before we can put a frame on his foot to help bring it straight!

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Latest Updates

Jun 12, 2018

Avanell: "Patience, do you know what your name means?"

Patience: "No."

Funny explained it to him.

Avanell: "Are you being patient?"

Patience: "No! Ha!" Photo of Patience

Jun 11, 2018

Patience came in for a checkup today and we caught up with him. "I'm feeling better now. Right after my surgery I had pain, but now I don't. When I went home I went to school as soon as I got back. My friends were happy to see me! We play dudo, a game sort of like jacks, but with rocks in a circle." He's getting his cast off now and is getting a temporary AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) for now since it will take a while before we can book him to go up to get one exactly his size at 500 miles in Lilongwe! Photo of Patience

Apr 30, 2018

Patience was having a lovely time in the playroom when we brought him some get well messages! Funny, from the Spiritual Department, asked him what he wanted to say to his well wishers. He says, "Tell them that I also love them and that it is my prayer that God should forgive their sins," which made Funny laugh a lot! He's been discharged home today which is awesome news. We also asked him what he's looking forward to when he goes home. He says, "I can't wait to read my schoolbooks again. And I'm going to see Eric and Fanuel, my older brothers!" Please be praying for him as he travels home! He'll be back on June 11th to go get an AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) made for his foot! Photo of Patience

Apr 27, 2018

Patience had his frame off yesterday and he's looking so happy now! He and Chisomo brought their beds close together so they could play cards - we gave the cards to the ward a month or two ago and they're showing some age, but apparently still playable! Patience will be having physiotherapy and then going home on Monday, please be praying for him! Photo of Patience

Apr 23, 2018

Patience is doing well this week! Good news, Dr. Lubega thinks he'll be ready to have his frame off either on Friday or next week! It's impressive how much better it's starting to look and we're sure he's going to be excited to have it off! Photo of Patience

Apr 19, 2018

Nurse Isaac dressed Patience's pin sites yesterday! We're so thankful for all our nurses who take such good care of our kids and their parents, making sure they have the medication they need, doing wound cleaning, and so much else besides! Photo of Patience

Apr 17, 2018

Patience was having a grand time drawing in the playroom this morning! He has some pretty cool artist skills - here he is drawing some children walking to school. He's been having a lot of pain during physiotherapy, so please be praying that the pain will die down and that he won't be stressed about it. Photo of Patience

Apr 12, 2018

We brought Patience some get-well messages today and Funny from the Spiritual Team translated for him. He didn't say a lot, but he did say, "I love what they're doing and I want them to come and see me in person!" So cute! Photo of Patience

Apr 09, 2018

Patience is doing well! After weeks of running around the hospital, now he's stuck in bed but that's not keeping him from grinning as big as always! He's starting turns on his frame today and will have it on for about two weeks - please pray the turns don't make his foot ache too much! Photo of Patience

Apr 06, 2018

Patience's surgery went well (although it was very long) yesterday! He's already back to smiling in the ward! Dr. Lubega put some plates in his left leg to stop it from growing any more longer than the right. On the right, he put some plates in as well as a frame, which will gradually pull the foot up with turns. Please be praying for him - frames aren't very fun, although they're very effective! Photo of Patience

Apr 05, 2018

Patience's MRI has been okayed by the neurosurgeon, so he's all set to have surgery here at CURE! He'll be having a frame put on today, which will slowly pull his foot up straight! Please be praying for him as he has his operation! Photo of Patience

Apr 04, 2018

Meet Patience and his friend Fesha! Patience has already been in the hospital for a couple of weeks while waiting for an MRI to be done at Queens Public Hospital. Unfortunately there's only one MRI machine in the whole country so it takes a while! After we check and make sure the MRI is clean and he doesn't need any spinal operation, then we'll be all set to put a frame on his foot and help pull it up. Fortunately, he seems to be enjoying running around the hospital having fun. We should find out very soon the results of his MRI! Photo of Patience

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