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Ellina's Story

“Ellina is one of the four children God blessed me with. She was born healthy, but she one day fell down and injured her left hand. She never told anyone at home what had happened to her, but I noticed that her hand was swelling. I took her to ou… Read more

“Ellina is one of the four children God blessed me with. She was born healthy, but she one day fell down and injured her left hand. She never told anyone at home what had happened to her, but I noticed that her hand was swelling. I took her to our nearest hospital, that immediately referred us to a district hospital. At the hospital, my daughter was operated on and the infected bone was removed. I was then told to go back home and wait until she recovers and come again,” says Ellina’s father Isaac.

Ellina had a condition called chronic osteomyelitis, more commonly known as a bone infection. She was treated at her local hospital where they removed the dead bone. Unfortunately, bone infection often leaves the bone malformed and needs to be corrected with more surgery. Now that the infection has healed, it is safe to operate on the bone without the risk of the infection flaring up again. She’ll be having a frame put on her arm here at CURE to slowly bring the wrist back into alignment.

“I did as advised and when I came back to the hospital, I was seen by CURE doctors who gave me a date to come here. I was very excited to hear that, my only concern was transport. Our God is indeed a God that makes a way where there is no way, I thank Him so much for helping through an organization called Feed the Children, who provided transportation funds for me. I am so happy and grateful that I am here at CURE and I believe my daughter will get better after her operation. I really like the prayers that are done here at CURE on a daily basis because prayer is a powerful tool that keeps things moving. May God continue blessing this hospital,” Isaac finished.

Please be praying for Ellina as having a frame on one's arm is a difficult thing! Most of our kids have frames on their legs, but as of yet we haven’t seen many on arms. Please pray that God will be with Ellina and her father Isaac during their time in the hospital, that they would feel His love and be ministered to. We invite you to be a part of their story through your prayers and support!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

Ellina had another operation yesterday! Dr. Lubega opened up her arm and put in a bone graft. He removed a bit of her fibula, the smaller bone in her leg which she can walk fine without and will grow back, and put it in her arm to replace her radius. He also took some bits of bone graft from her pelvis, which has special cells that promote bone growth. Please pray that the graft takes well and her bone heals! Photo of Ellina

Apr 16, 2018

Ellina is often in the physiotherapy room nowadays and most of the time has her arm straight up in the air! We're impressed by how strong she is, the frames seem pretty heavy! Today she was enjoying coloring while waiting to be seen by our physiotherapist. Photo of Ellina

Apr 12, 2018

We brought Ellina her get-well messages yesterday! Funny from the Spiritual Department translated them for her. She was really shy and didn't say much but her dad says, "I'm very thankful for your prayers and well-wishes for Ellina's recovery, and for your prayers for future surgeries." Funny also asked what Ellina likes to do and her dad says she likes to play "Chitelela", a game where a bunch of children stand in a circle singing and clapping and one person will go in the middle and dance. We've seen it in the villages and it does look like a lot of fun! Photo of Ellina

Apr 09, 2018

Ellina has one more week of turns before it's time for her bone graft! So exciting! In the meantime, she's been in the playroom a lot, learning some math from Funny, who works in the Spiritual Department! Photo of Ellina

Apr 04, 2018

Ellina is doing well! We haven't heard the results of the x-ray, but on ward rounds Dr. Robert seemed unconcerned about it so we're assuming she's alright! Dr. Lubega says it's straightening out very well and he's happy! We finally got a big smile out of her, mostly with the encouragement of her dad! Photo of Ellina

Mar 29, 2018

Please be praying for Ellina! Some of her pin sites have gotten infected, which is a bigger concern than usual because it could mean that the bone infection has come back. She'll be put on antibiotics, and Dr. Robert is making sure that she has an x-ray to make sure that the infection isn't being caused by or affecting the bone. Photo of Ellina

Mar 27, 2018

They're continuing to do turns for Ellina's wrist, straightening it out and then lengthening it. She's doing really well and seems to be adjusting more to the hospital - we've gotten a lot more smiles out of her recently! Photo of Ellina

Mar 23, 2018

Ellina was outside playing with the team from Woodmen Valley Chapel yesterday! Mark (our new Executive Director), his wife Mary Diane and Collin were pushing the kids around on the roundabout in the playground, always a fun treat! Photo of Ellina

Mar 19, 2018

Ellina had her surgery today! She's finally feeling better so they sent her to the operating room. Our doctors put a frame on her arm and wrist which will rotate it around straight. She's missing a large chunk of her radius, the larger bone in the arm, which has caused the deformity. After they get the wrist aligned with the frame she will have a bone graft to help heal it back. Please pray for her as she's recovering in the ward! Photo of Ellina

Mar 14, 2018

Ellina's surgery has been postponed to next week! Unfortunately it's the rainy season here in Malawi and the mosquitos are in full-force, meaning that a lot more of our kids have malaria than usual. Here malaria is commonplace though, and the kids just have to go on medication for a few days before they can have surgery! Photo of Ellina

Mar 12, 2018

Meet Ellina! She's already having a blast in CURE Malawi's playroom, listening to Funny share a Bible story and sitting next to another one of our CUREkids Emma! Ellina has a limb deformity from an old infection in her wrist and will have a frame to fix it on Thursday. CURE Malawi Storyteller Avanell is excited to see her operation, as it's very rare to see a frame put on one of our kid's arms, usually the frames are used on legs. Please be praying for her surgery! Photo of Ellina

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