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Noel's Story

“My son Noel was born normal, but when he was two years old his legs started to bend. I took him to Mzuzu Central Hospital, where they have been treating him by giving him casts,” says Monica, Noel’s mom.

Despite casting him often, hi… Read more

“My son Noel was born normal, but when he was two years old his legs started to bend. I took him to Mzuzu Central Hospital, where they have been treating him by giving him casts,” says Monica, Noel’s mom.

Despite casting him often, his legs kept on worsening. “Every time they discharged us, he would go out to play and he would fall and break his leg. Then we would go back to hospital and when they discharged us, he would fall and break his arm so I thought that maybe someone is bewitching him but I lacked courage to seek help from a tradition healer or witch doctor," Monica says.

Noel has some sort of bone dysplasia or condition which is causing the bending and frequent fractures, so he has been referred from Mzuzu Central here to CURE to receive treatment. We will cut the bones in his leg to straighten them and then put metal rush rods through to help hold them together and discourage further fracturing.

Unlike many other parents and children in similar situations, Monica and her son receive comfort and encouragement from friends. “My neighbors encourage me to keep taking him to hospital, some give us money for transport fee. I had to stop my business so that I can look after him, but my family gave me money to continue the business and sometimes they look after him when I'm busy.”

Please join us in praying for Noel as he has surgery later this week! We're so excited to see how God helps heal him physically and spiritually during his time here at CURE!

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Latest Updates

Jan 29, 2019

Noel has been discharged, but before he headed home, the physio team was having him weight-bear. "Look! Straight leg... Rush rods!!" Noel's mom said laughing, as she was so excited about her son's new rush rods that she waited so patiently to arrive. Noel's mom cried tears of joy upon discharge, as she was so grateful to finally go home and see her family. It will be a long journey back to Mzuzu, and they are hoping to catch a night bus so they can arrive tomorrow during daylight. We will see Noel again at the CURE clinic in Mzuzu on May 8th. Noel will continue mobilizing on his crutches and have his bandages off in one week. Please keep Noel and his mom in your prayers as Noel recovers and they both safely travel home! Photo of Noel

Jan 25, 2019

Noel was first on the list for surgery this morning and he was very excited! The surgeons placed rush rods in his left leg to help straighten it. He is resting now and in a lot of pain, but his mom is very happy the operation finally happened. We hope Noel begins to regain his energy and feel better over the weekend, as his best friend McDonald waits to play with him again! Please keep Noel in your prayers and that he has a rapid recovery! Photo of Noel

Jan 24, 2019

Noel and McDonald are back to their shenanigans and are full of laughter! Even though they were both given different papers to draw on today, they chose to share a paper, drawing and coloring together on McDonald's bed.

The patient wait for Noel is finally over, and he is first on the list for surgery tomorrow. His rush rods have arrived and the surgeons are ready to operate! We sure are going to miss Noel's big hugs and all the fun he brings to the ward while he is recovering, but with his energy, he should bounce back in no time! Please keep Noel in your prayers as he prepares for surgery tomorrow! Photo of Noel

Jan 23, 2019

All smiles from Noel today! Yesterday evening he was feeling a bit sad after his best bud McDonald came out of surgery. He missed playing with him and didn't like seeing McDonald in pain. Every time McDonald woke up, Noel came over to stand by his bed and say a few words, wishing that he'd feel better soon. McDonald's mom said, "They are best friends. I am so glad they have each other in the hospital," as she put her hand over her heart. She was truly touched by the bond her child had made with another kid at CURE Malawi. Noel has been talking McDonald's ear off today now that he is feeling a lot better! Noel has also made a few other friends that he can't wait to introduce McDonald to when he has his energy back. Noel is still patiently waiting for his rush rods, but is happy to have friends to play with at the hospital while he waits! Photo of Noel

Jan 22, 2019

Noel has the giggles! Today the doctors told him that they are still waiting on his rush rods and that they expected them to be here sooner. His mom was a bit disappointed, but we hope they come in this or next week. Noel is first on the master list for theater when his rush rods arrive. He is from North Malawi, so it would be a long journey to send him home and have him come back when the rush rods arrive, which is hopefully soon! Please keep Noel and his mom in your prayers as they patiently wait for the arrival of his rush rods, and that his surgery happens soon and goes smoothly! Photo of Noel

Jan 18, 2019

Noel loves playing with his new best bud McDonald! They do everything together! During ward rounds this morning, the doctors told Noel he is on "stand-by" as they are waiting for his rush rods which will arrive this weekend. They plan to have him first on the surgery list for next week. Please keep Noel in your prayers as he prepares for surgery! Photo of Noel

Jan 16, 2019

Noel is back in the hospital making a bunch of new friends! Noel, McDonald and Owen have been playing with the wheelchairs all day! During ward rounds this morning, the doctor told Noel he was just waiting for rush rods and then he could have his next operation. Meanwhile, Noel is loving the hospital and is enjoying all the toys in the playroom, especially the toys with wheels! Thank you for your continued prayers for Noel. Please keep them coming as he patiently waits for his rush rods! Photo of Noel

Jul 03, 2018

Noel's heading home and will be seen for more physio in Mzuzu! He is so happy and says "When I go home I will play with my friends, King and Aaron." We also read Monica some of his get-well messages and she says, "I am so happy because of the messages of encouragement they have written to us. It is my prayer that God should protect them and bless them now and forever. When I get home, first of all I will pray, and then I will buy a gift for Noel so that he can remember my mother did this for me, since I know he's had a hard time. I will buy him some Timberland shoes since he's always saying he wants, and I will buy him some chicken." She also says his dad has been calling and although she doesn't have transport money all the way home yet, they have enough to get to her mother-in-law's so she can wait there for his dad to send the rest of the cash. Please be praying for a safe journey for Noel and Monica! We'll see him at our outreach clinic in Mzuzu in November. Photo of Noel

Jun 28, 2018

Noel was smiling this morning, but unfortunately that's because his mom Monica thought they might be heading home and told him so, but we aren't really sure if that is the case or not. Monica says, "We're waiting for the x-ray results, the doctors said if the x-ray is okay I could go home but all my other friends who were also told to wait for the x-ray have already gone home, so now I'm just waiting." We're not sure what is happening since he probably will still need more physio. Good news however is that Noel's dad called yesterday and also sent them transportation money, which is a relief to Monica and cheered up Noel a bit as well! Please be praying that they will be able to go home soon! Photo of Noel

Jun 25, 2018

Please be continuing to pray for Noel! He was playing with his new friend Lorina, bouncing an inflated glove in the air like a balloon and smiling, but when we stopped to ask him if he was feeling better he said, "No, I'm in a lot of pain." We think it's mostly in his head based on his behavior, but that doesn't make it any less miserable for him. Please pray that he gets comfortable and isn't so scared! Photo of Noel

Jun 22, 2018

Noel just got out of the operating room again this morning and Monica is watching over him while he sleeps off the anesthesia. He's been fighting the physiotherapists a lot and is completely terrified of bending his knee, so the doctors decided to send him into theater to have a backslab cast put on that will keep his knee bent for a week or so. Afterwards, they will take it off so he can flex it and hopefully he'll be more confident in moving it after he sees that it's been casted bent for a while. Photo of Noel

Jun 20, 2018

We brought Noel some get-well messages today and got to the bottom of his unhappiness. His mom says, "I'm very thankful they're praying for my son. It is my desire to leave the hospital but we have to be here for now because of his condition. Ever since I came here there has been difficulties communicating with my husband." Noel hasn't talked to his dad since he's been here and that's been discouraging because he misses him! "I feel heavy, and it is also why he is so unhappy," Monica shared.

Funny and Avanell prayed for Monica and Noel after hearing this, but we would love it if you joined us in praying for them too. Pray that Monica and her husband reconcile and have good communication, that Noel and his dad are able to talk soon, and that they would both know the comfort and love of Jesus while here at CURE Malawi. Photo of Noel

Jun 19, 2018

Noel's surgery yesterday went well! We spoke to Dr. Maina and got more details on his surgery since he understood it better than Noel's mom! Apparently the rush rod in his tibia had ridden up into his knee joint, making it stiff and inflexible, so they needed to go in and hammer it down more securely into his bone. Now he'll need some physiotherapy since the knee is a bit stiff because he hasn't been able to move it. Please pray the physio goes well and he won't be afraid to bend it! Photo of Noel

Jun 18, 2018

Noel's back for another surgery today, but he's really unhappy again so we chatted with his mom Monica! She says, "My prayer request is for a successful operation. Noel is doing a lot better than before, he's just here so they can remove the metal in his legs that are making his bones to bend straight and put in new ones. When we came, he asked me where we were going so I told him we were going to Johannesburg, South Africa. I told him that because he would be afraid if I told him we were going to the hospital so I just said we were going to South Africa." Funny, who was translating, says, "Yeah, thats what a lot of guardians say to their kids..." It's like being told you're going to Disney World so you'll behave but instead your mom takes you to the dentist! No wonder Noel is grumpy! Photo of Noel

Jan 25, 2018

Noel is headed home today! Mary Diane, the wife of CURE Malawi's new executive director Mark, was trying to cheer him up this morning by taking him out of a meeting in the playroom - it was getting pretty warm in there with all the patients and guardians. We're sure he cheered up a bit when he heard he was going home! Please be praying for safe travels, he'll be seen at Mzuzu Centeral Hospital in March. Photo of Noel

Jan 23, 2018

Noel's operation yesterday went well and he was looking pretty good during ward rounds this morning, although still in some pain! Dr. Maina and Dr. Robert cut the bone on his left leg this time and again fixed them with metal rush-rods. Please be praying for him, two major operations in just as many weeks are not fun and it'll take some time to recover. Photo of Noel

Jan 22, 2018

Noel's going to have his second operation today! We thought they might wait until his right side was completely healed, but it looks as if his mother is happy to carry him, so to save time he's having his surgery to straighten his left leg today. Please be praying for him as he has his operation! Photo of Noel

Jan 19, 2018

Noel's doing fine recovering from his operation, but seems to not particularly care about the camera! His mom and the other ladies were having quite a laugh at his serious faces and the way he was picking his teeth in some of the photos - we're gonna have to work pretty hard to impress him! Photo of Noel

Jan 18, 2018

Noel had surgery yesterday for his right leg, both the femur and tibia needed to be cut straight and then fixed with rush-rods, metal rods that go through the middle of the segments of bone and hold them in place. Dr. Maina and Dr. Robert had to do two cuts on his right femur, which was quite curved. He'll be having another operation for his left leg in the future, but in the meantime, he's doing well and recovering in the ward. We appreciate your prayers for him! Photo of Noel

Jan 16, 2018

Meet Noel! He's a little boy with a bone condition which has caused both his femurs and tibias to become bowed and crooked. He'll be having surgery later this week and we're already enjoying having him and his mom around! His mom was very attentive to the camera and tried to get him to smile for this picture but he was too absorbed by the music video during tv time! Please be praying for him as he'll be having a major operation! Photo of Noel

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