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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Hajira's Story

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up, but because of my feet I can’t attend classes daily,” Hajira says.

Yesterday, we met eleven-year-old Hajira- a young girl who has a spinal condition which has resulted in equinovarus feet. Hajira… Read more

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up, but because of my feet I can’t attend classes daily,” Hajira says.

Yesterday, we met eleven-year-old Hajira- a young girl who has a spinal condition which has resulted in equinovarus feet. Hajira lives with both her parents, and is the last born in a family of six.

Her mother Agnes says, “My daughter had this problem from birth, when she was a baby we noticed some swollen lumps on her back. We took her to a public hospital in Machinga and were given painkillers. We went back home, but her condition worsened. When she was three years old she started having difficulties walking. We went back to the hospital and we got referred to Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Blantyre, but unfortunately we did not receive any medical attention because doctors were on holiday, so we went back home.”

“Since we came home because the doctors would not help us, we have been relying on herbs from the witch-doctor. They do 'mpini', where they cut with a razor on her back and then rub the herbs into the cuts. They have been applying it on her back for the past years, but to no avail. We have been living like that until early months of this year when our Member of Parliament directed us to a non-profit organization who directed us to CURE doctors.”

Living with deformity has really affected Hajira’s life. She said, “I have to skip many classes because of my sickness. I always want to be on top position in my class, but it’s very difficult because I can’t walk very well. Sometimes I get lucky and my siblings carry me to and from school. My friends also bully me when going to school because I cannot walk fast, some do not play with me, and others advise me to just quit school.”

Hajira’s parents depend on sustenance farming to feed their children, so Hajira’s condition has affected them a big deal. “During farming season I have to carry her to school and sometimes to the farm. I get worried when my fellow women mock my child’s disability and encourage me to stop her from going to school,” Agnes said. “Now that she’s getting bigger it’s very tiresome to carry her, but she really wants to go.”

Please join us in praying for Hajira and her mom as Hajira receives surgery at CURE Malawi! She has a long journey ahead of her as she may need to receive spinal surgery from Queen Elisabeth Hospital before we operate on her feet, but we’re hoping that one day she can walk to school proudly and independently!

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Latest Updates

Jul 23, 2018

Hajira went home over the weekend! Because the MRI machine is still out for the count and there's no way of telling when it will be back online, the doctors sent her home and will call her family when it's ready for her to get her scan. Please be praying hard, as we said before, this is the only MRI machine in the country and many people rely on it for a lot more serious conditions than Hajira's. As it is right now, CURE will be unable to operate on certain patients who may (or may not) need spinal surgeries before their orthopedic surgeries, such as Hajira, until it's back up and running! Photo of Hajira

Jul 20, 2018

Some lovely visitors from the UK came today to set up a mobile book library for our kids who can't get out of bed! We asked Hajira about the book she checked out and she says, "I like the book. It's about a lion and a hare and a... 'nkhandawe'." After much discussing with Funny and the guardians about what the English translation is and some pointing at the Noah's ark mural on the ward wall, it sounds like either a hyena or wolf! Shoutout to Charlie and Emma who set up the library with help from donors in the UK via Children's Corner Childcare! Hajira is still waiting for her MRI but may go home if it doesn't look like it will be fixed soon. Photo of Hajira

Jul 18, 2018

We brought Hajira some get-well messages while she was waiting to hear what's happening with the MRI machine! She says, "God should give them long life, and they should continue loving me. They should pray that I will get better so I can do what I want to do." We asked some other questions about how she's been and she says, "When I can walk, I'll play ball games and Jingo (a game involving jumping over a rope). I haven't been in school ever since they first casted my legs (Nov 2017) until now. I have four siblings, I miss Sharifa, my oldest sister who is in Form 4 (15 or 16 years)." Photo of Hajira

Jul 17, 2018

Hajira's back for another checkup on her spine at Queens Hospital and possibly that MRI we mentioned. Hajira says, "I'm much better than before, now I can walk. I'm even able to walk without the walker sometimes. My back is good too. We went to 500 miles the week before last to get my AFOs. Now they want to book me at another hospital to check my back." "What do your friends and family think of your feet?" "They are happy my feet are straight. My friends who used to laugh at me are at school, since I haven't gone back yet I don't know what they'll say. I'm excited to go back to school, I think they will be surprised!" Please pray that Hajira's appointment at Queens Hospital goes well! We just heard that the only MRI machine in Malawi broke on Friday so things are up in the air. Please pray, as all the hospitals in the country rely on this one MRI machine, including CURE Malawi when we have our occasional patients with spine-related issues like Hajira! Photo of Hajira

Jul 09, 2018

Hajira came in on Thursday after having gone to get her AFOs in Lilongwe on Wednesday! Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to talk to her since Storyteller Avanell had to go home sick. Oops. She's doing okay but Dr. Mkandawire, the spinal surgeon from Queens Public Hospital where she had her spine surgery done wants her to have another MRI. We're not sure when that MRI will be booked, but we should see her again pretty soon since she'll have to hang around town for that. Please be praying for her! Photo of Hajira

May 18, 2018

We brought Hajira get-well messages this afternoon! Unfortunately, she was in a lot of pain so she couldn't really enjoy them, but she's heading home tomorrow and we wanted her to know that her friend Blanca from Woodmen Valley Church was still writing to her and praying for her! She appreciated it but since she was in pain we tried not to talk to her for too long. Please be praying her pain eases up and she has a safe trip home. We'll see her July 1st when she's booked to go get AFOs! Photo of Hajira

May 16, 2018

Hajira had her surgery today! Turns out we did have a last minute patient who needed an operation yesterday and that's why she was postponed until today, but everything's underway now and Dr. Maina is performing her tendon transfers. She's having the tendons moved from one side of the foot to pull the other side so that everything will balance out. Please pray for her recovery! Photo of Hajira

May 15, 2018

Hajira was waiting to have her operation this morning, but it was canceled! We can't figure out why in her notes, but most likely it's because either they had an emergency case come in which means she will be pushed until later in the week, or they discovered she's sick. Please be praying it's just the fact that they were too busy today, we'll try our best to find out tomorrow during ward rounds. Her feet are already looking pretty good after all of that casting! Photo of Hajira

May 11, 2018

Hajira's going to be readmitted! She was supposed to have a checkup to have her casts off a couple weeks ago and then be readmitted on the 20th for her next operation, but it's close enough now that Dr. Lubega recommended that we just do surgery next week instead. She'll have a tendon transfer to balance out her feet. Please be praying for her operation! Photo of Hajira

May 10, 2018

Hajira is back for her checkup a few days late, so now she has to wait to see Dr. James until tomorrow! We're so excited to see her again though and she says that she's doing well and doesn't have any pain... so now we just need to wait and see what Dr. James says! Photo of Hajira

Mar 26, 2018

The team from Woodmen Valley Chapel has gone home back to the USA, but Hajira and Agnes were so excited to get a message from Blanca with her selfie as one of the get-well messages! Hajira was quite surprised! She didn't say much, just, "I am thankful for your prayers. May God give to the ones praying for me so they can help others!" Her mom was also very thankful and says, "I am very happy that they remember me, especially Blanca, and are communicating with us. May God bless them and let their love continue." Hajira and Agnes are going home tomorrow for four weeks and then will be back for more casting. Photo of Hajira

Mar 23, 2018

Hajira had an operation yesterday to release the tight muscles in her feet and unfortunately we missed taking photos of the surgery! It's not her final operation, just a procedure to make it easier to continue casting the feet into position since they were very stiff. She was crying after her surgery and Blanca, from our Woodmen Valley Chapel short term team, came over and helped her calm down and get to sleep! Photo of Hajira

Mar 19, 2018

Hajira's doing well! We have a short term mission trip group in from Woodman Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs and they were blowing bubbles for her! It's been fun having them here today, entertaining the kids and doing crafts! Photo of Hajira

Mar 14, 2018

We brought Hajira her old get-well messages yesterday which were left over from when she left the hospital last time! She says, "I am thankful that you are praying for me. I like the card. I am also thankful for the love they are showing me." Someone asked what games she likes, and she says, "I like netball and jingo!" Jingo is a game where you jump over a piece of string, so we asked her if she can jump, and she says "Yes!" She also says she's doing a lot better after her spinal surgery! Photo of Hajira

Mar 13, 2018

Guess who's just been readmitted! It's our BFF Hajira! The village that Hajira is from has run out of casting supplies for ponseti for her feet, so her mom Agnes brought her to CURE to have casting done here. She'll be staying in our guest hostel so she won't be in the ward every day, but we expect to be seeing a lot of her! Photo of Hajira

Jan 12, 2018

Dr. James is also happy for Hajira to go home, so she's been discharged! She'll be back in three months for the operation for her feet. Dr. James is trying to arrange for ponseti for her feet locally, casting will make her foot more flexible and bring it into the right position. If she can't get casting in her home village, when she comes back she will need to get it done here and will be in the hospital for another few months.... so hopefully she can get it done locally for her sake! Either way, we're sure she's thrilled to head home! Photo of Hajira

Jan 11, 2018

Prof. Mkandawire came in and saw Hajira today! She had the sutures taken out of her back and he's happy for her to go home. He wants to see her again in three months but she'll wait around until Dr. James sees her tomorrow morning for ward rounds before we plan her return date, since she might have her foot operation sooner or later than that! Thanks for praying for her! Photo of Hajira

Jan 09, 2018

Ha-ha-hajira is back only a day after we said she might not be! Oops! We were so happy to see her in the ward this afternoon. Prof. Mkandawire's clinic is most likely tomorrow since she's here - and she's looking good with her new fitted brace under her dress. Please be praying the doctors say she's all set to go home! Photo of Hajira

Jan 08, 2018

We haven't seen Hajira since she went to Lilongwe (this pic is from last week) but Dr. James says he saw her and that she's doing well. We haven't booked her for her next appointment yet because she'll be coming in for Prof. Mkandawire's spinal clinic here at CURE, and they haven't planned a date for that yet, although usually it's the first Wednesday of the month - so we may not see her until February! Photo of Hajira

Jan 03, 2018

Hajira's doing super well! Look at that huge smile when Zione delivered her get well messages yesterday! One of her 30 messages (whoa!) was from a girl named Grace who lives in the USA! We love it when our kids get encouragement from other kids! Grace asked what she likes to do and she says, "I like playing Jingo [similar to jump rope], soccer and other games. When I am well I'm going to help my mom draw water and do other chores I can't do now. And I can't wait to go back to school." She also told everyone, "Thank you for your well wishes and messages. I really want to go home soon to play with my friends." We also asked her how Christmas was and she says she received a lot of things including toys, clothing, and a Bible. In her words, "It was great!" Please be praying for her as she travels today to Lilongwe, a 5 hour journey, to get a brace fitted for her back. It will take a couple days for them to make it, then she will come back to Blantyre. Dr. James from CURE and Dr. Mkandawire from Queens will both make sure it fits properly before she goes home! Photo of Hajira

Dec 29, 2017

Hajira's been transferred and we're delighted to see her back! She was playing with the bao board this afternoon, plotting out moves to play on an opponent. She's still her happy, laughing, shy self and we're so glad everything is going well for her! Photo of Hajira

Dec 25, 2017

Dr. Mkandawire emailed us and told us that Hajira is recovering very well, and we went and saw for ourselves Christmas morning! She was so happy when we visited her and brought her presents and a couple printed photos of herself. It was amazing to see her doing so well, especially since the last time we saw her she was getting a ton of tumors removed. She says she's okay and just has a bit of pain in her back - we're so happy! Photo of Hajira

Dec 22, 2017

We didn't manage to go over and see Hajira because we were busy photographing the end of the year party for the staff all day today! We've heard from Dr. Mkandawire via Dr. James that the operation went "well" this morning though, but she's still going to have to be in the ICU recovering and there still could be complications from the operation. We will try to get over to see her sometime this weekend or next week and post an update on how she's doing. We convinced the Spiritual Team to bring her a Christmas present from the party we're having for the kids on Christmas Day so maybe we'll go over and check on her then! Please pray for her, having a major operation is no fun, let alone a couple days before Christmas! Photo of Hajira

Dec 21, 2017

Hajira had her operation at Queen Elisabeth Hospital today - we went in at 9am and didn't leave until 2pm, but they still weren't done operating when we had to go! Her tumor was huge - 3 or 4 separate pieces on the outside that Prof. Mkandawire removed, and then more inside the spine as well which they were still working out when we left... as Prof. says, "yi-yi-yiesh!" It is a very complicated surgery and since we left before they were done we're not sure of the outcome, but we'll do our best to stop by tomorrow and see how she's doing! Please continue to pray! Photo of Hajira

Dec 20, 2017

We went to visit Hajira at Queens today! "How did you know I was here!?" She was really surprised to see Storyteller Avanell. She was playing in the playroom at Mercy James, which is a new wing of Queen's and is really nice and well equipped - with toys not just medical equipment! Her operation will be tomorrow and will take most of the day, so please be praying hard for her. As we said, there's a high risk of paralysis with this operation and we want our smart girl running around doing amazing things with her life! Photo of Hajira

Dec 18, 2017

Hajira's been transferred, so this photo is from last week! She was supposed to have surgery today, but because of the nature of her operation and the high risk involved, they need to make sure an ICU (intensive care unit) bed is available for her after surgery. There's a limited number of beds so Dr. Nyengo from Queens Hospital is trying to negotiate for one before her operation. With this operation there's a high risk of paralysis since they're removing it from the spine. We spoke to Dr. James and he says that if they leave it, it will grow and eventually paralyze her anyways, so this is her best chance for a normal life. Please pray for her! Photo of Hajira

Dec 14, 2017

GOOD NEWS! Hajira's tumor is benign! Thank you for praying for her! It's called a ganglioneuroma tumor, which is fairly rare. She'll be having surgery on Monday at the new Mercy James wing of Queen's hospital. She may be transferred soon. Please still be praying hard for her, as spinal surgery is serious business. Photo of Hajira

Dec 13, 2017

We made a video about Hajira! We're hoping to get the results of the biopsy back very soon, but it's still nerve-wracking! We asked Hajira and her mom how they've been feeling.

“It's been a month and a half since I have been admitted here. I have missed my home, family and friends Hawa and Hadija, and have missed going to school. I have made new friends here though like Magret and Chisomo. I get sad when my friends are discharged and leave. I am waiting for my operation and once it's done I will go straight home!” Hajira says.

“CURE has been treating us well, but I am just worried that since I am here during farming season, my two daughters are the ones doing all the farming, and without my supervision we won't harvest much next year. We’re still waiting for the operation day so that we can know the way forward,” says Agnes, Hajira’s mother.

As nice as CURE is, it's difficult to not get homesick when you're stuck in the hospital for a long time! We try to get the kids and their families in and out of the hospital as soon as we can, but unfortunately Hajira is a very complicated case. Because CURE only deals in orthopedics, we need to rely on the nearby public hospital, Queens, which has a shortage of resources and doctors. Fortunately though, it looks as if she might be having surgery in the pediatric wing at Queens next Monday if her biopsy results are favorable! Please be praying for her and her mother, and her sisters back home who are planting. https://youtu.be/gNLypcEuRq4

Dec 11, 2017

Hajira's back to running around the hospital today! We thought you might appreciate seeing a video of her. She's super shy, but we managed to get a video of her not covering her face and giggling! She's so cute. We're still waiting for her biopsy results, please pray hard for her! https://youtu.be/FORYNMBCVLU

Dec 07, 2017

Hajira seems not at all phased by her biopsy. She's up and smiling and playing with the stuffed elephant from the nurse's station! Her results should come in next week Tuesday. Please continue to pray hard that her tumor is benign! Photo of Hajira

Dec 05, 2017

We finally got some more information on Hajira! It's been difficult to figure out what's going on with her between all the time she spends at Queens Hospital and the hostel. She's not usually at ward rounds where the doctors tell everyone what's happening with the kids. Today, though, we tracked down Dr. James and asked him what's going on since she's going into the operating room at CURE. Apparently, the MRI revealed that she has a tumor in her spine, and the doctors from Queens have told us to get a biopsy to discover whether it's benign or malignant since that will drastically change what treatment course we set her on. Please pray that's it's benign and easily removable, as it is very difficult to get good care for cancer patients here in Malawi. She's going in to have her biopsy today, and then we will send the sample away for results. It will take a while to get the information. Photo of Hajira

Dec 01, 2017

Hajira was in physio ALL DAY Wednesday, cruising around on the bikes with Pemphero! It looks like they've spent lots of time together in the hostel waiting to get MRIs and at Queen's Hospital too probably! Hajira's been booked for a spinal operation by Prof. Mkandiwire on December 15th, which will most likely be at Queens, and then will have surgery at CURE a few months later once her back has healed. Please be praying for her. In the meantime she'll be at the hostel so we may not see her too often! Photo of Hajira

Nov 28, 2017

Hajira and Pemphero came in to get the CDs with their MRIs on them and were showing them off to the camera! Most likely this means that they're being sent to Queens today because the neurosurgeon is around to review their MRIs and give a diagnosis. Hopefully, neither of them will need a spinal surgery, and we can just move on to treating their orthopedic conditions. Please be praying for them! Photo of Hajira

Nov 23, 2017

It's been two weeks since we last spotted the elusive Hajira, but she's back today! She had her MRI yesterday and, upon review, Dr. James doesn't want to go forward with her surgery until he's had the spinal surgeon from Queens Public Hospital check it out. If she does need a spinal operation, she'll need to have it before any surgery for her feet, so it's important to check these things! Please continue to pray for her! Photo of Hajira

Nov 14, 2017

We still haven't seen Hajira around. She's at the guest house down the road and hasn't been coming over to the hospital. She's been booked for her MRI next week, though, so from there we should be able to get some more information.

Nov 08, 2017

Hajira's been doing well today! She was watching some African music videos with Christabel and the other kids this afternoon, but most days they've been watching Mr. Bean. The Spiritual Team must have found a new DVD somewhere since we haven't seen it since this week, but we're so happy they did because the kids love Mr. Bean! Even if you don't understand any English, he's still funny! We were right, Hajira needs to wait for an MRI before we can operate on her here at CURE. We're still waiting to hear from Queens for when she's booked to have the scan. Photo of Hajira

Nov 06, 2017

Meet Hajira! She's a sweet, smiley girl with a passion for school! Please pray for her and her mother, that they'll come to know Jesus in a personal way during their time at the hospital. She has a spinal condition that has resulted in equinovarus foot that makes it very difficult for her to walk. Most likely she will need an MRI and maybe spinal surgery before she can have an operation on her feet, so please be praying that all goes smoothly as she will need to go to Queens Hospital first. Photo of Hajira

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