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  • Age10
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Currently In Hospital

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Margret's Story

“One thing that I really want is to have straight legs, to be able to walk without pain and being talked by others about my condition, to live a normal life,” Margret shared with us.
Margret is here with her grandfather Fred who tells us … Read more

“One thing that I really want is to have straight legs, to be able to walk without pain and being talked by others about my condition, to live a normal life,” Margret shared with us.
Margret is here with her grandfather Fred who tells us that nothing pains him more than seeing his granddaughter Margret struggling to walk. Fred took Margret to live with his family so that he could find means to help Margret. When Margret was two years old, it was noticed that she developing an abnormal bend in both of her legs. Margret’s parents were so worried and had no idea what had caused their daughter to develop such condition.

“When I was told that Margret is not well, my first thought that came in my mind was to get her treated at our local hospital. I took Margret to the hospital where the doctors told us that my granddaughter has to wait. I was not happy to hear that. I had a lot of questions why Margret would not be treated at that time. I was told to go again after a few months but again, Margret was not treated. I was beginning to lose hope that Margret would ever get helped,” explained Fred.

Magret is schoolgirl and she is in grade five. “I feel pain when I walk and I love to play with my friends, but most times I am teased about my condition. This makes me not to interact in public. Most times I would take a lot of rests on my way home from school because of pain on my knees and feet,” Magret shared while telling us about her experience with blount's disease.

Margret was seen at a mobile clinic put on by CURE at a local hospital and she was booked to undergo an operation. “I know we have been here two days now, but one thing I am so grateful is how CURE is caring for us. I really like the living condition, we are provided with very nice blankets and hygienic meals,” said Fred. “I want to agree with my grandfather that this place is amazing. I love the toys in the playroom,” Margret added, agreeing with her grandfather.

We are so happy that we met Margret and her grandfather Fred. Margret and Fred both have so much hope for healing, we would love your help in support and in prayer for them!

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Latest Updates


Margret seemed to be enjoying sitting by and watching the other kids do physiotherapy while she waited for her turn - she's so patient! She gave us a lovely smile when we took her picture! Photo of Margret

Oct 13, 2017

Margret is still doing well in her physiotherapy sessions with Lauren. She is able to walk using the walking frame and is being assisted by her grandmother who has come to visit her. We are happy that she has the passion to make sure that she gets well quickly. Please keep on praying for her! Photo of Margret

Oct 12, 2017

Francis has been assisting Margret today with physiotherapy and is doing the strut changes on the frames. Margret is not feeling any pain and soon will be doing her other sessions of physiotherapy. We thank God for Margret's progress! Thank you for praying for her! Photo of Margret

Oct 11, 2017

Margret has found a new friend and her name is Margret as well! She has been playing with her new buddy while sitting on her bed today. Margret is doing well with physiotherapy, and is working very hard in order to get well quickly. Please continue praying for her wellness and healing! Photo of Margret

Oct 10, 2017

Margret is still facing the other direction as compared to the others. This morning she had her tea facing the wall. However, she is happy and is enjoying her "mandasis" (fritters). Thank you for praying for Margret! Photo of Margret

Oct 09, 2017

Today has been a quiet day for Margret. She appeared to be lost in thought and we wondered what this little lady was thinking about! She has not been having any pain though, but she has still decided to stay as quiet as she can be. She chose to face the other direction while her friends were waiting for their wounds to be dressed. Please continue praying for Margret to heal quickly and also for her to bring her cute smiling face back. Photo of Margret

Oct 06, 2017

Margret is doing well today while staying in bed. The doctors said she can start strut changes today and continue with learning to stand. Let's keep praying for our girl Margret. With God, all things are possible! Photo of Margret

Oct 05, 2017

For the first time after surgery, Margret is learning how to stand. She is in pain and she is trying to hide it but her face is telling another story. Our physiotherapists are making sure that she is doing it alright and has less pain. Please continue praying for Margret to heal quickly! Photo of Margret

Oct 04, 2017

More physiotherapy for Margret and she was energetic as always! Today, she decided to try doing her physiotherapy exercises on her own as directed by our physiotherapists. We are happy for Margret for having the positive attitude towards getting well. It simply teaches us that God does great things when one has faith in Him! Photo of Margret

Oct 03, 2017

Magret is doing well with physiotherapy. She says she is enjoying every moment of it and we are happy to hear that. "Doreen has been so helpful because she also has frames on both her legs like I do so it is becoming easy to do physiotherapy together with her. I am hopeful that soon I will be able to do them on my own," says Magret. It is great to have a friend who assists you in times like these and all thanks should go to God for giving Doreen such great courage! Thank you for all your prayers for these girls as they are getting better each day. Photo of Margret

Oct 02, 2017

Margret is doing really well and she is happy today. She says she is only feeling mild pain. We understand that the pain cannot fully go away at once for her healing to be complete. Our team from the physiotherapy has been assisting her and they have given her a "theraband" (green band on the foot) to avoid contracture and also for her feet to be in the right position to withstand the frames. Please continue keeping Margret in prayers as she continues with her treatment! Photo of Margret

Sep 29, 2017

We could not believe how quickly and what great of a progress Magret's healing is coming! "I have been in bed most of the time and I feel better today. The nurses are so nice and my mother is happy too for the kind treatment I am receiving," said Magret. Magret loves the orange juice and she has been having it all day long. Continue keeping this sweet girl in your prayers! Photo of Margret

Sep 28, 2017

It has been a good day for Magret after her time in theatre yesterday. She is feeling well and today she had her first wound dressing in the morning. She is happy that everything went well and her sad face is gone. God has been so faithful during the whole procedure and also after. Thank you for praying for Magret! Photo of Margret

Sep 26, 2017

Magret has been in the theatre for hours because her operation is a long one. Please pray for her as the procedure still going on! Photo of Margret

Sep 25, 2017

Magret is not very happy as she has been admitted again today. We spoke to her and she says she has been well, but she feels pain when she walks long distances. Magret has come for her frame operation that is scheduled for tomorrow, please pray for it to be successful. We believe Magret will have quick healing if we stand together praying for her! Photo of Margret

Sep 05, 2017

Our friend Margret was already enjoying the playroom yesterday! The doctors consulted about her legs and decided since her blount's is so severe they would transfer her over to Dr. James, who will put a frame on her leg versus just doing cuts to the bone. Unfortunately, he's really busy this week and next, so she'll be coming back in two weeks for her surgery instead of having it done this week! Photo of Margret

Sep 04, 2017

Meet Margret! We made a short intro video to introduce her to you! She's just arrived at CURE Malawi and will be having surgery later this week for her bilateral blount's disease. Please be praying for her as she has her operation!

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