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  • Age11
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Rose's Story

“Rose is my wonderful girl who likes smiling. She is indeed a rose to me. My beautiful girl met her fate when the wrapper she was covering her body with caught fire as she was cooking sweet potatoes with her friend. This caused a burn on her righ… Read more

“Rose is my wonderful girl who likes smiling. She is indeed a rose to me. My beautiful girl met her fate when the wrapper she was covering her body with caught fire as she was cooking sweet potatoes with her friend. This caused a burn on her right elbow. I wasn’t around when the incident occurred, but I just heard from my friend that Rose had been taken to the hospital. It was very painful for me since I left her well as I was leaving the house. However, I accepted what happened. I stayed in the hospital with my daughter for sometime and then we were discharged. The wound is completely healed now, but she has a contracture. When I went back to the hospital they referred me here at CURE. I am very glad to be here at CURE and I am so excited that my daughter is going to theatre tomorrow. From what the doctors have told me, I believe my daughter’s operation will be successful. May God guide the doctors during the operation in Jesus name,” said Mary, Rose’s mother. Please join us in praying for Rose as she begins her journey to healing!

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Latest Updates

Sep 04, 2017

Rose was unfortunately looking a bit cranky today, but we talked to her and she says that she has no pain and the progress of her healing is going well! She's really improved and now can extend her arm fully and will be seen again in another four weeks! Photo of Rose

Aug 21, 2017

Our pal Rose is back for more physiotherapy and was bouncing the giant yoga ball with Priscilla, who also had a checkup! She says she's doing well and is much improved, and we'll see her again August 29th for more physiotherapy! Photo of Rose

Aug 04, 2017

Rose came back for some physio! Diana says she's doing a lot better now and it looks like she's been doing the exercises! This time her dad came with her instead of her mom. He says he's really happy with the outcome and how much better Rose's arm is and wanted to come and see for himself the hospital where it was done! Photo of Rose

Jul 26, 2017

Rose is back and is not looking too happy! Unfortunately, she and her mom haven't been doing the exercises at home so her arm is a bit stiff. Patrick says it's okay and he soaked it and did some massage to loosen it up, but since they aren't doing it at home she'll be back on the 31st for some more physio. Please pray that they start doing it at home! Photo of Rose

Jun 19, 2017

Rose came back a lot earlier than we expected for a wound dressing and a splint adjustment in physio! She was having fun on the bike in the physiotherapy department while she waited. It sounds like her graft site on her leg isn't healing as well as we hoped, so she'll be coming in every couple weeks for a checkup for that - we'll see her on July 5th! Photo of Rose

Jun 12, 2017

Rose has been discharged today! She had a wound inspection this morning and her flap and graft are looking beautiful, so the physios are stretching it out a bit more and teaching her some exercises and then she'll go home with a splint. Photo of Rose

Jun 09, 2017

We brought Rose her get-well messages today - she really enjoyed hearing from you all! She's not in much pain and she's really happy today, she was spending some time outside in the sunshine with the other kids! Photo of Rose

Jun 08, 2017

A group from America hosted a puppet show in chapel for all the kids in the ward! Rose seemed to enjoy it - although she was a bit distracted by the chance to have her photo taken! Photo of Rose

Jun 07, 2017

Rose is doing well! She and her mom were enjoying the sun this morning and they were savoring teatime with the rest of the kids and guardians. Teatime is a very important time of the day here in Malawi - everyone loves tea! Photo of Rose

Jun 06, 2017

Rose's wound inspection went well and it sounds like the skin graft is healing on! She had a bit of manipulation under anesthesia yesterday - just stretching out the arm - and now she and another girl are getting pushed around on the bike outside! Photo of Rose

Jun 05, 2017

Rose went in for a wound inspection and some manipulation under anesthesia today to stretch her arm out more - she and her mom were taking a nap in the recovery bay when we saw her. We'll find out hopefully during ward rounds tomorrow how the graft is taking and how much longer she will be here in hospital! Photo of Rose

Jun 02, 2017

It's very quiet in the ward today! Most of the kids have been discharged, so Rose is just sitting and watching tv with her mom and a few of the other kids who are still in the hospital - but there will be a lot of new kids coming in on Sunday for surgery next week, so more chances to make new friends! Photo of Rose

Jun 01, 2017

Rose is doing really well and has been showing her lovely big smile all over the ward now! We can tell that she's inherited her big grin from her mom, Mary. Every time we walk by she smiles really big in hopes of getting her photo taken! Photo of Rose

May 31, 2017

Rose's surgery went well yesterday and now she's curled up in bed on this cold day, recovering! Dr. Lubega released the contracture, cut away the scar tissue, and then took a skin graft from her leg to cover the excess skin. Please be praying for her as she heals! She'll have a wound inspection next week. Photo of Rose

May 30, 2017

Rose is waiting for her surgery! Unfortunately, there's a couple operations that are going on before her's so she's going to have her surgery later in the afternoon. The nurses even let her have breakfast early this morning since she'll have to wait for quite a while. Please be praying for her! We'll post more information about her surgery tomorrow! Photo of Rose

May 29, 2017

Meet Rose! She's a happy girl with a pretty long burn contracture on her elbow and armpit. She'll be having her operation tomorrow afternoon, and the doctors will either do a z-plasty, where they cut zig-zags in the folded piece of skin and then put it back together straight, or she may need a skin graft. Please be praying for her as she has her surgery! Photo of Rose

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