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  • Conditiona bone condition
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Stelia's Story

“Many people do not believe that my daughter is a teenager. She looks so small because of the deformity she has which has affected her growth. It has not been easy seeing her born well and all of a sudden, she developed a deformity,” says Ester… Read more

“Many people do not believe that my daughter is a teenager. She looks so small because of the deformity she has which has affected her growth. It has not been easy seeing her born well and all of a sudden, she developed a deformity,” says Estere, Stelia’s mother.

Stelia has come to CURE Malawi for treatment of her condition called Skeletal Dysplagia. Stelia lives with her parents and her father works to provide for the family. Stelia’s parents noticed her deformity when she was a toddler. Estere has been in and out of hospitals to find help for her daughter, but it has been so hard to get the treatment that Stelia has needed. Being moved from one hospital to another has not been helpful. She feels so much pain whenever she walks and cannot run. Not going to school has also been tough for Stelia and her parents. She mostly does not go to school, however when Stelia manages to attend to school it is difficult to to concentrate because of the pain and being physically uncomfortable. We met Stelia at a local hospital where we hold our mobile clinics. Stelia has a brother who has a deformity of knock knee and Estere has assured us that she will bring him to Stelia’s treatment so that our doctors can take a look at him as well. Stelia is the third born child of five and her father works to earn a living.

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Latest Updates

Sep 03, 2018

Stelia came in to the clinic today with her mom Estere! Stelia says she is doing well and her crutches have been very helpful. She isn't having much pain in her leg, but she has been having trouble with her heart, leaving her uncomfortable at all times. Stelia asks for prayers for her heart and it's rapid beating. Estere requests for prayers over Stelia's life and the speedy healing of her leg! Photo of Stelia

Jul 09, 2018

Stelia headed home over the long weekend while we were celebrating Malawian Independence Day, so we missed out getting a goodbye photo of her! Please be praying for her while she heals at home, we'll see her again on August 3rd!

Jul 04, 2018

Stelia was a bit sick after her operation, but she's feeling a lot better today so we brought her some well-wishes! She says, "Thank you for your prayers, your kind words are what are healing me. I took my exams before I came because the headmaster was told I would be coming here. They went well and I hope to pass! Please pray that I did well in my exams." Her mom Estere also says, "Please pray that she will continue to do well after surgery, she was sick earlier and is better now but I don't want it to come back!" Photo of Stelia

Jul 03, 2018

Stelia had her operation yesterday! Dr. James told us that unfortunately the small 8-plates weren't working well and her kneecap kept sliding out of place, so they cut the bone to bring the knee straight, fixed the kneecap position, and put in a metal blade plate to keep it stable. Please be praying for her while she recovers! Photo of Stelia

Jul 02, 2018

Stelia is back! We're not 100% sure what the story is but apparently she needs a larger operation and plate for her tricky knee, so Dr. James and Dr. Karolina are working on that today! She's had five operations already so she's an old pro and says, "I'm feeling okay, I'm not afraid." Please be praying for her! Photo of Stelia

May 21, 2018

Stelia's back for a checkup here in Blantyre! She's doing well but the doctor's notes say she'll be readmitted on June 30th, we imagine for another operation or perhaps to have the plates taken out. Please be praying for her as she heads back home! Photo of Stelia

Feb 24, 2017

Stelia headed home on Friday before we could grab her photo! Here's a photo from Wednesday when we brought her some get-well messages in case she left first thing on Thursday! She says thank you to everyone who's praying for them, and asked for continued prayers as well as prayers for others who are going down the long road to healing! Her mom is so grateful and they're both happy to be able to go home! She'll be seen at our Mulanje clinic on May 17th! Photo of Stelia

Feb 23, 2017

Stelia's discharge note hasn't been written yet today so she's been hanging around with some new friends! These girls are all here and haven't been admitted to the hospital yet, so we're not sure of their names or stories, but we look forward to getting to know them better and we're glad Stelia has already made friends and introduced them to the hospital! Photo of Stelia

Feb 22, 2017

Stelia's enjoying the playroom again this morning! She said that she had physio earlier today and wasn't in any pain, and that she's pretty happy! Thandy says she sounds a bit tired of the hospital though, so we're excited to say that Dr. James gave the okay to send her home tomorrow! We asked, and he said she probably won't have the plate taken out because since she has a bone condition, she probably won't grow much more so it will just correct by the time she's done growing! Photo of Stelia

Feb 21, 2017

Stelia's operation yesterday went well, and she's doing well enough today to go to the playroom! Dr. Maina and Dr. Hilary put a little plate and screwed it into the joint at her knee. This will stop the growth on one side so the other side has time to grow and catch up so her leg will straighten up! They'll have to remove it once she's grown enough so that it's straight. Please continue to pray for her! Photo of Stelia

Feb 20, 2017

Stelia's back! Her legs are looking pretty straight at this point but she still needs another operation for her right knee - it's still a little bit knock-kneed so we're going to put an eight plate in - a small metal plate which stops half of the knee from growing so the other half will 'catch up' and her leg will be straight again! Please be praying, she's going in for her operation today! Photo of Stelia

Jan 23, 2017

We saw Stelia briefly during clinic early this morning, but other than that, we didn't get a chance to speak with her! We checked the clinic notes and she'll be coming February 19th for a guided growth operation, where a plate is put in the knee's growth plate to make the leg swing around to be straight! We look forward to seeing her back in the hospital! Photo of Stelia

Dec 21, 2016

Despite Stelia having surgery yesterday, today she has managed to attend physical therapy already! According to the physical therapy team, they said Stelia is recovering well and quickly - keep those prayers coming! Photo of Stelia

Dec 20, 2016

Stelia had another operation yesterday! Her right knee needed a Patella Realignment which had been dislocated. She still gave us a happy face before going into the OR which gave her mother hope, she is so brave! Please continue praying for her as she will be resting in bed and recovering for the next couple of days. Photo of Stelia

Nov 22, 2016

Stelia came in for a quick checkup today! We missed the opportunity to talk to her after she left the office, so we're relying on the sparse clinic notes - it looks like she came in early because her right leg hurt, so they wanted to make sure it was okay! She's still booked to come in for surgery on December 18th, so we'll keep praying as the countdown continues! Photo of Stelia

Nov 07, 2016

Stelia's doing well and is going to school! She's here for a checkup with the doctors and therapists. Rehab Tech Patrick says that she has patella subluxation (kneecap is dislocating), so she can't bend her knee a lot. She needs to heal a bit more before she can have an operation for that, unfortunately. She'll be doing some at home exercises to build up her strength so she can walk on the other leg once she gets surgery in December, please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Stelia

Sep 16, 2016

Stelia is getting discharged today and she is SO happy! She told Thandy she's glad to "go home and get back to friends and playing." We delivered her get-well messages before she left! She'll be back in about six to eight weeks to have her casts off, and then we'll decide if she needs an operation on the left tibia or not - Dr. James thinks she might need one, but Dr. Lubega thinks maybe not, so it will probably be easier to tell when everything is healed, all the casts are off, and she's standing up straight! Hopefully she'll be all set, please be praying! Photo of Stelia

Sep 15, 2016

We found Stelia in the playroom today, drawing away! She was copying pictures of animals from the wall - a bee, a butterfly, and some others! We're so glad she's feeling better and looking perky after her operation two days ago! Photo of Stelia

Sep 14, 2016

Stelia had her operation yesterday and it went really well! First Dr. Carolina cut her fibula because otherwise it will pull the tibia back into the wrong position, so both bones need to heal at the same time. Then they put a rush rod through the tibia to make it straight, cutting a wedge out where the bone bends so that the two pieces can be put together straight! They don't think she will need an operation on the left leg, which is really awesome! In the future, she may need rush rod revisions, however. Please be praying for her while she recovers from this operation! Photo of Stelia

Sep 13, 2016

Stelia had a successful surgery on her right tibia today! Please continue to pray for her while she recovers in the ward, she had a lot of work done to her poor leg! We'll post a photo collage of her operation and more details on what the doctors did tomorrow! Photo of Stelia

Sep 12, 2016

Stelia's been readmitted for her next operation from our clinic today - here's a photo of her getting her height measured! We're so excited to see her back! Please be praying for her while she goes into the operating room tomorrow to have her next surgery! Photo of Stelia

Aug 03, 2016

We delivered messages to Stelia yesterday before she headed home today! Her mom said to thank you all for the encouragement and prayer! She's noticing a lot of improvement in Stelia, not just on her legs, but she's getting "happier everyday"! We're happy for her! She'll be coming back in about six weeks! Photo of Stelia

Aug 02, 2016

Stelia's mom and some other guardians were sitting on her bed and chatting this morning and decided to grace us with a photo! We're going to be sad to see her go tomorrow! Photo of Stelia

Aug 01, 2016

Stelia's looking pretty good and is getting regular physiotherapy! Hopefully she'll be ready to go home by Wednesday! She seems to have recovered well from the whole blood issue - we're not sure if she got some over the weekend or just managed to get a lot of rest, but we're glad she's feeling better! When we caught up with her she was enjoying watching the Jesus Film with other kids in the ward! Once she is discharged she will still need to come back for another operation on her right tibia - the poor girl has a lot of deformed bones! Photo of Stelia

Jul 29, 2016

Stelia had her operation yesterday and it went really well! She's recovering in the ward now, eating some lunch. The doctors opened up her thigh and cut her femur at the curves to make it straight. They then put a rush rod in to keep the bone straight and sealed it all up again. It was a major operation and Dr. Lubega is having the nurses check her blood today because she's a bit pale and her heart is beating rather fast. He's worried she might need a transfusion, but unfortunately her blood type is rare so we're not sure if we'll even be able to get blood if she needs it. Please be praying that she will either not need any blood, or that some of her blood type will become available. Photo of Stelia

Jul 28, 2016

Stelia's in theater now getting her femur straightened out by Dr. Lubega! Here she is waiting with her mom and some other patients and guardians to go in to have her surgery! The other kids are just having wound inspections - lucky them! Please be praying for Stelia and her mom, as well as the other kids, that everything goes smoothly! We'll post pictures of Stelia's operation tomorrow. Photo of Stelia

Jul 27, 2016

This lovely girl was enjoying some coloring in the playroom today! Stelia's going in to have her surgery tomorrow and we're so excited for her! Please be praying that she won't be in a lot of pain when it's over and that the procedure goes smoothly! Photo of Stelia

Jul 26, 2016

Stelia's doing well today and has been hanging out watching tv! Dr. Mania still needs to check her xrays to see how complicated her operation will be and then decide when to do her operation - if it's simple it could be as early as tomorrow, if not it may have to be postponed until next week. She will be having surgery on her right femur! Photo of Stelia

Jul 25, 2016

Guess who's been readmitted into the hospital! Stelia came in for a checkup and we read her some get-well messages right before she got admitted - another girl who was in for the clinic and her mom were also listening to CUREkids Coordinator Lawrence translate her messages to her! Stelia will most likely be having surgery later this week or next, so stay in tune! Photo of Stelia

May 30, 2016

Stelia's back today! She was a bit scared of doing physio with lovely Jo, but once she warmed up, Jo said she did really well! She's booked to come back to CURE at the end of July, but the physiotherapists want her to return sooner to make sure she is doing her exercises, so we may see her at the end of June first if her mom can get transportation fees. Please be praying for her! Photo of Stelia

Mar 29, 2016

Stelia left today! We got a quick picture before she headed home! She'll be coming back May 30th for another checkup! Please be praying for her as she heals! Photo of Stelia

Mar 24, 2016

Stelia had a successful surgery today! We did an operation on her left femur, which was curved and causing her leg to bow. She will most likely need another surgery in the future for her left tibia which is also slightly curved. Dr. Lubega put a straight rushrod down the center of her bone, and then made a wedge where it curved to make it straight and put the rushrod through to keep it sturdy while it heals. Please be praying for her as she recovers in the ward today! Photo of Stelia

Mar 23, 2016

Guess who's going in for surgery tomorrow! Stelia! Please be praying for her as she goes in for her operation. Dr. James gave her mother the option of doing both legs and carrying her for eight weeks or doing one at a time and she can use crutches - understandably they decided to do one at a time! She's going to have an operation on her left leg to make it straight tomorrow. Photo of Stelia

Mar 22, 2016

Stelia's a bit quiet today - she is still getting used to the hospital and hasn't really made a lot of friends yet. Please be praying that she'll settle in and find some girls her own age to hang out and play Bao with! She is always playing with the board by herself but needs someone to play a proper game with! She will most likely be having her surgery on Thursday. Photo of Stelia

Mar 21, 2016

Meet Stelia! Stelia is fourteen years old, but has Skeletal Dysplasia, commonly known as 'dwarfism' so she looks a bit younger. As a result of her condition, her bones don't grow normally and she has developed windswept deformity. Please be praying for her as she will need at least two surgeries, maybe three! She will have her first operation later this week. Photo of Stelia

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