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  • Age11
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Francis's Story

“Despite the fact that I have the same problem, I feel so sorry for my children because they feel so much pain and it is not comfortable,” said Tamandani, Francis’ mother.

Francis has a brother, Blessings, who has almost the same prob… Read more

“Despite the fact that I have the same problem, I feel so sorry for my children because they feel so much pain and it is not comfortable,” said Tamandani, Francis’ mother.

Francis has a brother, Blessings, who has almost the same problem as he does. It was noted that he had a normal birth but after six months, when Tamandani was trying to help Francis stand, she noticed that her son’s legs were not as straight and normal as would be expected. Francis’s leg, especially the right one has continued getting worse, therefore, he was taken to a local hospital for help. Francis’ family found out that their son has skeletal dysplasia, resulting in knock-knees. Francis has undergone physiotherapy for some time now and there has been very little improvement. Later on, Francis was told to go home. Tamandani didn’t give up and continued seeking help until she found us at CURE. Francis goes to school and is in grade three. We are excited to have him and Blessings here with us and to begin their journey to healing!

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Latest Updates

Aug 02, 2019

Francis is going home for the weekend! His doctor, Dr. Lubega, is out of town and will be returning Monday, when Francis will be reviewed at clinic and they will create a plan. Francis has been complaining of some pain in his legs, so the nurses gave him some medicine to make sure it's managed before he gets discharged. He'll also have a physical therapy session this afternoon where the physical therapy team will get him using crutches again. Thanks for loving on Francis while he is in the hospital and we are looking forward to seeing him again on Monday! Photo of Francis

Jul 29, 2019

Francis is happy to be back in the hospital and we are happy to see his smiling face! He was pushing his mom in her wheelchair around the ward as he was making new friends. After reviewing his case, the doctors decided to move forward with physical therapy to relieve some of the pain he is experiencing in his joints. He will be sent home after physical therapy starts to do the trick and he will come back later this year for another surgery! Please pray for Francis and for the pain in his legs to subside. Photo of Francis

Mar 22, 2019

It's Friday and Francis has been discharged! He is excited to go back home, but first, a few of his friends in the hospital wanted a photo with him! His mom says Blessings will be back in May, and Francis will come back in June for a wound inspection. Please continue to keep these brothers in your prayers while they continue to heal with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Francis

Mar 21, 2019

Francis has been advised to keep his leg elevated, and that's just what he's doing! He's been up and walking around on his crutches and isn't feeling too much pain. "He really likes walking!" his mom told us. The best part about him loving elevating his leg, is he fell asleep with them in the air, and someone had to come put a pillow under them for support! Thank you for your constant encouragement while Francis recovers very comfortably! Photo of Francis

Mar 20, 2019

Francis is recovering well from his operation yesterday! He doesn't have all his smiles back yet, but he is super calm and already asked to see his operation photos. He's been waiting for quite sometime, and this time we can show him since he actually had his operation! Thanks for keeping Francis in your prayers! Photo of Francis

Mar 19, 2019

Francis is back! We found out why he disappeared last week and apparently, due to our X-ray machine having some issues, the doctors advised him to go home for a bit and relax until they got the machine up and running. He lives close to the hospital and it's a lot more fun being at home than in the ward. Francis had an X-ray when he came in and is currently heading into the operating room. It will be a long operation where the surgeons will be removing the two-hole plate out of his right leg before they exchange it with a rod in Francis' femur. They will also preform a corticotomy in his tibia, which is where they cut the bone which may or may not split it into two pieces (like a bone fracture) but involves the cortex only (outer layer of tissue). This will be an intensive procedure, but it will provide even better results for Francis! Please join us in praying for Francis while he is in the operating room! Photo of Francis

Mar 11, 2019

We just missed Francis! Looks like he left us over the weekend, and is scheduled to come back with his brother Blessings in a few weeks. Here's a picture of the two from two weeks ago. We know Francis and Blessings will be so happy to be home together, and look forward to seeing them again soon! Photo of Francis

Mar 08, 2019

Francis: "I want to see photos of when I was in the operating room!"

Francis's mom: "You didn't have your operation yet."

Francis: "Oh, yeah. Can I see photos from my old operations?"

We pulled up Francis's profile on the CUREkids page on our website to show him his old surgery photos. He had never seen them before and loved looking through them! We then journeyed through all his photos, along with his brother Blessings's photos, over his time here at the CURE Malawi hospital. "Wow, they were so young," his mom said. She shared how it's been such a long journey with CURE, and how grateful they are for this hospital. "Did you know Blessings couldn't walk at all before he came to this hospital? Now he can. Our family loves CURE so much." When continuing to navigate through the website, she noticed there are other CURE hospitals besides Malawi, and was so inspired. "That is very good other children in other places are also getting help like my boys!" Francis and Blessings' mom thanks you for being a part of CURE and her kids' lives! Photo of Francis

Mar 06, 2019

Francis has been admitted and has left his brother Blessings at home this time. He is here with his mom, and is scheduled for an operation this week. The doctors plan to remove his 8-plate, as they are not straightening his legs as powerfully as they would like at this point, and putting in rush rods. Francis is so sweet! Last time we saw him and Blessings, we gave them bouncy balls that a volunteer had left in the CUREkids office. The bouncy balls say, "Smile, Jesus loves you!" with a smiley face on it. Francis brought his ball back to the hospital with him and says it's his new favorite toy. We are so happy Francis' little toy is keeping him entertained as he patiently waits for his operation. Thank you for your constant prayers and support for Francis, and please keep him in your prayers as he prepares for surgery! Photo of Francis

Feb 26, 2019

Francis and Blessings came in for a check-up in the clinic! Blessings was then sent to physio, where his brother Francis, helped him exercise on the bike. Francis pushed Blessings around in circles as Blessings peddled away. The two told us that home has been great! They both love playing Fifa at a local shop in town, but never play together, so they can each keep their number one title. After Blessings' latest operation, he's been resting at home a lot, so he hasn't been able to go outside much with Francis. Francis says he is going to come up with some creative games to play with Blessings indoors as he continues recovering. Blessings should be back again next week for more physio! Thanks for keeping these two in your prayers, as they continue to heal with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Francis

Nov 23, 2018

Blessings has been discharged! He has a physio session before he heads home and then will be on his way! He is always excited to be back home with his brother Francis and we look forward to the next time we see them both again in 2019! Please keep him and his brother Francis in your prayers! Photo of Francis

Nov 22, 2018

Blessings came into the hospital today and is headed to the operating room now! The doctors will be exchanging the rush rod in his left tibia. Blessings is here with his mom, and his brother Francis popped into clinic for a check-up Tuesday, but all seemed to be well, so Francis is not in need of another operation at this time. Please keep Blessings in your prayers during his operation! Photo of Francis

May 21, 2018

Blessings popped in for a checkup with the doctors with his dad! He's looking good right now but we didn't manage to get a look at the notes and see what the doctors said, so we'll check in next time we see him! Photo of Francis

May 11, 2018

Blessings isn't in bed anymore! We've seen him up and about in physiotherapy and now in the playroom, where he was quite absorbed with drawing while Funny read Bible stories to him and the other kids. He'll be going home over the weekend, possibly today, and will be back May 21st! Photo of Francis

May 10, 2018

Blessings is doing well but still stuck on bedrest, poor guy! Please pray that he can get up and about soon! Photo of Francis

May 09, 2018

Blessings' surgery went well yesterday! Now he's just resting in bed, recovering from his surgery. He should hopefully go home over the weekend, or perhaps Monday. We spoke to him a bit, asked what he wants to be when he grows up and asked how his brother Francis is doing. He says, "When I grow up, I want to be a medical doctor because I want to help other children who have disabilities as I have been helped at CURE. I remember playing around this place with Francis and it makes me miss him more. When I left home, he was fine and I believe he is well but I think he is as well missing me. I am looking forward to get back to school and see all my friends again." Please be praying that Blessings will recover quickly so he can go rescue Francis from being lonely! These brothers are so sweet! Photo of Francis

May 08, 2018

Blessings was looking a bit sleepy as he lay on the bed in the waiting area to go into the operating room! He's an old pro though and doesn't seem worried at all. He'll be having a couple of plates taken out of his femurs. Please be praying for his surgery! Photo of Francis

May 07, 2018

Our buddy Blessings, Francis' brother, is back today! He's here to have some plates removed from his femurs, and will have surgery tomorrow! Please be praying for him. He's also having some pain in his ankle and Dr. James thinks it's from a screw, but won't be able to take it out until the bone has healed more as right now it is holding some rush rods in place. Please pray that it stops causing him pain as well, at least until we can take it out! Photo of Francis

Apr 03, 2018

Blessings was readmitted yesterday...but the doctors decided he doesn't actually need a surgery yet, so he'll come back in two months for a review. Fortunately his family lives so close that his dad helps CURE by making shoe raises for us. Blessings did some physiotherapy before heading home and was enjoying coloring! Photo of Francis

Feb 12, 2018

Francis wasn't here to escort Blessings to his appointment today, but Blessings looks like he's managing just fine without his brother. Their dad has been here a lot to help make the shoe raises for our kids so we've been seeing a lot of the Bruno family! Photo of Francis

Jan 08, 2018

Francis and Blessings and their dad Gabriel are back because Blessings needed a checkup. Volunteer Storyteller Francine spoke to them. Francine: "What are you doing here?" Francis: "I’m escorting my brother so he doesn’t feel alone." She also asked him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Francis: "A bank manager!" Francine: "Why a bank manager? Is someone in your family a bank manager?" Francis: "No, I've seen it on TV!" These kids are such a blast - Blessings was a bit quieter but Gabriel gave us an update too. "I am encouraging those who have kids who are deformed to seek medical care as soon as possible and to not be ignorant. Mostly I am advising parents who were here to tell others about CURE, there are a lot of villagers who don’t know about CURE.” Photo of Francis

Dec 18, 2017

We spoke to Gabriel today when he brought the boys in for physiotherapy! “I'm so relieved that my sons are healed. In fact, I can say they are 100% healed, take a look at Blessings - his leg bone was bent but now it's straight, he goes to school, he is in Standard 3 now, I really thank God for my sons. Francis is fully healed, now that they have removed the plates, he will run a marathon.” Photo of Francis

Dec 12, 2017

The Bruno brothers came in for some physiotherapy today! They both look really happy and healthy - even Blessings was grinning at us as he hobbled around on his crutches, practicing walking again! Photo of Francis

Dec 08, 2017

The Bruno brothers went home last night! We got this lovely photo of Francis looking thoughtful - he's definitely grown so much since he first came almost two years ago. We'll see them for a check-up on February 22nd. Photo of Francis

Dec 07, 2017

Francis and Blessings' operations went well! It turned out that Blessings needed a rod revision in his right leg, so he's still on bedrest. Francis, though, has been running all over the hospital! We brought him and his new friend Innocent their get-well messages while they were enjoying the sunshine! Francis said, "I am happy you remember me in your prayers. Thank you very much, and please continue praying for me and Blessings."

We spoke to Blessings the other day, and he said, "I really enjoy going to Sunday school at home. It's interesting that here at CURE it's almost the same as how our Sunday school teachers teach us. We sing, learn Bible stories and verses. I like it a lot." Francis is happy to be back at CURE because he missed the playroom and all the fun things they get to do like drawing and story time. Photo of Francis

Dec 05, 2017

Francis is waiting on the trolley to go in for his operation, and Blessings is waiting out at the ward. Since it's such a minor operation, we won't be photographing it. You can still pray that everything goes smoothly, though! Photo of Francis

Dec 04, 2017

The Bruno Brothers are back! Francis and Blessings are here to get plates removed from their knees. The plates stopped the growth on the bent side of the knee so that the other side could catch up and straighten out, and it looks like they're straight enough to take out now. Please be praying for both of them as they have their operations tomorrow! Photo of Francis

Nov 17, 2017

We've been seeing a lot of the Bruno brothers' dad, Gabriel, around the physiotherapy department. Fun story, he's a shoemaker and we've decided to ask him to start making shoe raises for our patients who need them. Queens Hospital, where we usually refer patients, is constantly running out of materials to make them. That means that recently we've been sending patients to 500 Miles in Lilongwe, which is about an over five hour journey, and it costs 10,000 Kwacha (about $14 but that's a lot if you're living on a dollar a day)! Having Mr. Bruno make them will cost us about 1500K ($2). Currently, he's filling out paperwork, and then will need to get approved by our accounts team to get everything working. This will be a good deal for both his family and CURE Hospital, as it's been getting more and more difficult to send patients to Lilongwe and get them shoe raises! Photo of Francis

Oct 30, 2017

Francis knows that the best toys are in the physiotherapy department. He came in today not for an appointment, but to play. Francis had a check-up with the doctors and he's also (along with his brother Blessings) getting readmitted on December 3rd. It's always exciting to see both of the boys at once! We're not sure what they're going to be doing, but it looks like they might both be having minor operations. Photo of Francis

Oct 23, 2017

Blessings came back for a checkup! Unfortunately, he needs another rush rod revision; that's where they move the metal rod in his leg. He's coming back for surgery again on December 3rd. His mom says that Francis is doing well and has been going to school. Let's continue to be praying for them! Photo of Francis

Sep 18, 2017

Blessings has been discharged and has been reunited with his brother Francis! He will be back in the hospital in a month. Please continue praying for speedy recoveries for both him and his brother Francis! Photo of Francis

Sep 14, 2017

"I love seeing my kids having fun. It brings joy and confidence that one day Blessings will be able to run as Francis does," Gabriel, Francis' father shared. Today Francis came to visit Blessings with his father. They seemed to have fun in the physiotherapy playing and kicking around soccer ball! Please continue praying for these brothers. Photo of Francis

Sep 13, 2017

Blessing's operation went well yesterday! Doctors operated on his left leg. He looks so relaxed today. Please be praying for his quick recovery so he can unite with his brother Francis soon! Photo of Francis

Sep 12, 2017

Blessings is such a blast to have around! He's going in for his surgery today and was waiting outside the theater. Please be praying for him! We'll post a photo of his operation tomorrow. Also, his mom told us yesterday that that Francis says, "Hi!" Photo of Francis

Sep 11, 2017

Look who is here! It's Francis' brother Blessings! We are excited to see him again, but we miss his brother Francis as they are always together! Blessings is here for another operation on his legs tomorrow. Please be praying for Blessings as he will be going into theatre! Photo of Francis

Aug 30, 2017

Our buddies Francis and Blessings are back! They were having a LOT of fun bouncing the giant yoga ball back and forth in physiotherapy! Francis is doing great, although his brother Blessings needs a bit more physiotherapy since he still has pain while walking. Francis' dad says, "Most times we have to call Francis to stop playing and come in for lunch. He loves walking around now since there's nothing that can stand in his way with his strong legs!" Photo of Francis

Aug 07, 2017

Blessings is back for his checkup with Doctor James! It's been SUPER busy today so he's still waiting for his X-ray and it's nearly the end of the workday! He has a little bit of ankle pain and may need an operation for it, so we'll see how his X-rays look. He's doing well otherwise and has been going to school! His mom says that Francis is doing great! Photo of Francis

Jul 26, 2017

Blessings and Francis are back for some physiotherapy - it's awesome to see them running uninhibited around the physio department! Sybil says that Francis is doing really well but Blessings has some pain in his leg. Because they were sick, he didn't come for his follow-up appointment so he hasn't seen a doctor recently, so Sybil asked him to come in on the 7th for a review with the doctor. Please be praying for him! Photo of Francis

Apr 12, 2017

Francis was discharged late yesterday and has gone home! He'll be back October 10th to see how far his knee has corrected, but he'll be back a lot sooner, on the 24th, for physio! Photo of Francis

Apr 11, 2017

Francis' operation yesterday went well, and it was super fast! Dr. Karolina put in the 8 plate to stop the growth so the other side of the knee can catch up, and then sewed it up nicely! Francis' is looking so happy and calm today - there's a lot less post-op pain than with his major operations so he's probably quite relieved! Photo of Francis

Apr 10, 2017

Francis was readmitted and had surgery this morning! It was a really quick 8-plate surgery, where a plate is put in the knee bone to stop the growth on one side until the other side can catch up, straightening out the knee. We'll post a photo of his operation tomorrow, please be praying while he recovers. He'll probably get discharged soon because it was a minor operation and he lives nearby! Photo of Francis

Mar 06, 2017

Our little friend Francis is getting ANOTHER operation! He came in for a checkup today and Dr. James decided he needs another surgery for his knee - he'll be getting a plate put in April 9th. For today however he's super happy and has been all over the hospital while waiting for his ride home! He's wandered into our office a couple of times and even stole CKC Avanell's chair while she was away! He's actually sitting behind us watching us write this status and just charmed himself a piece of candy. Let's be praying for this guy. Photo of Francis

Feb 06, 2017

Francis came in this morning to see if the doctors could do anything more for his knee, which is still a bit crooked. Looking at the notes, it doesn't look like they're planning on doing anything more, but he'll still be coming back March 6th for another checkup! Photo of Francis

Feb 01, 2017

Our pals Francis and Blessings came in today to visit the physiotherapists! We asked Ndapile and Diana what the story was. Francis' knee is still bent inwards a little, so Ndapile told him to come in and see Dr. James at the Monday clinic to see if anything else can or needs to be done for him. As far as the physios are concerned he's all set though, he's walking really well despite his knee, and unless he has another operation, is all done with physio! Blessings still needs a little more work, he is having a harder time walking so he'll be back on March 8th to see the physiotherapist. He has a couple orthotics to help him walk, but they didn't bring them today, so Diana needs to see how he's walking in them next time he comes in. They're both going to school and seem really happy! Photo of Francis

Nov 16, 2016

Francis came in today for some physiotherapy - his knee has been hurting when he bends it, so the physiotherapists are going to keep an eye on it and teach him some exercises. He'll be back on Friday. He's getting special insoles to wear because his feet are at a bit of an angle and he has a 1 cm leg-length discrepancy. They're making them at the local public hospital, Queens, and they should be ready then! Photo of Francis

Oct 12, 2016

Francis and Blessings were in today for a physiotherapy session and were lying on the mats getting some leg bending exercises in with their dad. Earlier, they were singing songs with Physio Jo and a bunch of our outpatients with cerebral palsy and were having so much fun! Please be praying for all our kids who come in for outpatient physio - it's a lot of work for these kids and their parents! Photo of Francis

Sep 23, 2016

Francis came in late last week and he looks much better! He has been doing some exercises with his father while Blessings was just playing to keep his brother company. Please keep praying for him! Blessings has been sitting next to his brother and being an awesome encourager. They will come again next week and we're looking forward to seeing them both again.

Sep 19, 2016

Francis and Blessings came in today and have been given the 'okay' to start doing physiotherapy and walking about! Francis looks like he's already started based on how well he was hobbling around, but Blessings was having a hard time learning with the crutches, please be praying for him! We read them some get-well messages and Francis pushed Blessings around on a bike between some physiotherapy sessions! They'll be back on Friday! Photo of Francis

Aug 22, 2016

Blessings looks like he's feeling a lot better today, after having malaria the last time he was here! Francis and Blessings are back and have been here pretty much all day getting their plasters off, x-rays, checkups and the rest! Dr. Mak says they're not ready to bear weight on their legs yet, the bones aren't quite healed through and even though their plasters were taken off before the x-ray, he says they'll be okay without new plasters on since they have rush rods stabilizing their tibias. He did give orders to not walk on them yet. They'll be back in four weeks and can hopefully have their physiotherapy then and start walking! Photo of Francis

Aug 01, 2016

Francis and Blessings came in for a checkup today! Francis is feeling good, but you can be praying for poor Blessings - he has malaria and looks miserable. Dr. Lubega says their legs are healing well but they aren't quite ready to have their casts off yet! They'll be back August 22nd and hopefully be ready to have their straight legs uncasted! We're so excited for both of them! Photo of Francis

Jun 29, 2016

Guess who's going home!? Blessings is finally getting to go home to reunite with his brother Francis! Don't worry though, we'll be seeing them both in August for their follow up appointments! Please be praying for them as they heal - we're so excited to see their legs completely straight and out of casts in a month! Photo of Francis

Jun 28, 2016

Blessings is still here at the hospital! He's been rolling around in his wheelchair playing with his new necklace! Please continue to be praying for him and Francis! Photo of Francis

Jun 22, 2016

We are a bit sad that one of our best friends is going home. Francis has finally completed his time for this time in hospital. On the other hand, Blessings will have to be in hospital still. Francis will be reviewed after six weeks and we hope to see him then. Francis is happy-sad as he will be going home and at the same time will miss his brother Blessings.

Jun 21, 2016

Francis had his proper casts today! When we visited him on his bed, Francis was happy and his mother is so thankful for an amazing treatment to both Francis and Blessings. Francis will spend the whole day in bed and we pray for quick recovery. Photo of Francis

Jun 20, 2016

Francis has spent time by himself and moving around in his wheelchair today. He has been watching TV today as well and he is doing much better today! Photo of Francis

Jun 17, 2016

Our young stars are in pain today. It was a hard day both for Francis and Blessings and they have spent the day in bed sleeping. We hope they will start to feel better soon and we are continuing to pray for them. Francis had his operation yesterday and they will both be in the hospital until next week for observation. Photo of Francis

Jun 15, 2016

Francis is a bit sad because his favorite brother had an operation today and he will miss playing with him in the wheelchair while he recovers! Please continue praying for these super heroes and their mother.

Jun 13, 2016

Guess who's back! Francis and Blessings are here for their third (or fifth and sixth if you're counting them together) surgeries! They both seem in good spirits, as always, and are both going to have an operation on both tibias! They both need rush rods put in their tibias to keep them straight, and they will have wedges taken out of the bones to make it permanent! Please be praying for these cute chaps, they'll most likely be going to theater on Thursday! Photo of Francis

May 11, 2016

The brothers are here in the hospital! They're in for a quick wound inspection and then they'll probably head home again later today! They were making efficient utilization of space and doubled up in a wheelchair! It's a good thing they're both young enough and good-natured enough to pull that off! Photo of Francis

May 04, 2016

Blessings got to go home today! Please be praying for both Francis and Blessings as they heal at home and come back for surgery on their tibias in June! Photo of Francis

May 03, 2016

Francis headed home over the long weekend, yesterday was Malawian Labor Day, but Blessings is still here charming us with his grin! He'll probably head home soon too, but we'll see them both in mid-June for their next follow up appointments! Photo of Francis

Apr 29, 2016

Blessings is in having his operation while Francis is out in the ward watching some T.V. with friends! We're glad Francis is finally feeling a bit better and getting out and about, but unfortunately, it's Blessing's turn to be in a bit of pain while he recovers. Please be praying for him over the weekend! Photo of Francis

Apr 28, 2016

We were wrong! Blessings is having his operation tomorrow because several private patients were in today with big surgeries that needed to be done! Blessings has found an interesting way to utilize his wheelchair - he rolls around walking and using it as support! Francis has been in a bit of pain this morning and has mostly been resting in bed, but we just saw him up and enjoying some tv! Photo of Francis

Apr 27, 2016

Francis had his operation yesterday! Please be praying for him, he's in a bit of pain today even though Dr. James gave him the okay to have "a lot of painkillers." Dr. Lubega had to do three cuts in his femur in order to make it straight, and then they put a rod through the sections and a metal plate to hold it all together. His brother Blessings will be going in tomorrow for his own femur operation, please be praying for both of these cheerful brothers! Photo of Francis

Apr 26, 2016

Francis is about to go into his second surgery for his left femur! Please be praying for him, it's a major operation and he was in quite a bit of pain after they did the right femur! We'll post photos and details tomorrow, stay tuned! Photo of Francis

Apr 25, 2016

Francis and Blessings are back! Francis is going in for surgery tomorrow and Blessings is probably going in on Thursday! They both had one femur made straight, now they will have an operation on the other femur and at a later date the doctors will do their tibias. At the moment they're running around and having a blast with the other kids in the ward! Please be praying for them, especially Francis tomorrow! Photo of Francis

Apr 22, 2016

Francis was in again today for physio, although when we caught a photo of him it looked more like playtime than physiotherapy time! (He was waiting for his appointment.) He and Blessings are being admitted on Sunday for their next operations sometime next week. Please be praying for Francis and Blessings and their surgeries! Photo of Francis

Apr 18, 2016

We guess we heard wrong, because Francis came in for physio today, not Blessings! No worries though, we'll see both of them in about a week! Please be praying though, our x-ray machine that we use in the operating room recently died, and although our handyman managed to fix it, it's only a temporary solution. If we can't guarantee it will work all the way through their long operations, we may have to postpone their surgeries until we get a new machine in, which could be a while because it has to ship from far away and is quite expensive. Photo of Francis

Apr 11, 2016

Francis and Blessings were in today for their appointments! They're both doing well and were having a blast in the physiotherapy department! Blessings will be coming back next Monday for another appointment, and then they'll both be back on the 24th for their next surgeries! We're so excited to have these fun pals back in the ward running around and making sure everyone's having fun! Photo of Francis

Mar 21, 2016

Francis came by for his checkup! His xray looks like its coming along nicely, but he still needs to be in plaster for a couple more weeks. He'll be back April 11th! We'll hopefully see his brother Blessings in a week or two as well! Photo of Francis

Feb 24, 2016

Blessings gets to go home today! We caught him looking a bit bored while he waited for his mom! He and Francis will be back in a couple of months for surgery part 2! They've both had surgery for one of their femurs, and they will come back for the second femur, and then a third and fourth time for their tibias most likely! Please be praying for these brothers, they have a long way to go still! Photo of Francis

Feb 23, 2016

Blessings had some physiotherapy today and we caught him waiting.... he's always ready to show his grin! He loves wheeling around with the other boys and seems to be the life of the party wherever he goes! For those of you who haven't been following our regular updates, Blessings is Francis' brother, they will both be having multiple surgeries for their legs here at CURE. Francis is currently at home recovering from his surgery a couple weeks ago. Please keep these brothers in your prayers! Photo of Francis

Feb 22, 2016

Blessings, Francis' big brother, joined some of the other boys, Allan and Ibrahim, in playing with wheelchairs today! They all decided to pose outside for us! They're all characters, especially Blessings, doing the peace signs! Photo of Francis

Feb 19, 2016

Blessings, Francis' brother, is in a lot of pain today after his operation yesterday. Please be praying for him as he recovers! In the meantime, here's our friend Isha from the bed next to Blessings - she's always ready to give a big smile to the camera! Photo of Francis

Feb 18, 2016

Francis' brother Blessings went into theater for his operation! We were photographing his little friend Tiyamike and stopped in the other operating room quick to take a photo of his surgery! It looks like it's going well, please keep the brothers and their parents in your prayers! Photo of Francis

Feb 17, 2016

Francis' brother Blessings is back! He quickly made friends with Tiyamike, another CUREkid! They were so cute running around together! Please be praying for Tiya and Blessings as they both go in for their operations tomorrow, and for Francis as he recovers at home! Photo of Francis

Feb 15, 2016

Blessings, Francis' brother, came in today for his surgery! Because they live so close to the hospital, Dr. James said they were allowed to go home and come back on Wednesday because his operation will be on Thursday! Unfortunately, we weren't able to snap a picture before they left. Their mom said that Francis is doing a lot better though and that he is not in pain anymore! We're so glad! Please be praying for Francis as he continues to heal, and Blessings as he prepares for his operation!

Feb 08, 2016

Francis gets to go home today and gave us a sweet pose before he left! We bet he's excited to see Blessings again, the brothers were nearly inseparable before Blessings went home on Friday! Please be praying for Francis as he recovers and has to wear a cast for quite a while before his next surgery! His brother Blessings will be coming in next week for operation! Photo of Francis

Feb 05, 2016

Francis had surgery yesterday! It went well, but he's in a lot of pain today so please be praying for him! They operated on his left leg yesterday, which is the less severe of the two. Originally, they were planning on doing two cuts on his left femur and putting a rod through to make it straight, then doing an operation on his left tibia, and then a small operation on his right knee. However, when they started working on his left femur they realized they needed to do three cuts in order to get it straightened out and they decided the operation would be too long and there would be too much risk of complication to do any more. So he will probably have two more operations down the line, one on the right femur and one on his right tibia to get his legs straight, and then they will see how the operation on the left femur affects the left tibia. Please be praying for him as he is in pain following his operation!

Blessings is still doing well, he went to Queens Hospital yesterday and they gave him some medication for the seizures. He will be going home while Dr. James is away at a medical conference next week and then will return to have surgery the week after! His surgery will be a little easier than Francis' because he just has bowed legs. Please be praying for the brothers! Photo of Francis

Feb 04, 2016

For one of the first times since he's been here, we found Francis without Blessings! Francis will be going in for surgery today and Blessings has gone to Queens Hospital to try and figure out what was going on with the seizure. Please be praying for Francis as he goes into theater late today, and for Blessings as they try to work out what's going on with him neurologically. Photo of Francis

Feb 03, 2016

Francis and Blessings are definitely brothers! They've been amusing us all day here, running around and playing ball with the other kids, and laughing nonstop! They love having their photo taken! Francis will be having his surgery tomorrow, they're going to do a major operation on his left leg to get it completely straight, and then a small operation on his right knee, then he will probably have to come in again after the left leg has healed to finish the right leg. Please be praying for him as he goes into theater tomorrow!

Blessings is be going to be checked out at a neurology clinic on Friday at Queens Hospital for the seizure he had to make sure he'll be okay to go into theater. He'll be returning in two weeks because the surgeon who will operate on him will be away on vacation next week. Please be praying for him that he will be fine and good to go into theater when Dr. James comes back!

Feb 02, 2016

Meet Francis and Blessings! Francis, who is in the middle, is seven, and his older brother Blessings, on the left is nine! Their friend on the right is Pemphero! These happy brothers have skeletal dysplasia, commonly known as 'dwarfism', which they inherited from their mother. Their condition has caused abnormal growth in their legs and needs to be operated on so they won't have painful knees and a difficult time walking when they're older, like their mom. Francis will probably be operated on sometime this week, but Blessings had a seizure when he was first admitted, so he needs to go to the nearby public hospital for an MRI before we can operate on him. We'll be focusing more closely on Francis in these updates, but will try to keep everyone up to date on Blessings and encourage you to pray and send get-wells for both of them! Photo of Francis

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