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Maria's Story

Being told you are going to see the influence of witchcraft in Africa doesn’t really hit home until you see evidence of it. Maria fell off her bike on her way back to her village in Mangochi after buying cooking oil from the market. The wound w… Read more

Being told you are going to see the influence of witchcraft in Africa doesn’t really hit home until you see evidence of it. Maria fell off her bike on her way back to her village in Mangochi after buying cooking oil from the market. The wound wasn’t properly cleaned and bandaged and she developed a bacterial infection in her right thigh.

Against her mother’s wishes, her father opted to take her to a witchcraft doctor to find the cause for her fall and subsequent infection. The witchcraft healers inflicted small gashes on her entire leg which left small visible scars. It wasn’t until CURE’s mobile clinic team set up near her village that Maria realized the need for serious help. The doctors at CURE scheduled her for surgery to clean the infected wound and remove parts of her femur.

Maria is a lively girl that loves to laugh and is slightly embarrassed of her scars. She wants to become a nurse after she finishes school, her desire is to help others. My prayer is that Maria is filled with the gospel at CURE and she doesn’t resort to family traditions of witchcraft practice when she has a family of her own one day. Please pray for Marie and her family’s strong influence on her life.

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Latest Updates

Dec 03, 2014

Maria is checking out! She's been discharged, and will get to spend a delightful Christmas at HOME! Thanks so much for all the prayers and love you've all sent this girl's way. We've scheduled to see her sometime in early 2015, so we'll update you when that happens! Photo of Maria

Dec 02, 2014

Now that there's talk of Maria going home, it's all she can think about AND all she can talk about! She's so excited by the prospect. We really hope it's soon, for her sake! Photo of Maria

Dec 01, 2014

This afternoon we pitched it to Maria that while she's at home she should learn English, so that when she comes back she can talk to us in English! She had a laugh at us, but we think it's a great idea. And yes, this means that Maria's doing so well that there's talk of her going home this week! There's a lot of excitement going on here. We'll keep you updated. Photo of Maria

Nov 28, 2014

Maria is off traction, and when we asked if it felt strange to be walking around after weeks of lying in bed, she laughed, shook her head and replied "It feels GOOD!" We're so happy for her! Keep praying that healing continues, the infection stays away, and for peace around the decision about what happens next. Thank you! Photo of Maria

Nov 27, 2014

Dunamis, one of our CUREkids Coordinators, challenged Maria to a few games of bao today... and lost... twice. Go Maria! Photo of Maria

Nov 25, 2014

This is the little device that's keeping Maria literally stuck in bed! Her leg is on traction in order to keep her leg in the same position, with the intent of letting the bones in her leg heal in the right places. The less they move around the better! Keep praying for her while she's unable to be up and about. This sunshine lover hasn't been outside in a while, and while there are big windows in her room it's just not the same! Photo of Maria

Nov 24, 2014

When we saw Maria today she was mid-way through a physio session with Patrick, one of our physiotherapists here. With Maria lying down, Patrick took her through some exercises that help her maintain mobility and strength while she's stuck in bed for so long. Lying in the same position for such a long time isn't a walk in the park, and Maria seemed pretty happy to have something to do! Photo of Maria

Nov 21, 2014

We love Maria and her mom. They are best friends, and we finally got a picture of them together! What a duo. We joked with Maria today that she should become president of CURE, she's spent enough time here and has the right nature for it - happy and determined! We'll see about making sure she gets a promotion sometime soon! Photo of Maria

Nov 20, 2014

So far Maria's wound is healing amazingly, with no sign of the infection returning. We want it to stay that way! Please keep praying for her! Photo of Maria

Nov 17, 2014

Maria is doing so well! She had a wound inspection this morning and it's looking much better than it was. We're going to continue with honey dressings (honey promotes fast healing and is antibacterial, how amazing is that?!) for the next week or so. Here's Maria reading a get well message from one of her supporters. It's so great to see her looking healthier and happier! Photo of Maria

Nov 14, 2014

Maria's leg has been put on traction so she's stuck in bed, but she still keeps on smiling that great Maria-smile. She had her dressing changed today, and was so brave! We're all amazed at how strong she is. Thank you for your prayers and love for her, we know it helps! Photo of Maria

Nov 12, 2014

Maria has had her surgery! In theatre, Dr Cashman and Dr Jamie worked together to remove the dead parts of the bone inside her leg. This dead bone is what has been causing the infection, and often it's hard to clean it all out as the parts that are dead can be so tiny that they're invisible to the naked eye. We're really praying that this time we've got it all. Please join us in prayer for Maria, she has a pretty hard road to recovery ahead. Pray that the best outcome can be achieved, and that she remains strong and has peace through all of it. Thank you! Photo of Maria

Nov 11, 2014

After a long wait, Maria went in for surgery this afternoon! We're so glad that it worked out this time. Please pray that it is a success and that her recovery is comfortable and quick. We'll keep you updated! Photo of Maria

Nov 06, 2014

Good news! Maria is well enough to have her surgery! She was scheduled to go into theatre today, but unfortunately, it was postponed as the blood that was allocated to her ended up having to be used during an earlier surgery. We're really feeling for Maria right now! If you could keep her in your prayers we'd be so grateful. Thank you! Photo of Maria

Nov 05, 2014

Classic Maria! Here she is, sitting outside again listening to music! Maria's body is still recovering from her bout of malaria, so she's due for another blood transfusion later today. We still don't have a date for surgery, but it's going to happen just as soon as she's well enough! Pray that her body continues to fight back so that she can get this infection in her leg sorted out soon! Photo of Maria

Nov 04, 2014

Tomorrow we find out when Maria will be receiving surgery! After being stuck in bed yesterday, we found her back outside again this afternoon, spending time with our friend Milesi. They'd been having some fun accessorizing their hair with various objects! Keep Maria in your prayers as she continues to recover from malaria and as she takes the next step in her journey. Photo of Maria

Nov 03, 2014

Today when we saw Maria she was in the middle of a blood transfusion! Unfortunately, that means she's confined to bed, but luckily there are wonderful nurses like Steven to keep things light-hearted! Maria is having a bit of trouble with malaria, so the blood transfusion was to replace the good blood cells that have been lost because of the virus. Pray she makes a full and quick recovery so that her body can keep fighting the infection in her leg. Photo of Maria

Oct 31, 2014

This morning we found Maria sitting outside with one of her friends. This girl loves the sun! A few others joined us and we ended up having a bit of a song and dance party, although Maria was firmly against joining in the dancing. She protested "I must practice first!". Here's hoping she practices over the weekend so that we can check out her moves on Monday! and Photo of Maria

Oct 29, 2014

Today has been a pretty quiet one for Maria, but she remains in good spirits with that delightful smile of hers! She's been copying her notes for school so she stays up to date while she's here at CURE. Top student! We know she's got a bright future ahead of her. Photo of Maria

Oct 28, 2014

Maria has the greatest smile! Every time we see her she flashes us a big grin. This afternoon a Get Well Message arrived for Maria, and when we delivered it to her, that smile was out in full force - she was so happy! Please keep the support and prayers coming, it really helps. and Photo of Maria

Oct 27, 2014

Maria and her mom have come back to us, and since March, have been trying to deal with the infection as they wrestle with the decision to amputate or not. We're so glad they're here and they could really do with your prayers. If you have any encouragement for them, Maria and her mom would love it. Thanks for hanging in there with us! Photo of Maria

Mar 12, 2014

Maria was discharged today! She glided out of the hospital on her crutches, beaming. It was good to see her go, but she's leaving with a leg brace. The infection was severe and it completely destroyed part of her femur. Doctors gave her the option of an amputation or wearing the leg brace. She chose the latter and left today. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for the road ahead. Photo of Maria

Mar 10, 2014

We caught up with Maria outside today. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to undergo treatment here in Blantyre! Photo of Maria

Feb 25, 2014

Maria Anastanzio has arrived at CURE Malawi. She will be treated this week for a hamstring release. The right leg is quite stiff. Upon arrival, the doctors put a padded brace on the leg to start extending the leg before surgery this week. Photo of Maria

Dec 20, 2012

Maria Anastanzio is scheduled for a future follow up appointment on February 14 at Mangochi mobile clinic. Learn more at

Oct 27, 2012

Congratulations! Maria's funding goal is met!

Oct 02, 2012

Maria is still here and waiting to be discharged. She will be evaluated again at the end of this week.

Oct 02, 2012

Maria's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/05/2012

Sep 26, 2012

The doctors are keeping Maria here for a few more days. They are keeping a close eye on her leg to make sure the infection isn't still present. They are keeping her leg elevated and keeping the fluids drained from her wound, which confines her to her bed most of the day. She is in good spirits and we have fallen in love with her sweet smile.

Sep 26, 2012

Maria's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 09/28/2012

Sep 20, 2012

Maria is receiving treatment at CURE Malawi

Sep 20, 2012

Pray for Maria, today is a big day! Will post surgery pictures soon.

Sep 20, 2012

We're sorry that we didn't get Maria's name right when we first posted her case online. It was written as Marie on her admission file before it was corrected.

Sep 20, 2012

Maria is out of surgery and recovering nicely. She's a positive spirit in the ward. So encouraging to see after everything she has been through. Thanks for supporting her! Photo of Maria

Sep 20, 2012

Maria's treatment date has been changed to 10/08/2012

Sep 18, 2012

Maria's treatment date has been changed to 09/20/2012

Sep 13, 2012

Marie is at CURE awaiting a much needed procedure to clean an infected wound. She is the victim of a witchcraft healing practice that left her with visible scars. Pray for this young lady, she needs help.

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