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  • Age8
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Festus's Story

To Festus's family, the polydactyly (extra digit) condition is not a new thing. One of their close relatives had it affect his hands. Usually, a child has the extra digit next to the thumb, big toe, little finger, or little toe. In Festus's case, i… Read more

To Festus's family, the polydactyly (extra digit) condition is not a new thing. One of their close relatives had it affect his hands. Usually, a child has the extra digit next to the thumb, big toe, little finger, or little toe. In Festus's case, it occurred on both the hands and the feet.

Festus's father, Johana, knew that the traditional way of correcting this condition was to tie the extra finger tightly and continuously until it falls off. So, they tied Festus's extra fingers on his hands, and it worked! However, when they applied the same technique on the extra toes, it didn't work. A close relative mentioned to them that the foot bones are too strong for the lace and that it was too late to do anything.

For the next eleven years, Festus's parents accepted that Festus would just have to deal with the complications of having extra toes. All that changed when CURE Kenya set up a new mobile clinic near Festus' home. Johana heard about the clinic and brought Festus to see us for evaluation.

Please welcome Festus and his family to the CURE Children's Hospital of Kenya!

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Latest Updates

Apr 23, 2021

Johana was passing on to his son Festus what the doctor had instructed him concerning cast care. He asked Festus to inform him of any pain or discomfort that may be caused by the cast. As they prepare to leave CURE and continue his recovery at home, Festus was also advised against attempting to remove the cast by himself. He should come back to the hospital for cast removal. From the smile on Festus's face, as he sipped his afternoon tea, he can't wait to go back home! Thank you for keeping him in your prayers. God bless you! Photo of Festus

Apr 22, 2021

After going on for an x-ray earlier today, the doctors added fiberglass to his right leg. This is because it weighs less, and the cast made from it will be lighter. Moreover, it is more durable and porous, hence allowing air to flow in and out. Festus has had little movement. He went to and from the x-ray room then back to his bed. Please keep Festus and his father Johana in prayer as Festus continues his recovery in the ward. Photo of Festus

Apr 21, 2021

Walking after extra toe surgery is commonly allowed, but it depends on the complexity of the surgery. Since Festus's surgery was a complex one, walking may not be allowed for a few hours, especially since bone cuts were performed. Festus followed the doctor's advice and was resting on his bed. It has been a lot for Festus to process. The get-well messages that you have been sending to Festus and have certainly gone a long way in encouraging them during his recovery period. Thank you! Photo of Festus

Apr 20, 2021

Festus needed an x-ray of both of his feet. The doctors concluded that he has a 'complex polydactyly' which involves a bone, tendon, and ligament in the extra digit. The doctors cut at the base of the extra digit, where the bones join and inserted a surgical pin in the foot. Festus will have to wear a cast and the pin will stay in place until the doctor sees the progress after a day of rest. We thank God for Festus's successful surgery! Please pray for his recovery. Photo of Festus

Apr 19, 2021

Festus was having a heart-to-heart with his father earlier today in the ward after being confirmed for surgery scheduled for early tomorrow morning. Festus loves soccer and supports English Club Chelsea. However, he cannot play with boots because of the pain caused by his extra toes. Festus just wants to wear shoes to school and play in his favorite sport. Kindly join us in prayer and support for Festus and his family during their time at CURE Kenya. Photo of Festus

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