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Natasha's Story

“I had to leave my village to come all the way to the city so my daughter’s deformity can be corrected.” Beatrice, Natasha’s mum told us.

Natasha wasn’t born with her deformity. She got sick at some point and needed to be given m… Read more

“I had to leave my village to come all the way to the city so my daughter’s deformity can be corrected.” Beatrice, Natasha’s mum told us.

Natasha wasn’t born with her deformity. She got sick at some point and needed to be given medicine through injection. Beatrice says after two injections her daughter started walking differently and sometimes even fell as she walked. As any mother would be, Beatrice was worried and sort medical intervention. She was told that her daughter would need surgery eventually but before that she had to be casted several times.

Beatrice recalls that the casting made her daughter’s leg worse that it was. She stopped because she didn’t want to make the situation any worse. Natasha started struggling in school due to stigma. Her mum decided to take her to another hospital and that’s where they were told about CURE. Beatrice brought her daughter to a mobile clinic and later to the main hospital.

Natasha needs surgery to correct her clubfoot and make her leg straight again. When we asked Beatrice what she is looking forward to the most she said, “First of all, I already believe my daughter is healed in Jesus name and I have no doubt that she will be okay.” We are excited to see Natasha’s transformation and be part of her journey.

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Latest Updates

Sep 21, 2020

As promised, we checked up on Natasha after her cast change today and revisited our memory verse challenge. Guess what? She recited it perfectly! We gave her a pack of hair oil as a form of our appreciation. Natasha and her mother Beatrice were both very excited! Surprisingly, they were already packed to go home tomorrow morning. We thank God for taking her this far! We ask that you keep Natasha and her mom in your prayers as she continues to recover at home. Photo of Natasha

Sep 18, 2020

This morning, we spent some time with Natasha learning a memory verse. She told us that she has never learned a memory verse before and this was her first one. We taught Natasha John 1:1, but it was hard for her to say it in English, so we used the Swahili version instead. We challenged Natasha to memorize it and when we see her in a couple of weeks. And if she did, we’ll give her a gift if when she recites the verse. Natasha won’t go home until Monday after she gets a new cast. Photo of Natasha

Sep 17, 2020

Natasha made two new friends in the ward this week, but today she is sad that one of them is leaving for home. We asked her why she was bummed out and she told us that they were just getting to know each other better. “I know I’ll see her again maybe when we come back to have the casts removed.” she told us. We absolutely understand how Natasha feels and we pray that they get to see each other again! Photo of Natasha

Sep 16, 2020

Natasha’s smile is back! She was asleep most of yesterday because she was in some pain. With some help from our nurses, she was given pain medication that helped her to feel a whole lot better and sleep. Today she told us that she wasn’t expecting to feel so much pain but she is looking forward to her transformation. Natasha will go for a bandage change tomorrow and a full cast will be placed to protect her leg as she heals. Photo of Natasha

Sep 15, 2020

By the time we were hearing about Natasha’s surgery, she was already done and back at her bed in the ward. She had a procedure that straightened her foot so that she stops walking on the side of her foot and can use it normally. If you take a look at her foot in the cast you can already tell that there has been a huge change since her surgery! Please pray for a smooth recovery. Photo of Natasha

Sep 14, 2020

Natasha is super bubbly and we are happy to be in her company. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and this is the face she made when we called her ‘Doctor Natasha’ for the first time. Photo of Natasha

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