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Dorcas's Story

“I called my husband when the baby was born and told him that our little girl was disabled. He rushed to hospital and was very helpful with finding a solution.” Jane, Mama Dorcas told us.

Dorcas was born with bilateral clubfoot and she … Read more

“I called my husband when the baby was born and told him that our little girl was disabled. He rushed to hospital and was very helpful with finding a solution.” Jane, Mama Dorcas told us.

Dorcas was born with bilateral clubfoot and she started her correction process immediately. Her left leg was completely corrected through the ponsetti method but her right leg wasn’t. Dorcas told her mum that she would love to wear open shoes like other girls and she has high hopes that after her surgery is done she will be able to do this.

We had a short chat about Dorcas’ future. “I want to become a doctor when I grow up!” She told us. Although she didn’t tell us what motivated her to want to become a doctor, we believe that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Dorcas will have her surgery soon and we would love to encourage you to pray with us for this sweet little girl.

“I have faith that she will be healed in Jesus name.” Mama Dorcas told us.

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Latest Updates

Sep 11, 2020

We saw Dorcas on mobile clinic this week. Turns out she needs another surgery to help correct her leg as seems as if her codition is starting to recur. Please pray for Dorcas and her mum who was pretty concerned about this. Photo of Dorcas

Nov 13, 2019

Dorcas was chilling outside the workshop with a little guy named Liam as she waited to be measured for a brace. We’re thankful for her progress and in a few weeks, we’ll see even more progress when she comes to pick up her custom made brace! Photo of Dorcas

Oct 04, 2019

This is Dorcas’ stuffed animal! We grabbed Minnie Mouse from Dorcas’ bag and gave it to her. After some snuggles, we played a game of catch with Minnie Mouse and Minnie gave Dorcas some kisses and made her giggle. Dorcas just has one more day around CURE Kenya and then her and Minnie and Mama Dorcas will be on their way home! Photo of Dorcas

Oct 03, 2019

The treats continue! At some point, Dorcas was given a goodie bag filled with fun things like playdough, coloring books, and a stuffed animal. When we tried to find out who gave her the goodies, she wasn’t sure of their name. Then we showed her a photo of her and Amy and she nodded that it was Amy. Yay for friends with gifts! Dorcas was going for a cast change, so hopefully once she comes back, she’ll be able to relax and enjoy her treats more! Photo of Dorcas

Oct 02, 2019

Dorcas has come for her cast change in the OR and as she chilled in bed, she was in for a bit of a treat: visitors! It was worship time in the ward, so Amy, one of the visitors from Garden Spot Village in Pennsylvania, stuck close to Dorcas. We hope they’ll become good friends during Dorcas' little stay in the hospital. Pray for her continued healing! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 17, 2019

Can anyone remember Dorcas’ friend from last week? His name is Justus, and it seems he and Dorcas are kindred spirits because they’re both going home today! For Dorcas, she’ll return at the beginning of October for a cast change in the OR and to check how the site of her surgery is healing. Please pray for both Dorcas and Justus as they travel home and continue to heal! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 16, 2019

Dorcas is finally getting her cast changed today! As she and her mom waited for this, her mom snuck her fingers in Dorcas’ splint and rubbed her feet and toes to relieve the persistent itches. We’ve been watching how much Mama Dorcas’ cares for her daughter, and it’s truly beautiful. Pray that these two will get to go home tomorrow! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 13, 2019

Dorcas shared her Bible with the dad of the patient in the bed next to hers today! We’re so happy that not only has Dorcas been given a chance to read more about Jesus, but others around her have too! Please pray that both her and the dad in the bed next to her will fall more in love with the ‘Someone’ who Dorcas was told about earlier this week! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 12, 2019

“Did you know there is someone who can calm your pain?” Pastor Emmy asked the kiddos in the playroom on Tuesday. She got to share the gospel with the kiddos, but she also didn’t want them to choose salvation just for God to take their pain away, so she told them to think about it. In the afternoon, three girls came to her, wanting to receive Jesus. One of them was Dorcas! So today, Pastor Emmy gave Dorcas her very own Bible to read! We’re thankful for this Jesus who has taken away Dorcas’ pain along with giving her life eternal! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 11, 2019

“You will walk again!” Pastor Emmy encouraged the kiddos in the playroom regarding their healing. They got to put on surgical masks, take turns wearing a stethoscope, and talk about the healing that was about to take place or is already taking place in their bodies. Each day brings Dorcas closer to her dream of being a doctor, including today as she rests in bed after her surgery! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 10, 2019

Dorcas went to the OR today and her operation, though difficult, was successful! We are grateful to God for this. Dorcas will now stay in the ward and recover. Please pray that she won’t be in too much pain tonight and that God will give her strength to fight through the healing process! Photo of Dorcas

Sep 09, 2019

This is Dorcas and Dorcas already has friends in the hospital -- including this little cutie. They had balloons and each other to keep them busy as they waited for surgery. We’re glad for all the upcoming entertainment for these kiddos even as they embark together on a journey of healing here at CURE Kenya! Photo of Dorcas

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