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James's Story

"All my kids are well and healthy, James just got an accident that made him disabled," Baba James told us.

James is thirteen years old and is the firstborn in a family of seven. He is a very hardworking young man who helps his dad with far… Read more

"All my kids are well and healthy, James just got an accident that made him disabled," Baba James told us.

James is thirteen years old and is the firstborn in a family of seven. He is a very hardworking young man who helps his dad with farming and herding and also goes to the market on Wednesdays to sell cabbages.

When James was younger, a lorry bringing supplies to the market was leaving, so he hopped on to it just to enjoy the ride. He fell down awkwardly and fractured his leg around his knee. He was in so much pain! His dad was called and told what had happened. He rushed his little man to hospital where he had surgery and a cast put on him.

"They kept telling us that he will heal okay but when the cast was taken off, his leg couldn't completely stretch," Baba James explained. This was a bit frustrating considering how much time they had spent in hospital. James' leg was healed but he was forced to live with a not completely functional leg as it could not completely bend around the knee.

James and his dad are at CURE Kenya hoping that after surgery, James' leg can go back to normal and that he can lead a normal life, going to school and helping his dad with work at home. Please pray that this will happen in just the way God wants!

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Latest Updates

Apr 16, 2019

We caught James chatting with Pastor Peter this morning. “I was telling him to greet Pastor Emmy and Philip,” James explained later of the conversation. The pastors have become James’ friends during his stay here. But -- why would Pastor Peter need to greet the pastors for James? BECAUSE HE’S GOING HOME!!! After so many weeks of hospital stay, James will head home for two weeks and continue with dressing changes at home. And what will he do once he gets home? “Eat meat,” he told us. “Goat.” The Maasai eat a lot of meat and although our patients get meat at CURE Kenya, there’s no place like home and there’s no place like home cooked food! Do be praying for James’ continued healing and also for so much joy for him as he goes home to see his family and meet his new baby sister! Photo of James

Apr 15, 2019

Happy Monday video of our James - what a guy!

Apr 15, 2019

“We went to church,” James explained of his weekend. “We sang — song to the Masai. I went to the playroom and played. I modeled.” James apparently sculpted a beast while ‘modeling.’ We’d love to see that! Along with all of this, James made friends, “I was with my friends. Dennis and Dennis — their names are the same!” The two standing kiddos are the Dennises and the one in the bed is called James. So not only do we have two Dennises, we have two James as well! Please be praying for both James and James— that they will ultimately find healing here at CURE Kenya! Photo of James

Apr 11, 2019

We all know James for being very jovial and smiley. We didn’t know that he puts on a very serious face when he is working or drawing or just paying attention to something that requires him to do so. When we went to the playroom, we found James working on a drawing. We even tried to distract him a bit just so he could take a break, but he had to finish the drawing then focus on what we were saying. Some things require a ‘business’ face as most people in Kenya would put it and we like that James is a well rounded individual who already knows that there is a time for everything. Photo of James

Apr 10, 2019

“James, can you bend your right knee?” we asked today. “No I can’t at the moment but I believe that when it is fixed, I will be able to bend it.” he told us. Friends, isn’t that optimism at its best? One of the many reasons why we like James is that he never seems to be troubled by anything. If you challenge him to do anything he will take you right on and do it. What is more fascinating is that James knows that God gives him the strength to go each day and because of that, he continues to remain optimistic about life. Today we found him basking outside and blowing some bubbles! Photo of James

Apr 09, 2019

When we asked James about the teddy, we thought we heard, “A friend,” but when we clarified, he told us it was “a doll.” It was shortly after this that James quickly got into his wheelchair to go to theatre only to find himself back in the playroom again, ‘waiting.’ He’s so loyal to the playroom and it’s such a great distraction! We shared your get well messages and experienced more ‘amens’ to those messages, including one that read - “You are a wonderful young man.” And he really is! His smile and his joy gush out on a daily basis. Pray pray pray for his continued healing so he can go home to spend time with family again -- especially his new baby sister! Photo of James

Apr 08, 2019

A new week means another opportunity to hang out with this incredible young man. Today we had the chance to sit beside him in the playroom as Pastor Emmy, who is in-charge of the playroom told a Bible story about Jesus walking on water. Before Pastor Emmy told the story, she started by asking what were the expectations of the kids in the playroom after surgery. “I will walk more and run fast when I am completely healed!” James said. James was very active and attentive during story time. He answered some questions as well as gave his opinion when it was required of him. James is still proceeding with wound checks and cleaning. Please pray for this long and possibly tedious process! Photo of James

Apr 05, 2019

James gave us a fantastic ‘Amen!’ in response to his get well messages that we were able to deliver this morning. We also got on the conversation of ‘things’ that go on people’s teeth. We think he was talking about braces. We showed him pictures of people with braces and it surprised him so much that he almost jumped back! Then his uncle even looked at the pictures of braces. They are a funny thing to look at when you've never seen them before! Please continue praying for James' healing like you’ve been so wonderful to do! Photo of James

Apr 04, 2019

The ‘Moran’ left his cubicle today to see how the outside world is doing! His first stop was the playroom where he kept himself busy riding a tricycle and playing with building blocks. He really seemed to enjoy this as you can tell through the picture below. James also went to the general ward to say hi to some of his friends and soon after, went back to the playroom. It is good to see him moving around and we pray that his healing comes quickly so he can be back to full form soon. Photo of James

Apr 03, 2019

James was giving us Maasai lessons 101 today. When we delivered his Get Well Messages this morning, we came across one asking James to tell more about the Moran journey. The question read; “Can you tell me what it is like on your seclusion journey such as your water, food, shelter situation?” We asked James’ uncle who has gone through the process and he said, “We ate meat, bone soup, milk and bitter herbs. We also slept under trees and on the grass in the forests all through that period.” James was so fascinated by this story and he can’t wait to experience it on his own! Photo of James

Apr 02, 2019

James' small procedure went great yesterday! The doctors took off his cast and cleaned out his surgical site due to an infection that has started up in there. It's pretty rough one and the doctors ended up installing a tube that will continually drain the infection from the area. In order to make sure no one else gets the infection, James has been moved to his own room! In traditional Maasai culture when a boy turns into a man, it is a whole process. First he is circumcised, then he lives in seclusion for a month, before going off to live in the jungle for one year with the other boys turning into men. When everything is all said and done, these boys are called "Moran." James was joking that being secluded in his own room means he is starting on his Moran journey early and soon he will be a man like his uncle who you can see in the photo James is holding! Photo of James

Apr 01, 2019

“I will miss Julius when he goes home,” James said of his bed neighbor Julius. “God will bless him with other friends!” Julius said as James went on, “I’ve had a nice weekend having a friend like Juluis. You’re my brother from another mother!” We absolutely love the bond these two guys have and although we’re happy for Julius to go home, we’re sad that James has to say goodbye to another friend! In other fabulous news, James' mom had a baby yesterday! So James definitely has something to look forward to and be excited about as he finishes up his time here with us! Thank you for continuing to pour out your love toward James. Pray especially for him as he goes to the OR once again! Photo of James

Mar 29, 2019

“I am watching the movie of Jesus!” James told us in the playroom today. He’s back at it again -- watching the movie of Jesus -- and we’re so happy for that! We hope that each time he watches, he learns a little more about the Jesus who loves him a lot! “The schedule was full,” he told us of yesterday’s plan to go to theatre. So he went today instead and as he waited to go, we caught him up on his get well messages that continue to pour more love in (THANK YOU!!!). We’re not sure when James will go home, but we’re hoping soon! Photo of James

Mar 27, 2019

Joy is from an American Christian radio station, WAY-FM, and she was enjoying moments with the James we’ve come to know and adore. She asked him to spin in his wheelchair, which he did, and she even got to deliver a few of his get well messages to him! Joy and James have something in common. Do you want to guess what it is? We’re sure it’s obvious, but just in case it isn’t, we’ll tell you: they both seem to have joy, joy, joy, down in their hearts! Maybe we should actually teach James that song. Let’s see how long he sticks around, and maybe we can teach him on Friday! Photo of James

Mar 27, 2019

Even though James’ friend went home earlier this week, clearly he has many others! This one is named Veronica and she and James know each other from the operating room where Veronica works. She even saw him yesterday when he went to surgery for another wound cleaning. Right around this photo moment, James was telling Veronica something. Finally she understood: “Cow!” is what James was saying. James told Veronica he was going to give her a cow! Cows are very important in the Maasai culture, so it’s sweet James wants to give her one! James is doing well and had a dressing change today. Please keep praying for complete healing!!! Photo of James

Mar 26, 2019

At least 130. That was the number of get well messages we shared with James today! “These people love me so much!” James exclaimed after we’d read some of the messages. We got to share with him that even if you put all of that love together, it would still not be as much as Jesus loves him! We’re so thankful for all of the love that is being poured out on James -- a beautiful representation of God’s love toward him. “Tell them ‘I thank you so much!” James told us. Truly from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Photo of James

Mar 25, 2019

Happy new week and hello from James! Although he was hoping to go home over the weekend, James is still here because he needs regular wound checks and cleaning. This morning we met him during his breakfast time enjoying his boiled egg, bread and some tea. Please continue praying for his healing and that he does not grow weary of the process! Photo of James

Mar 22, 2019

James and his best friend spent the better part of today watching The Jesus Film. James seems to have watched it several times and when we asked him if it was one of his favorite films he said it IS his favorite film. This means that James knows most of Jesus’ story from the film and the best part is that, this image of how Christ did good things while on earth and how He suffered and died on the cross for us to be saved from sin will never leave James’ mind. James went in for another dressing change and wound check today and it seems like he could be discharged to go home tomorrow! Pray that he takes home Jesus' message of love for him and that he never forgets that! Photo of James

Mar 21, 2019

No one is more excited than James right about now because he has found someone to play with while at CURE Kenya! They already have unique ways to pose for photos and they go everywhere together. This works best for James as he likes to move around a lot. James’ wound is still being cleaned and that means he needs to stay with us for a while. What would you like to say to these best friends? Write James' a get well message and let us know! Photo of James

Mar 20, 2019

“What’s your name?” James asked Storyteller, Elvis. “Huh! You forgot? I thought I was your best friend!” Elvis responded. James got smart about it and got Elvis’ name from his work name tag. “Oooh! I remember now!” James exclaimed. It was so funny to watch the expression on James’ face because he thought that we hadn’t seen him look at the name tag. James is back at CURE Kenya because he got an infection in his wound. We also noticed that his feet have been destroyed by jiggers and it is likely that that's where he got the infection. He is here now for his wound to be cleaned and examined. While at the hospital, James hasn't slowed down and loves moving around on a wheelchair and exploring the hospital! Photo of James

Feb 11, 2019

“I exercised,” that’s what James did this weekend. “A bit better,” that’s how James’ wound looked according to one of our nurses. “Happy!” That’s probably how James feels about going home. Let’s pray for James’ wound to heal over the next couple weeks. He’ll go for dressing changes someplace close to home, then return to CURE Kenya for a checkup. Thanks for all of the prayers that you’ve already prayed for James and his dad! Photo of James

Feb 08, 2019

James sat doing some excellent coloring on his bed this morning, his leg wrapped in gauze. Today is just a laid back kind of day as James waits for Monday to have a dressing change. But you know what? He’s still got his foot. Yesterday he was meant to have an amputation. We think his dad didn’t fully realize that this was meant to happen though, so it ended up not happening. We’ll see how his wound heals. He may need an amputation eventually. But, for now, he has both of his feet and that is something to be thankful for every single day! Have you thanked God for your feet recently? Photo of James

Feb 07, 2019

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV) ‘All circumstances’ -- even when your foot has issues, you’re once again back in the hospital, and you can’t even eat food because you’re waiting to go to theatre. Again. James keeps his thankful face on even in these ‘all circumstances’ though! And he does have things to be thankful for - he didn’t have his amputation, his toes don’t look as bad as was thought, and although he’s got a sore on his heel, we’re going to watch it and see if it gets any better before considering an amputation. We thank Jesus for all of these things and more! Photo of James

Feb 06, 2019

James’ journey hasn’t been an easy one… remember his toes around Christmas time? Well, he’s also now got a wound on his foot and he doesn’t have feeling in his toes (we’re not sure how long this has been an issue). His dad was having a hard time accepting that an amputation was the best option for his son, but thankfully, God allowed one of our pastors to talk to him and with the help of our pastor and others, he was finally convinced. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they decide how much to amputate. James was admitted today and tomorrow he’ll hopefully go to theatre for his amputation and also to have his fixator removed. God is always and forever good, but this is hard even though it is the best for James’ health. Please pray for this boy and his dad in these next days. Photo of James

Jan 09, 2019

Cheers to every smile that surfaces on sweet James' face! And he needs those smiles -- today was hard. He got the sutures removed from his recent surgery site and it was PAINFUL! He’s also slowly losing his toes, and his dad doesn’t want them to be amputated. He’s hopeful that by putting medicine on them, they will get better. The test results haven’t come back yet, but his surgery site looked good and in a few weeks when James comes back, we’re hopeful he will have healed even more and we’ll know more about how things will go for him in the future. Next time he may even get his external fixator taken off! Be praying for our sweet smiling boy! Photo of James

Jan 03, 2019

Happy New Year! We're finally getting around to updating you on James. Our sweet friend went home on Christmas Eve. He'll come back next week and we're hoping he'll get the results of the test taken regarding his infection. Please do pray for him -- that whatever the results, it's treatable and that God's best will happen!

Dec 21, 2018

So we’re just gonna take this one step at a time. PT Marygoretti came to help James and they worked together, including practicing walking. James went to theatre yesterday and will now stick around a few days to wait for the results of a test that needed to be taken regarding his infection. It’s Christmastime everybody, so we need to pray for James. First, that the results will come back swiftly so that he can go home before Christmas. Second, that those results would be concrete and also good news. And finally and most importantly, that James would know the Jesus who came on Christmas! Photo of James

Dec 20, 2018

And still he smiles…we love our James and the joy God has given him. He’ll still go back to theatre today for that wound cleaning, and hopefully go home soon after. The bummer part about it all is that gangrene has also set into his toes, which means eventually, he’ll lose them. The doctors will need to chat with his dad about that to decide what’s best, so you can be praying about it all and especially for James’ future adjustments. Pray that the joy God has given him will see him through all along the way! Photo of James

Dec 19, 2018

Poor James has some swelling and a wound going on that his family has been trying to treat, but it could still use some more TLC. So - TLC is what we’re going to give it! He was to get an x-ray and then we’ll go from there in regards to seeing exactly how he’s doing. Tonight he’ll sleep at CURE Kenya and then tomorrow make a little trip to theatre to give his wound that TLC. Please be praying for our boy and thank Jesus for his smile in spite of his wound! Photo of James

Nov 08, 2018

Snoozing was what James was doing this morning when we saw him, but it wasn’t long before he woke up and we had ourselves a little conversation. “What are you learning in school?” we asked James and he told us, “Pilot!” He probably thought we meant ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and so we continued with the conversation and even asked him if he was going to fly home today. He kept nodding his head yes. He also showed us what pilots do when flying a plane. Thankfully, home isn’t far, so flying home won’t take long at all! After some training on how to keep the pins in his legs in tip top shape, he got to to fly home and we’ll catch him in just a few short weeks! Photo of James

Nov 07, 2018

“God loves me,” James told us when we asked him about his balloon and we started asking him about who God loves. We asked about people in the ward, the doctors, the nurses. And each time, he told us God loves them. We concluded that God loves everyone and then we asked, “Do you love God?” he told us he did and then said, “So much!” God and James both love each other and there’s no better thing on earth than that. Please pray that as James continues to heal, he realizes that his healing is an expression from God of His deep love for him. Photo of James

Nov 05, 2018

Due to James’ injury and probably the care he received afterwards, his knee has actually fused itself. Dr. Mailu operated yesterday, and was able to fuse it into a better position. He’ll still have limited movement of his knee, but it will hopefully make walking easier and when James gets older, he can have a total joint replacement! In the meantime, he can learn to walk with his knee in a new position and continue to help his dad by selling his cabbages. Please pray for him in this new adjustment! Photo of James

Nov 05, 2018

When we asked James to give us style, this is what we’ve got! James is open and friendly. James comes from a tribe in Kenya where almost everybody has cows, and when we asked him how many he had, he told us 20. We then learned that they’re actually his dad’s cows. This funny boy! We know that once he’s healed and grown-up though, he’ll probably have his own 20 cows! Photo of James

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