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Brandon's Story

“He’s a brave kid,” Luke told us of his son, Brandon. He shared of a time when Brandon got burned and was so calm about it. “He doesn’t fear pain so much,” he said. “The kid wasn’t even crying! By then I discovered he is strong.”

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“He’s a brave kid,” Luke told us of his son, Brandon. He shared of a time when Brandon got burned and was so calm about it. “He doesn’t fear pain so much,” he said. “The kid wasn’t even crying! By then I discovered he is strong.”

Brandon is strong and he is brave, but it doesn’t mean he’s exempt from feeling things and disliking being treated unfairly. Brandon has blount's disease that he’s had for awhile. As Luke shared, eventually “one leg returned to normal.” But one didn’t -- his right leg, and so Brandon’s legs don’t look quite like the other kids. “It’s really sad when he plays with others who weren’t born in the same area,” Luke told us. The kids who don’t know Brandon laugh at him. “You have to feel bad,” Luke said of how it makes Brandon feel. Luke still showed grace despite Brandon’s difficulty though, “In the case of children, they don’t understand what’s happening.” He also said of children, “They just take things the way they see it!”

The good news for Brandon is that times of teasing are about to come to an end. After visiting one of our mobile clinics a couple of times this year, Brandon is finally here with his dad to find healing from both his condition and we hope from the teasing too. When we asked if Luke was nervous about Brandon’s procedure, he told us of nerves over some stuff, but those have gone away. “I’m not nervous because I want the guy to be healed and I know very well that God will have mercy on him!”

“I’m also praying (to) God that he recovers quickly,” Luke shared. Would you also pray this with us? We know God is the bravest and strongest of all and He can help aid in the recovery of someone else who is brave and strong -- Brandon!

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Latest Updates

Jan 29, 2019

Today was a warm one at the clinic where we saw Brandon and his dad. As they waited in the shade, they spent time with Brandon’s aunt who had come with the two of them. Catching up with family is such a great way to pass the time! Brandon made it through another milestone in his treatment - having his pins removed from his leg! We doubt that it was his favorite, but we know his favorite is coming - in a couple months, they’ll remove the new cast they put on after taking the pins out, and the magic that is his healing will come to light even more! Photo of Brandon

Nov 23, 2018

When Pastor Emmy brought Brandon a coloring book today, he immediately started putting it to good use. Our spiritual ministry is just one of the encouraging and beautiful things about CURE Kenya. Luke was sharing with Emmy yesterday about how very much he loves what’s happening at CURE Kenya. “I know God was using you people,” he told Pastor Emmy. “I knew he was somewhere spiritually,” Emmy shared with us about their conversation. As we’ve already seen from Brandon’s story, his dad knows that there’s a God who is there to heal his son. And that’s another encouraging and beautiful thing! It’ll be a little while until we see these two lovely gents again -- end of January to be exact provided all goes well between now and then. But, we trust that when they leave CURE today or tomorrow, they’ll travel back home and give glory to God for Brandon’s healing! Photo of Brandon

Nov 22, 2018

Lencer. Brandon. Lorene. Immaculate. Brian. These are Luke’s kiddos in order from youngest to oldest. He and his wife have five lovely children and you can see the love they have for them by how Luke pursued treatment for Brandon. He even showed us photos of some of his family. When he showed us the photo of him with his three youngest kiddos, we handed the phone to Brandon and he seemed to flash a smile then hide the phone in his chest. He must feel the love for his family too and he’s clearly ready to go home! We’re so thankful Brandon will get to go home soon AND that he’s got a loving family to go home to! Photo of Brandon

Nov 21, 2018

Brandon’s pain has reduced post-surgery and this is fabulous! “I am happy,” Luke told us today. Brandon is having his own things going on though. “He has two concerns: One, the cast. He doesn’t like it. Two, the needle.” Brandon is finding his hospital stay a little uncomfortable between having to wear a giant white thing on his leg and also having a needle (IV) in his hand. We can’t blame him because these things aren’t very comfortable and although they’re all part of his healing journey, they’re not his most favorite. We know if he waits a little longer though his favorite part will come - having a leg that’s straight and will making the unfortunate teasing from certain kiddos reduce. Please pray his little self will be able to grasp this and wait out his moments of discomfort. Photo of Brandon

Nov 19, 2018

By the time we made it to theatre yesterday for Brandon’s procedure, his procedure was already over! But, his healing wasn’t. Even as he laid there in recovery, his body was working to repair itself, one moment at a time. As his body worked to heal, our staff worked as well. The nurse who took care of him as he recovered watched his vitals and gave him pain meds as needed. Brandon had some tears which required both medicine and calming down, but by the time he was going to the ward, he was calm. This is good because the nurse explained that they don’t like to take patients to the ward when they’re super upset lest they scare other kiddos still waiting to go to theatre. Now that Brandon has made it through surgery, keep praying for all those things that you and Brandon’s dad thought of praying yesterday! Photo of Brandon

Nov 19, 2018

Peekaboo, we see you! We’d love for you to meet our new friend Brandon who’s at CURE Kenya with his dad and has come for God to heal his leg. His dad would love it if you prayed for Brandon’s quick recovery and God’s blessing. So only one question remains — what would you love for Brandon? Whatever it is, we’d love for you to pray for it or send it in the form of a sweet get well message! Photo of Brandon

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