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  • Age14
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 05/30/2019

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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Faith. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Faith. When you give a gift through Faith's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Kenya. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Faith's Story

“I like her because she is not discouraged,” Tabitha told us of her daughter, Faith. “She is okay.” Faith’s story could give her reason to be discouraged. Born with extra toes and feet that look different than most, her mom at first thoug… Read more

“I like her because she is not discouraged,” Tabitha told us of her daughter, Faith. “She is okay.” Faith’s story could give her reason to be discouraged. Born with extra toes and feet that look different than most, her mom at first thought her condition was hereditary, only to later learn that it doesn’t seem to run in the family. Faith’s parents are both farmers and since they weren’t able to grow their money on trees, it was sparse. Faith’s parents couldn’t afford to seek treatment for Faith. “I had sympathy to help,” Tabitha shared her heart despite her lack of finances.

In 2016, as Faith and her siblings were walking down a hill to go home after a visit to their grandparents, they encountered a fire that required them to walk through it. A literal fire. Someone had chosen a bad time to light a fire and Faith’s brother had to first carry his younger sister through the fire, and then Faith as well because he knew she couldn’t run through the fire. As a result of this, Faith and her brother both sustained burns and spent time in hospital recovering.

“What encourages us is the Word of God,” Tabitha shared with us. Clearly, Faith’s God sustains her and her family even through the fiery trials they’ve gone through. And now God is sustaining them and bringing healing to Faith through her time at CURE Kenya. Please pray that after Faith’s surgery, she will ‘live a life like other kids’ just as her mother hopes she will!

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Latest Updates

Apr 18, 2019

Faith is going home! Do you think we can call walking a success or what?

Apr 17, 2019

Anne was the nurse came to see Faith this morning while she was in her bed and when she did, we heard good news - she will get to try walking! The physios usually come at some point during the morning. Tomorrow we’ll have to get the report on how it went. We’re hoping that walking today means going home tomorrow or Friday! Photo of Faith

Apr 15, 2019

As patients grow with a disability, it becomes harder to correct their condition through surgery. “They become stiffer,” Dr. Theuri explained. “They become misshapen and harder.” Faith is one of our older patients who has already grown some. But you know what? There’s hope for her regardless because Dr. Theuri told us, “I think it will correct fairly well.” Please do pray for her correction to be as Dr. Theuri said and maybe even better! Photo of Faith

Apr 15, 2019

Let’s blow bubbles and celebrate MONDAY!!! Alright — yes. Mondays can be a bummer. The weekend is so enjoyable — relaxing, enjoying family, sleeping in. Then Monday comes. But you wanna know something about Mondays around CURE Kenya? Mondays are a special day for our kiddos because a lot of them have surgery on this day which means HEALING! So — cheers to Mondays!!! Photo of Faith

Nov 28, 2018

‘Protector’ and ‘Provider’ were among the attributes of God that Mama Faith shared so openly with us today. She gives so much glory to God in her life and for Faith’s healing. She was even sharing the gospel with us! “She is saved,” she said of Faith. Faith and her family continue to be sustained by God as evidenced by their story, and there’s no one better to be sustained by! Please pray that God will continue to sustain this sweet Jesus-loving family as Faith learns to use the orthotic she received today, and as she waits for her next surgery. Photo of Faith

Nov 15, 2018

Someone is progressing in her healing and it’s Faith! Today’s progress included getting measured for an orthotic and being scheduled to come to CURE Kenya in a couple weeks to pick up her orthotic. Next step in her progress is surgery for her other foot next year. As she continues on this journey, please pray for every step she must take – physically and medically. Pray that the pain won’t be too great and that the reward will be so much greater! Photo of Faith

Aug 10, 2018

Faith got herself into a wheelchair and was being wheeled to theatre for a cast change just as her bed-neighbor, Elizabeth, was being lifted by her mom in the yellow skirt. Elizabeth was also being taken to theatre! At least they had each other to wait with in the waiting bay as they waited for another theatre adventure, though this one wasn’t as big as the last one. We’re so glad they have each other! Faith should be going home tomorrow if all goes well. Please pray it DOES go well! Photo of Faith

Aug 09, 2018

Faith found herself something else to play with today - friends and a balloon! We caught her socializing this morning, but when we saw her, she told us, “Tuende,” which means ‘we go’ in Swahili. She wanted us to go back to her bed. We made a few hello-stops along the way, but when we finally made it to her bed, we found Faith lying there and had a little tickle fest with her and her bed-neighbor, Elizabeth. Faith seems to be doing great, and we’re thankful and hopeful she’ll be able to go home before too long! Photo of Faith

Aug 08, 2018

“She wants a dolly,” Faith’s mom told us today. When we asked what kind of dolly, she told us one with hair. We asked her if she wanted it to have hair like ours and she told us yes! We’re hoping she’ll get one from the playroom soon, but if she hasn’t by tomorrow, we’ll find one for her to play with. Our pretty-eyed girl seems to be feeling better today, so that’s great news! Thank Jesus with us for this! Photo of Faith

Aug 07, 2018

Faith’s feet are going to look a little different from now on! During her procedure yesterday, the doctors removed a toe from each foot and did surgery on her foot to help straighten it. Though this was causing her pain today, we’re excited to see the transformation that will happen to her feet and what kind of shoes she’ll wear once she’s healed. Please pray that her pain will subside so she can be excited too! Photo of Faith

Aug 06, 2018

Do you see those beautiful eyes? Those are the eyes of a girl whose beauty goes beyond just the surface. She has a beautiful heritage that comes from parents who have faith in God - just as Faith’s name implies! She had surgery today to help her beautiful feet become straighter and allow her to walk better. We’ll update you more tomorrow on how her surgery went! Photo of Faith

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