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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Rosaline's Story

Rosaline’s legs haven’t always been bowed. Her mom remembers the event that she thinks led to Rosaline’s condition - she’d gone to get a vaccine at a small clinic, and that’s when the problem started. Rosaline was three and her legs start… Read more

Rosaline’s legs haven’t always been bowed. Her mom remembers the event that she thinks led to Rosaline’s condition - she’d gone to get a vaccine at a small clinic, and that’s when the problem started. Rosaline was three and her legs started to bow.

“When she saw her daughter walking like that, she felt very bad, very painful,” Irene told us of Loreng, Rosaline’s mother. Irene is the auntie of another patient and she can speak the same language as Loreng. Unfortunately, money is tight for Rosaline’s family. She’s one of nine kids, and they all stay together in a one room house.

Judgement and speculation are all too common among communities where a person with a disability is present. Thankfully, a lot of people in their community know the reason (or possible reason) why Rosaline’s legs bend the way they do. They understand rather than judge. In fact, Rosaline isn’t the only child from that area who has such a disability. There are several, and the community blames the vaccine. Some of these kiddos have even come to CURE for surgery already!

Although Rosaline can walk for short distances, her mother often carries her on her back. She’s yet to go to school. We are so thankful that this is about to change for Rosaline. Please pray for her as this transformation takes place. Pray that God would truly heal her, allowing her the freedom to walk to anywhere she wants -- including school!

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Latest Updates

Aug 10, 2018

“We are really looking forward to going home!” Rosaline’s mum told us. Rosaline did some more physiotherapy today and impressed the physiotherapist with her progress. She needs a walking frame to help her move about easily and to make her healing process easy. Rosaline and some of the other kids from her town like Elizabeth might be discharged tomorrow, please pray for safe travels! Photo of Rosaline

Aug 09, 2018

We caught Rosaline doing physiotherapy with George today. She was in some pain because this is a whole new experience especially after a long period of casting. We pray that she will get used to walking soon and her wounds heal. Please pray for her recovery! Photo of Rosaline

Aug 08, 2018

Rosaline’s pins were removed and she got to see her legs without a cast for the first time in a while today. Her mum couldn’t hide her excitement because she could see so much progress! Rosaline now needs to be taken through physiotherapy before she can go home. Meanwhile, she continues to smile and make her ward cubicle bright. Storyteller Naphtali taught her how to fist bump and she absolutely loved it! Photo of Rosaline

Aug 07, 2018

This little miss has so many positive vibes and a beautiful smile! Although she does not speak many Swahili words, she understands what you are saying to her all the time. She has not had her pins removed yet and is still waiting for her turn in the OR. As she waits, she has been keeping herself busy in the ward with tiny pegs and some drawing material from the playroom. Please pray that the procedure is successful and that Rosaline will have made improvements. Yesterday we showed Rosaline and her mum a picture of Rosaline before she had surgery and asked her mum if she was starting to forget how her daughter looked before surgery. She said, “Yes, a little.” We are happy that Rosaline now has a shot at a normal life and we are grateful to you, dear friends, for your prayers and support. Photo of Rosaline

Aug 06, 2018

Oh hello there, smiles! Rosaline came and slept in the hospital last night and today, she went to theatre to have her pins removed. Before going to theatre, she had a mini-chat party around her bed that involved her mom, another ward-mom, a dad, and even one of our Storytellers. She seemed generally happy today. Even this morning as she hid her face partially under a blanket, when we pulled the cover back, it revealed a Rosaline smile. Please pray that she’ll continue to heal so that she’ll soon be walking more comfortably. Photo of Rosaline

Jun 12, 2018

“Sema sasa,” Storyteller Elvis told Rosaline this morning. Yesterday Elvis introduced Rosaline to Aldrin, and today Elvis was working on Rosaline’s Swahili with her. Rosaline mostly speaks her mother tongue. “Sema poa,” Elvis said after this. Then he worked on the whole greeting. “Sasa,” is a greeting one says in Kenya, especially to kiddos. “Poa,” is the reply. Rosaline is getting good at it because we even tried with her and it worked! We greeted her and she replied. Elvis will get to practice more with her when he sees her at mobile clinic next week. She’s coming for a dressing change! Photo of Rosaline

Jun 11, 2018

Our kiddos are very much not alone in their conditions and today there’s evidence of that! There are kiddos from the same area as Rosaline who have similar conditions as her, but it isn’t just kids in Kenya who have such a condition. There are kids around the world! Kids like Aldrin (, who are further along in their progress than Rosaline but who had the same type of condition. Aldrin even sent Rosaline a Get Well message and we showed Rosaline photos of Aldrin. Rosaline smiled her way through it all and mamas from other beds gathered around to see photos too. Connections are everywhere and another was made today! Rosaline will have a cast change, and she’ll be heading home soon! Photo of Rosaline

Jun 08, 2018

Rosaline’s mom is looking forward to going home soon. “I would have asked my husband to bring Rosaline instead so I could stay at home with the rest of the kids,” she told us this morning in regards to how long her and Rosaline have stayed in the hospital. Thankfully, a phone call from home cheered her up a bit, though she was sad about one of her kiddos who’s been struggling with her appetite since her mama left. Rosaline has been feeling itchy today and wanted to scratch her toes the whole time we were with her, but your get well messages interpreted to her by her mother helped distract her a bit! Our prayer is that Rosaline will go home soon, especially for her mother’s sake! Please pray for these two and also Rosaline’s little sister! Photo of Rosaline

Jun 07, 2018

Rosaline’s ‘tomorrow’ came today and she was in the trusty hands of Dr. Mbugua and Dr. Eva. God used these hands to bring even more healing for Rosaline through a tendon lengthening and bone shortening of her other leg. These next months of healing for Rosaline won’t be without their challenges and there will be potentially painful moments. Her bones will need time to heal, and she’ll be learning to walk in a new way. Good things are coming her way though, and we look forward to seeing them! Photo of Rosaline

Jun 06, 2018

Rosaline giggled when we showed her one of the photos we had taken of her and that is just our girl - happy! All of the time! She’s still at her coloring which keeps her fabulously occupied as she waits for tomorrow. Tomorrow is her day for surgery number two! Although our kiddos don’t normally go for surgery twice in one hospital stay, for Rosaline, we’re thankful she gets to for the sake of traveling and also healing time! Pray that her tomorrow is as successful as her last ‘tomorrow’ was last week! Photo of Rosaline

Jun 05, 2018

We spoke with Rosaline’s mum and she told us how she had missed her other kids back at home. She has to wait a while because Rosaline is going to have surgery for her other leg before she is discharged to go back home. However, this does not seem to faze Rosaline. She loves life at CURE because of all the kids she interacts with here and all the coloring there is to do! Please pray for Rosaline’s second surgery as she waits to have it, that her other leg will continue to heal properly. Photo of Rosaline

Jun 04, 2018

“Chai and mayai,” we told Rosaline and loved that it rhymed! Rosaline was having tea and eggs for breakfast and probably some bread too. Her mom motioned to Rosaline’s leg and proceeded to explain what we later confirmed was great news - Rosaline will get to have surgery on her other leg too! She and her family live far, far away, so traveling to CURE isn’t easy. Why not just take care of both legs at once and save them some of the travel trouble? Please thank Jesus with us that Rosaline will be so much closer to walking on healed legs! Photo of Rosaline

May 31, 2018

One look at Rosaline immediately after her surgery and seeing the transformation on her right leg is just incredible. The immediate transformation on her leg just reminds us why CURE exists. God is using us, together with you, to bring such transformation in the life of Rosaline and other lively souls like her from around the world. This is just the start, we can't wait for her to heal so she can be back in the operating room for the other leg's surgery. A big thank you to all who are walking with her through this journey, let's keep praying for her as she recovers in the ward! Photo of Rosaline

May 30, 2018

Rosaline loves to pose for the camera, she has a beautiful smile that she loves to show! Even when she had eaten nothing all morning while she waited for surgery, she still was in a smiling mood in the afternoon. The sad news is that her surgery had to be postponed to tomorrow due to some unavoidable circumstances. For now as she waits, she will keeping smiling, coloring, and making new friends in the ward. We thank God for coloring books, balloons and the lovely people that gift them to our kiddos in the ward, they keep them so engaged as they wait for surgery and during recovery! Photo of Rosaline

May 29, 2018

Irene is the aunt of one of our other CUREkids, Cynthia, and since she speaks the same language as Rosaline and Loreng, we asked her to help take Rosaline’s story. “She’s always happy,” Loreng told Irene about Rosaline. And truly she is. We saw so many smiles light her face today. Her condition doesn’t keep her down! And we’re real thankful, not only for Rosaline’s joy, but also for Irene, who helped us connect with Rosaline and Loreng, and for you and your prayers for Rosaline as she embarks on her healing journey. Photo of Rosaline

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