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Jayden's Story

In less than a day, Jayden has already made a friend in the ward. His companion is a sweet little girl named Juliet, who must have been orienting him on hospital procedures in a language that only the two of them understood. Jayden was burned about… Read more

In less than a day, Jayden has already made a friend in the ward. His companion is a sweet little girl named Juliet, who must have been orienting him on hospital procedures in a language that only the two of them understood. Jayden was burned about five months ago, but the time that elapsed between the burn and now was not sufficient to erase the memories. It was evident that he was still sensitive to being touched based on how loudly he screamed when the doctors approached him, clearly heading for his hand. He has an evident contracture on his wrist and his fingers and the doctors are hoping to do as much as possible to release those contractures and give him a more functional hand. The procedure also includes a skin graft from his hip to replace the destroyed tissue.

It’s now almost four years later. Jayden is back for another surgery to release the fingers on his burned hand. His mom told us that the burn came from dipping his hand into hot water. “I didn’t cry,” Jayden told his mom as we were talking. His mom said he did and of course we can only imagine the terrifying pain that must have ensued. But we’re so thankful for God’s restorative healing over Jayden. His hand already looks so great and the surgery he’s come for is going to give him even more mobility.

“He’s shy,” Jayden’s mom told us as we sat with them. He was hiding his face behind his mom, but we played a bit of peek-a-boo with him. It wasn’t too long before he was giggling for photos and eventually… counting for us! He’s only five, but with a little help, he counted to ONE HUNDRED! As he was counting, he kept jumping to ninety. But when it was time for ninety, he jumped to a hundred. We’re so thankful for the spirit God his given this boy. Please pray his spirit spreads Jesus’ light to others!

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Latest Updates

Jan 12, 2018

We saw somebody special this morning playing in the playroom! He’s got such energy in life, and he made his way around the playroom and even got his mama to push him for a little bit. He’s doing fantastic with the physiotherapy that he’s had after having his bandages were removed earlier this week. He also had his pins removed. His mama is being so diligent in his care that one of our physiotherapists told us that she put too much vaseline on his newly freed hand. We’re thankful he’s so well cared for! We’ll see our guy again on the 31st of this month. Photo of Jayden

Dec 15, 2017

Oh what a day! There was some crying and there was some silliness! Jayden got to go home today, but before he left, he had to have his IV removed. He was the opposite of thrilled. After the nurse got the IV out, he got a bandage, but after a little while, he was in need of another bandage. “My sticker!” Jayden exclaimed. His sticker was on the same hand as the bandage, and he wanted that sticker to be safe! We brought him more stickers and went with his mom and him to catch their ride. We’ll see them again on January 10th. In the meantime, please pray for quick healing for Jayden, and for his mom too. Today marks a year since her mom passed away, and today was a bit hard for her. Pray she always remembers that Jesus is with her! Photo of Jayden

Dec 14, 2017

“I got you!” Jayden exclaimed as we sat chatting with his mom. Jayden was having a ball taking photos of us from his spot in bed. When we showed Jayden a photo of him and his mom that we took, he said, “Wewe na mimi!” which means you and me, and he might have even giggled. This boy has energy! His mom shared with us that he does not like going to theatre. Tomorrow he has to go back for a dressing change. Please pray God gives him the courage to go to theatre calmly. Please also pray that the wound hiding under all those bandages is healing as swiftly as possible! Photo of Jayden

Dec 13, 2017

As we talked to Jayden’s mom this morning, we talked about how Jayden had been in pain yesterday, but that he was better today. We talked about yesterday’s holiday too - Kenyan Independence Day. And we talked about a birthday party we’d hosted yesterday. “He is old enough now.” She was talking about how he knows that cake is for birthdays. He just celebrated number five in October, so he’ll have to wait a little bit for the next birthday, but we hope he gets to eat some cake before then! Photo of Jayden

Dec 11, 2017

We were teasing Jayden about this photo and telling him he was like an upside down bat! This little boy has a fabulous giggle. He’s lively and a bit shy, but he’s already warming up, and we’re hoping he’ll be our best friend by the end of the week! We’re thankful that his surgery is today and that he’s getting closer to completing his road to healing. Please pray for our little batman friend as he’s on this healing road! Photo of Jayden

Jan 09, 2014

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