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  • Conditiona spinal condition
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Collins's Story

Collins is a sweet young man. At first glimpse of his energy, it would be hard for anyone to guess that he has a spinal condition. When we first met Collins, he was rolling all over his hospital bed being both playful and shy. As we talked to his a… Read more

Collins is a sweet young man. At first glimpse of his energy, it would be hard for anyone to guess that he has a spinal condition. When we first met Collins, he was rolling all over his hospital bed being both playful and shy. As we talked to his aunt, Elizabeth, he was busy trying some acrobat moves on the bed, attempting to stand on his head and such. It’s hard to get bored when he is in sight. Due to Collins’ condition, he has not been able to start school yet, even though his age mates are currently in the third grade.

In 2014, Collins' mother passed away, leaving her seven children under the care of Elizabeth. It was also around this same time that Collins started to complain about severe back pain. “When you hold him anywhere near his back, he would scream whether he was sleeping or awake,” Elizabeth explained. “He was new to me, so it took time figure out what was happening to him, until the next year around March when we noticed the small swelling in his back.”

Back at their village, hospitals are not so common and traditional medicine is still very popular, so that was Elizabeth’s first stop in her quest for her nephew’s treatment. The traditional medicine proved to be of little help to them, but according to Elizabeth, a second trial helped ease the pain in his back later on in the year. However, Collins still could not walk and the swelling on his back kept growing.

Help finally came through a church near their home. With the help of the church and the pastor, Collins came to CURE in March of this year. “When we came here, we at least got some medication to be giving him as we waited for surgery,” Elizabeth continued. “I believe even the medication is the reason he is so energetic today. It has helped him a big deal.” Collins will be going through a spine surgery to correct his condition this week. It’s our prayer that soon he will be healed. We look forward to seeing Collins back on his feet playing and finally being able to start school.

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Latest Updates

May 24, 2017

Our sweet Collins didn't come for clinic last week, however, they have to travel far to come to clinic, so maybe they're hoping to wait until our clinic on July 12th. Let's hope so and pray for Collins until then!

Apr 27, 2017

Collins got to go home today! And he was gone this morning before we could even say goodbye! He and his auntie have a long journey back home. We heard that when they came, it took them twelve hours to get here! Since we didn’t get to capture a photo of our sweet Collins before he left, we’re happy we can share a photo of him from last week. Stay tuned for more 'peek-a-boo boy' adventures next month when Collins comes for a checkup at clinic on May 17th! Photo of Collins

Apr 26, 2017

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” (Mother Teresa) Collins is still peek-a-boo boy today, but we captured a smile between the hidings. We hope that Collins’ smile makes your Wednesday a little bit brighter and a little bit happier! We’re not yet sure when he will go home, but he seems to be doing well. He got fitted for his jacket (a brace that fits on his torso) and from what we understand, he’s doing well with it. His aunt asked us today, “Is today Wednesday?” After this, she proceeded to talk about how it’s been a week since Collins’ had his surgery. She must be itching to go home! Please pray it’s soon, friends. Photo of Collins

Apr 25, 2017

Peek-a-boo boy is back! We saw him this morning and had a fun and silly game of peek-a-boo and some tickles. When we asked his auntie about them going home, she told us, “Not yet. Practice.” Collins needs to work on some exercises before he can go home. Please be praying this doesn’t cause him much discomfort! Photo of Collins

Apr 24, 2017

Friends, Collins is doing very well, and we are more than grateful to God for that. Although he has moments when he is in some pain, he is able to fight it and still afford a smile. Collins has painkillers that are helping him deal with the pain and clearly God still remains faithful to him every single day. He was a bit shy when we asked to take a picture of him, but he could not resist smiling for the camera. Today, Collins had his body jacket measurements taken, and we hope and pray that he will continue to recover quickly and smoothly. Photo of Collins

Apr 21, 2017

Oh, sweet Collins. He seems a little bit miserable today. He is still in our HDU recovering, and his breathing doesn’t sound super healthy. The nurse told us that if he lays in a certain position, it causes him pain in his chest. The good news is that this is pretty normal with patients who have chest tubes. And having long spine surgeries, or really any kind of spine surgery, takes time to recover from. We’re trusting Jesus that when we see Collins on Monday, he’ll be smiling again! Photo of Collins

Apr 20, 2017

Today we had a chat with Elizabeth, Collin’s auntie, about his surgery yesterday. “It was a scary day for me, at some point I almost made peace with the fact that he wasn't going to be coming out of theatre, I thought he was gone for good. It’s no easy task waiting for more than six hours for someone who is in surgery,” she told us. “When I finally was called by the nurse, I didn’t know what to expect, I thought she would give me the worst news, then I saw him on a bed, he moved his hand and said something. At that moment I just said to God 'thank you' - I was so happy.” Her joy from yesterday flowed over to today and she was still so excited today. Collins is still in the high dependency unit recovering, please kindly continue to pray for him! Photo of Collins

Apr 19, 2017

Look who keeps hiding from the camera! We caught Collins right before he was taken back for his big surgery, and he seemed a bit less happy than yesterday. We think he was a bit uncomfortable, but thankfully not crying. We had found him crying in his bed before he was taken to the surgery waiting bay. But even though he may have been experiencing some discomfort today, he was still silly and hid from us. And can you see that smile peeking out from his hand? We know Collins might experience some hard times these next few days as he recovers from his surgery, but we know he will be okay. Please pray for joy and for healing for him! Photo of Collins

Apr 18, 2017

Oh, the joy! While we were taking pictures in the ward today, Collins was laying in the bed, sort of playing peekaboo with us. We heard a little noise coming from his direction, and he was hiding from us under his blanket. We love to give him tickles and make him giggle. He’s a lot of fun, and we’re excited to share this fun with YOU! Photo of Collins

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