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  • Age17
  • Conditiona spinal condition
  • Next Appointment 09/11/2018

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Winnie's Story

Winnie was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis when she was 2-years-old. Her parents noticed she wasn\\\'t walking at an age that she ought to have been walking. They took her to a health facility where tests were done and that\\\'s when the diagnos… Read more

Winnie was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis when she was 2-years-old. Her parents noticed she wasn\\\'t walking at an age that she ought to have been walking. They took her to a health facility where tests were done and that\\\'s when the diagnosis was first made. She was admitted in the hospital for two months and put under medication. The tuberculosis healed but left her with spine complications, which have continued to trouble her up to date. “She has been slow to catch up on a lot of things, but every step she makes, I thank God for that grace,” her father Simon told us.

Though Winnie has missed a lot of school because of being in and out of the hospital, she still enjoys her studies so much. “Of all the subjects, I love science most,” she told us, adding, “One day when I grow up, I want to be a doctor.” When we visited her at her home, she brought us her science book to show us what she had been learning in class.

Winnie\\\'s on school holiday, so she\\\'s finally been able to come to have her spine fixed, and we\\\'re so happy to be reunited with her!

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Latest Updates

Sep 12, 2017

Our girl Winnie continues to do well! We had a few get-well messages to share with her, and she read them to us. She’s still learning English, so trying to communicate in English is difficult for her, but she’s a fabulous reader of English! Winnie found out she doesn’t have to come back for another checkup until September 11th of next year. We’ll check up on her probably yearly until she’s eighteen, and then go from there. We let Winnie choose which photo of herself she would like for us to use for this update. As she and her dad walked away, the realization that we wouldn’t see her for a year really hit us, but we prayed for her life as she walked away. Please pray too, friends, for God’s blessings and for undying joy for Winnie. Photo of Winnie

Mar 07, 2017

Oh this precious lady can smile! We saw Winnie at clinic today, and she’s doing quite well. We know where Winnie gets her smile and great personality - her dad! He was so friendly today, and we loved talking to him. These parents are so loving and dedicated throughout their kiddos’ treatment. It can’t be easy to come to appointment after appointment, but they do it anyway and their child is worth every moment spent doing it. In other news, our Winnie is now fifteen! She’s almost grown up! We will update you more when we see her on September 12th. Until then, friends! Photo of Winnie

Jan 17, 2017

Today Winnie was happy to have a break from her usual school routine and do some traveling to Kisumu, for her follow up appointment. But even so, she is also happy to be back to school this year and she hopes that it will be a different year. “Last year she missed so many classes because she was almost always sick. The surgery and recovery also took up some school time, she barely stayed in school so we decided that this year, she would stay in grade six and do some catching up. We are very optimistic about this year.” Josephine’s father told us. We were delighted to meet this lovely lady and more so to know that she is healing very well and she that hasn't had any complications of late. Let’s continue praying for great progress for our friend, both health wise and at school. We look forward to seeing her again on March 7th when we visit Kisumu again for a mobile clinic. Photo of Winnie

Jul 19, 2016

"All of you should pass by our home, we make you a meal." That was Simon's offer today when he brought his daughter for clinic. The family is ever so grateful to God and the CURE family for the healing their daughter is receiving. Winnie is doing really well and not just with her health, but also in school. We won't be seeing this very happy family again for another six months, we will miss them, but we're also very happy because Winnie is doing that good, that she doesn't need any close monitoring! Let's join the family in prayer, thanking God for His doing in this young lady's life! Photo of Winnie

May 17, 2016

“We are so happy, her mother and me. Even Winnie, she was fearing so much but now she is okay,” Winnie’s dad told us as soon as he saw us. This is one happy and grateful family! Winnie is healing well and was shown some stretches to be doing at home. As of now, she is not using her muscles almost at all, but now that her parents have been told it’s good to let her do things on her own, we hope this will change. It was basically like a family reunion when Winnie’s family showed up. They remembered everyone and everyone remembered them. There was handshaking and catching up all around! Her dad said 'thank you' so many times to our staff, we lost count! We’re thanking God today for such a positive appointment! We’ll get to see them again for the next clinic in July. Photo of Winnie

Apr 27, 2016

"We had to leave home yesternight at 7:00 pm to make it to clinic today," Mary, Winnie's mother told us. We thank God that this two made it to CURE safely. Despite the very long journey here, they both were so happy to arrive and to see all the friends they made while here. Winnie is doing very well, she is now walking without any problems at all and her wound is healing great. We will be seeing her again next month in the Kisumu clinic, and we are looking forward to that! Please keep remembering her in your prayers. Photo of Winnie

Apr 11, 2016

Winnie was discharged today. She was very happy to be going home and had a wide smile on her face. We thank God for the good progress she has made while here at the hospital and pray that this will continue back home. She is now able to walk, but not long distances quite yet. She got a wheelchair to help with the stretch from the hospital to the bus stop. We will see her again in two weeks time when she comes back for review. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Winnie

Apr 08, 2016

Winnie was such a champ today! She got out of bed, and with the help of our physiotherapists, she made her first steps after the surgery! We were all so proud of her! Thank you all for your encouragements and prayers...keep them coming! Please check back in on Monday to see how much more progress she will have made over the weekend. Photo of Winnie

Apr 07, 2016

Winnie is still in the HDU, but today she made one more step towards recovery. She started on light exercises, and our physiotherapist told her to start rising up her hands and bringing them back down. A few rounds of that and she was glad to show us that she is could do it without much struggle. Keep praying and encouraging her as she continues to recover! Photo of Winnie

Apr 06, 2016

"We thank God that yesterday went well," Winnie's father Simon told us today, with a smile on his face. We found both parents by her side. "Things are easier when we are the two of us, at least we get to encourage each other," they told us. Winnie is still in the HDU but she is doing well. We hope that she will soon be back in the ward! Photo of Winnie

Apr 05, 2016

Winnie went in for the surgery today, and it wasn't a short procedure. Dr. Theuri and Dr. Gilbert worked on her spine for more than three hours, rectifying it and then putting a metal rod there to hold it in place. We thank God that the surgery was a success. She will spend the night in our high dependence unit to stabilize, then back to her ward bed. Please remember her in your prayers as she recovers. Photo of Winnie

Apr 04, 2016

Meet Winnie, a lovely young lady who comes to us with a spinal condition. She is in the hospital in the company of both her parents, Simon and Mary. Our surgeons will work this week to fix her spine. Let's please join in praying for her and encouraging her through her stay here. We will all get to know her better over the coming days! Photo of Winnie

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