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Ryan's Story

One year old Ryan has been experiencing hip pain for a while now. It’s a miracle that his mother was somehow able to discern his pain and realize her son had something disturbing him even though he is too young to communicate effectively. Ryan ha… Read more

One year old Ryan has been experiencing hip pain for a while now. It’s a miracle that his mother was somehow able to discern his pain and realize her son had something disturbing him even though he is too young to communicate effectively. Ryan has osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition characterized by low bone density, causing a child to frequently break his or her bones. Ryan has probably broken a few of his bones without his parents even realizing and as our doctors looked at his x-rays, they could see areas where his bones had healed incorrectly. He will be going through multiple procedures and we pray that afterward, his parents will be able to treat him as delicately as he needs to be treated in order to ensure the fractures do not frequent his life.

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Latest Updates

Sep 11, 2020

We spoke to Ryan during mobile clinic this week and he says he is happy at home and is helping his mum as much as he can. We asked about school and he told us that he is looking forward to going back once the COVID-19 situation changes. Photo of Ryan

Jan 08, 2020

Ryan and his mum were all smiles this morning. We are happy that they made it to come see the doctor for their review. Ryan had no issues and the doctor observed that he is using crutches without any complaints of pain or discomfort. We thank God for helping Ryan all through his journey. We will see him at mobile clinic in a months time. Photo of Ryan

Nov 27, 2019

Ryan and his mom woke up early today to make it to CURE Kenya in good time. They were really jolly in the morning when we saw them. Ryan was hoping that today he would go home without another cast, but when the doctor examined his x-ray, he realized that Ryan’s bone hadn’t quite healed as expected. So, the doctor explained to Ryan and his mom why a new cast was important. Trying to convince Ryan that this was the best thing to do was difficult and it made him sad. Please pray that he will accept the situation and see the good in it. We’ll see Ryan again in a few weeks. Photo of Ryan

Oct 17, 2019

Today is going home day for Ryan which means his dad came to pick him up! During his time visiting CURE Kenya, Ryan’s dad caught up with Pastor Philip. “I first appreciated him for coming to see the family,” Pastor Philip told us. They talked a bit, including about salvation, and they prayed too. Please pray for him as he considers saying yes to Jesus. And pray for Ryan and his mama too! Photo of Ryan

Oct 16, 2019

“I slept today,” Ryan’s mom told us. The sleeping started last night actually. She slept at seven last evening until Ryan woke her at 10 and told her she’d slept. She slept some after this, but since the life of a mama never stops, she was awake in the night some too. Ryan also had a visit from his auntie yesterday and she brought toys -- including this cow! Ryan might get to go home tomorrow. Pray for his continued healing! Photo of Ryan

Oct 15, 2019

Ryan came from the OR and needed a bit of help with his breathing, so he went into our high dependency unit for the night. His mom stayed up with him, making sure he was alright. “For him, I cannot get tired,” she told us. Thankfully, she’ll have some time to rest since Ryan is now breathing better and should be going back to the main ward soon! Pray for Ryan as he heals once again from his surgery which straightened out some of the bones in his leg! Photo of Ryan

Oct 14, 2019

Ryan is back! He’s no stranger to CURE Kenya, and these days, he takes it in stride. He knows just what to do as he waits: play games! We noticed another phone on his bed and his mom told us it was hers and the other is Ryan’s. His is special and is mostly just for games and music. Ryan will have another surgery this time around and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more! Photo of Ryan

Aug 28, 2019

The last time Ryan was here, he was in quite some pain. He complained about pain in his knee area and after an x-ray was taken, it was discovered that the piece of metal in his leg had moved a bit. His mum was told that he’ll need another surgery to put the rod back to its place and was asked to wait to be called back to CURE Kenya for admission. As they both waited for the call, God did a miracle for Ryan and the pain stopped. The rod seemed to have gone back to its place and Ryan went back to walking using crutches. Today Ryan and his mum are here and they are hoping to hear that Ryan won’t need surgery. Ryan's mum remains hopeful that her son won’t need surgery and that they’ll go back home and continue coming for check ups as the doctor requires. We are happy that God has granted Mama Ryan and her son their wish. Ryan is okay and will be seen during the next mobile clinic in his hometown. He won’t need surgery! Photo of Ryan

Jun 26, 2019

“He told me that today we slept longer than usual because we got here late and are number 21 in line.” Mama Ryan told us when we asked about the tiny paper with a number that Ryan is holding. Usually, our patients like coming in early on clinic days so that they can be at the front of the line and can go back home in good time. When Ryan's number finally did get called, the doctor found that he's not doing so hot. The rod placed in Ryan's leg is causing him some pain as it is slightly pressing into his knee. He'll need another surgery to reposition the rod. Please pray for Ryan and the doctors as they schedule out the next steps. Photo of Ryan

May 16, 2019

This is the face of a boy who has been through a lot of pain but continues to remain positive because he has a mother who loves him and takes care of him. This is the face of a boy who is happy to go home today. This is the face of a boy who is loved by God. Ryan was a bit shy when we complimented him on how good he looks with home clothes. He is excited about going home and so is his mum. There is just a sense of comfort that comes with being at home and we are happy that Ryan is going to experience this as he recovers. Please thank God with us for how far our cute little friend has come and for strength for his mum to continue taking care of him. Photo of Ryan

May 15, 2019

This is the face of a mother who has walked alongside her son as he struggles through a condition that keeps him dependent on doctors. This is the face of a mother who has spent many nights sleeping in hospital beds. This is the face of a mother who says: “As long as he’s not in pain, I’m okay.” May we never stop being grateful for each and every mother who remains strong when their child is suffering, who cries for them, feels for them, and shows them unconditional love. And in this gratefulness, may we smile like Mama Ryan does because we know Who stands with these mamas! Photo of Ryan

May 14, 2019

Ryan sat in the theatre waiting bay yesterday, waiting his turn for the nurse to make certain he was good to go for his surgery. Ryan is a theatre veteran, so he probably knows the process very well. He was calm and fine as he waited. We’re thankful he’s in such good hands at CURE Kenya despite his many theatre trips! Pray for him as he recovers from surgery once again. He was a bit sick last night, so pray he’s able to eat okay today. Photo of Ryan

May 13, 2019

Oh hey there, handsome! Our guy is back for another rush rod revision, this time on the other side. Clearly, despite this, the sun seems to be shining on Ryan -- literally and also judging by his smile. We’re grateful for this because our boy has been through a lot due to his condition. Pray for him! Photo of Ryan

Oct 05, 2018

“Take a picture of him! We’re going home!” Ryan’s mom told us today. His grandma had even come this morning and they looked dressed and ready to hit the road! Ryan’s mom told us that either Ryan’s brother missed him or that Ryan missed his brother, either way, it’s probably both! Robert has come to appointments with Ryan before, so we can only imagine what kind of sweet friendship they share. Ryan was given some cars this week, so it’s fun that they’ll now get to play together with them. Please pray that as Ryan waits for his next appointment at mobile clinic, he will just enjoy his time with the family God has given him! Photo of Ryan

Oct 04, 2018

“Tell them ‘thank you.’ God bless,” Ryan’s mom told us today. “And tell them Jesus loves them too!” We shared Ryan’s get well messages with his mom today, and she so sweetly gave us messages to give back to YOU! Thank you for sharing your hearts and love and prayers with Ryan and his mama. Your words make a difference! Photo of Ryan

Oct 03, 2018

Music is soothing and a good distraction. Ryan seemed to be enjoying some today when we said 'hi' in the ward, and we’re thankful he’s doing okay. He’s got his bed, his mom, and his music. What more could he need? Please pray for him over the next weeks since he’ll be wearing a cast and these can be a bit awkward to move around with. Photo of Ryan

Oct 02, 2018

He’s happy!” Ryan’s mom told us this morning as Ryan waited for his surgery. Ryan ended up having surgery today and he’s ready for his (rush) rod to be taken out according to his mom. With the surgery he’ll have, they’ll actually put another rod in, but at least it won’t bug him like it sounds like this one has been. Please pray that this will be the last time Ryan has to visit theatre for awhile! Photo of Ryan

Oct 01, 2018

He’s back!!! Our sweet boy Ryan even smiled at us today when we saw him in the ward! He’s going back to the OR (maybe even today) for a rush rod revision. His brittle bone disease often equates to more hospital visits as he grows because the rod that helps stabilize his bone doesn’t grow with him. Please pray that this week he’ll keep smiling and please pray that quick healing will be one of the reasons for his smile! Photo of Ryan

Jul 05, 2018

“I asked him if he had a phone now,” the doctor told us. Ryan had sat down to be examined by the doc, and he was holding his mom’s phone, so that’s why he asked. Ryan’s x-ray was examined and the doctors came to the conclusion that Ryan will need another surgery. Because of Ryan’s condition, a rod had to be placed in his leg to help stabilize his bone. That rod is in need of revision because it’s protruding through the bone. We’re not sure if they’ll just move it or give him a new one, but regardless, Ryan will be coming for surgery to get it sorted. Please pray over this for us! Photo of Ryan

Jan 11, 2018

Today Ryan brought along his mom and his dad. We didn’t see Robert, his brother, because we imagine that he was at school. Ryan was feeling shy but after taking a photo of him and showing it to him, we teased him because we thought we saw a smile form on his little face. For now, Ryan is okay. We’ll see him again at mobile clinic on July 5th. There we’ll find out if he needs to have surgery to replace the rod in his leg with a bigger one because, wonder of wonders, our little man is growing! Photo of Ryan

Nov 23, 2017

“I have an assignment for you,” Dr. Ahmad told Ryan’s mom today. “You need to help Ryan to walk without the crutches.” Mama Ryan wasn’t so sure about this and asked questions but also laughed a little too. Dr. Ahmad also requested an X-ray, but the X-ray machine at the clinic site wasn’t working. Poor Ryan will need to wait until our clinic in January to see the doctor again. While he waits, he’ll get to hang out with his big brother Robert, who came with him to clinic today. We were chatting with Mama Robert/Ryan about the fact that their names both start with R. She told us what she’d name the next boy if she had another. It starts with the letter R, but we’ll let the rest be a surprise if she ever has another baby! Photo of Ryan

Nov 10, 2016

We didn’t get to spend much time today with Ryan. We saw him at the end of his appointment as he was about to leave. But, we do have news! There’s been a change in Ryan’s care. He is doing so well that he doesn’t have to come back to see us for a whole year! Consider his wave a 'goodbye-for-now' wave. Please be praying that he will continue to do well. We look forward to seeing him on November 23rd of NEXT YEAR!!! Photo of Ryan

Sep 01, 2016

Ryan came in today for his regular checkup, and as always he was in the company of his mother, Margaret. Ryan is doing great, he is still walking without his crutches though, with a slight limp. The doctor after review told Margret that for now things are looking great but, we will need to keep him on close observation. “We are ready to come as often as very month,” was Margaret's faithful response. We, however, resolved to only have them come for followup every time there is mobile clinic at their home town, Nakuru. Ryan is in baby class and he let us know that he had gone back to school this week on Tuesday from the August school break and so far, he is having a great time at school! We look forward to catching up again with Ryan and Margaret on November 10th. Photo of Ryan

Jun 02, 2016

We were mistaken in Ryan’s last update. He actually left with the crutches back in April! But he came today without them. “He’s doing so well, he has even started school,” his mom told us, smiling. The fractures are healing very well, but the doctor told them that even though he is able to walk without his crutches, it is better that he use them to reduce the weight on this legs. This will prevent him from more fractures—at least until the legs are stronger. Ryan was happier than usual today and it was so good to see him and his mom both smiling so much! Photo of Ryan

Apr 08, 2016

Ryan was feeling a lot better, pain wise, and was being quite playful after his review, adamant to chew on the table! Dr. Chomba sent them to the physiotherapy team to see whether Ryan might benefit from crutches or a walker. They decided on crutches and had him measured. He'll come to get them at our next Nakuru clinic at the start of June. Photo of Ryan

Jan 07, 2016

Today, Ryan had his long leg cast removed. It wasn't so much a fun experience for him, as the noise of the cast cutter really had him scared. After the cast was removed, he had an Xray of his upper left leg taken. His leg his healing very well! He started experiencing some pain after the cast was removed, but the doctor prescribed some painkillers for that. We look forward to seeing him again on April 7th when he will be coming back for his next appointment. Let's continue praying for this cool guy! Photo of Ryan

Dec 16, 2015

No sign of Ryan today in clinic, so we hope to see him at our next Embu clinic, February 11th, if not sooner. We will update as soon as we see him!

Nov 25, 2015

Ryan wasn't in such a good mood today, because they had to travel a long distance to get here, so upon arrival, he was tired and crying. We tried to cheer him up, and then after a while, he slept. He was actually so tired, he slept through most of the review by the doctor! But everything is going great, and there aren't any complications, so we will see him again in four weeks time, when his cast will be removed. Let's continue praying for him. Photo of Ryan

Nov 09, 2015

Ryan was discharged over the weekend, and he is scheduled to come back for a follow up clinic on November 25th. We hope to see them! Please keep him in your prayers!

Nov 06, 2015

Well, still no smiling for Ryan today. His mother told us he is still in a lot of pain. We gave him a get well message and tried to comfort him, but when we smiled, he cried. We are letting him rest and hoping the best for the weekend. Photo of Ryan

Nov 05, 2015

We had not seen Ryan in a long time, but he finally came back for the operation on his other hip. Surgeons broke his femur bone, repositioned it, and then inserted a long pin to hold it in place just like his last procedure. Ryan couldn't even manage a little smile today, but we are praying that changes! Photo of Ryan

Jan 08, 2014

Our little guy came to clinic today for his follow up and things are looking great! We took his cast off with his brother Robert there for support, took a new X-ray of his femur, and the doctor was pleased that the bones have healed! That left Ryan leaving with a smile for sure, and some homework to do: rehab exercises. We're set to see him again in April! Photo of Ryan

Nov 18, 2013

Ryan is in recovery at CURE and doing well. Learn more at

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