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Kasib's Story

"If I got healed and walk without my stick, I want to start school!" Proclaims Kasib.

Kasib came to the CURE Ethiopia hospital with his brother and uncle seeking help for his legs problem. He has had this problems since birth and this is the… Read more

"If I got healed and walk without my stick, I want to start school!" Proclaims Kasib.

Kasib came to the CURE Ethiopia hospital with his brother and uncle seeking help for his legs problem. He has had this problems since birth and this is the first hospital he ever visited. “His parents could not afford to take him to any hospital sooner, that’s why we waited this long”. Says Jemal, Kasib’s uncle. A physician saw Kasib in his village and told the the family about the CURE hospital and they brought him here. Kasib is not in school yet because it is far and it is hard for him to walk long distance with his stick, for now he is studying Quran in the mosque. Kasib is the sixth child for his parents, he has three sisters and four brothers! Please join us welcoming Kasib while he starts his healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Jul 15, 2020

And just like that, Kasib has received a clean bill of health from the doctors and he's been given the all clear to go home! Chaltu from our counseling department gave Kasib and his mom a lift to the bus station and they were off. It's sad to see him go, but he'll be back for a follow up in two months and we can't wait to hear stories how everyone in his community reacts to his straight legs. He's a completely different man now than when he arrived here! Photo of Kasib

Jul 13, 2020

One of our counselors Temesgen taught Kasib how to make different crafts using beads. Kasib spent a deliberate amount of time choosing his perfect colors and then opted to make them into a heart! While it may seem like just craft time, the idea behind this is to encourage kids to express what's going on inside themselves in positive and healthy ways. It can be a big task, but after everything he's been through we know Kasib isn't afraid of a challenge! Photo of Kasib

Jun 23, 2020

Kasib was showing off the bracelet he is making with Temesgen from our counseling staff. Temesgen comes up with fun ideas to both keep the kids entertained and to give him time to interact with, talk with, and see how they're doing. Today's idea was a rubber band bracelet! Photo of Kasib

Jun 18, 2020

Kasib is making a lot of progress. Today, instead of his walking frame, he started walking with just crutches which require more balance and strength. This means he is one step closer to walk without any support! Thank you all for your prayers and please keep on praying for him. Photo of Kasib

Jun 10, 2020

Kasib joined in on some singing and crafts with the counseling staff. A few days ago, Kasib and the other longterm patients made sheep out of clay learning about how the shepard always looks out for his flock. By today, the clay had hardened and it was time to paint them! Kasib opted for a red color theme, but who are we to argue with his vision for his sheep?? Also if you want to see and hear Kasib singing with the other patients check out this link: It's essentially an Amharic (the main language of Ethiopia) version of the children's song "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" if you know it!

Jun 03, 2020

"I'm gonna take your picture" Kasib told us. His brother stopped by over the weekend and dropped off a phone for Kasib so they can keep in touch. But the BIG news right now is Kasib has had his casts taken off!!! It's a massive stepped in the right direction and later this week, he'll start physical therapy with no more support other than his own two legs! Photo of Kasib

May 29, 2020

"Thank you very much!" says Kasib after hearing all the get well messages you've been sending him. One of our counselor Chaltu read the messages to him and he loved all the digital attention! Thank you all for your prayers and support. Photo of Kasib

May 20, 2020

It was craft time today in the long term patient ward. Kasib and the other patients had already been given pandemic masks, but today they got to make their own! This is one of the first times we've seen Kasib so quiet and focused! After measuring and cutting, our counseling staff will do the actual sewing for the patients. Photo of Kasib

May 15, 2020

The past couple of days Kasib has been bragging about how the doctors told him he is going to begin standing are starting physical therapy soon. Well today was the day it all began! It's a little tougher than he anticipated, but he's doing a great job of listening to the physical therapist and taking things one step at a time ... literally. Please keep Kasib in your prayers as this is hard work! Photo of Kasib

May 13, 2020

"Ohhhh, it's so cold" Kasib shuttered right after his cast removal. He's had casts on non stop for the past couple of weeks and it's a strange feeling the air hitting his uncovered legs! He is going to learn a couple of knee range of motion exercises with our physical therapist and then he'll have a walking cast put on. He should be able to start proper walking exercises next week! Photo of Kasib

May 12, 2020

For Kasib, he's got the hard work of simply waiting while his legs heal. It's a long process, but he's doing a pretty great job of staying entertained. He's been working on his English ABCs and he wanted to show them off today! He started strong and while he got side tracked there in the middle, we're impressed with how he kept the confidence !

May 06, 2020

Today Kasib decided to guard the long term patient ward's door. He was in his wheelchair using the two handed full stop sign to keep people out. He's an odd one, but we love having him here! Photo of Kasib

May 04, 2020

Kasib and some of his friends gathered around to watch television, one of Kasib's favorite things to do! Nothing can distract him when he's in the TV zone. TV is a luxury for many in Ethiopia so we figure it's not too bad to let him stock on screen time while he's here! Photo of Kasib

May 01, 2020

At Kasib's request we did some (poor) beatboxing so he could do a little dancing in the long term patient warm playroom before lunch today!

Apr 30, 2020

Kasib wasn't too fond of his haircut at first, but it's grown on him over the last 24 hours. Today he was using his afternoon snack to "call home" and update his family ... really he was just goofing off to entertain all of us around him! Photo of Kasib

Apr 29, 2020

Our counseling staff take on a large variety of roles here at CURE Ethiopia. Today Temesgen, whose title is Playroom Specialist, played the role as hair dresser for Kasib and a few of the other boys in our long term patient ward. He didn't used to wear protective gowns and gloves, but a while back he was cutting a patient's hair and found a whole bunch of lice. He's not taking any chances any more! Photo of Kasib

Apr 28, 2020

Today gets a thumbs up from Kasib! He began his journey with CURE Ethiopia almost two years ago when he started receiving medication to strengthen his bones for an eventual surgery. Since the procedures he needed to straighten his legs were major ones, he had to take the medication for a good amount of time. He did eventually receive surgeries on both legs. Getting used to the casts has been pretty hard for him, but he has handled it like a champ and doesn't let anything stop him from making friends around the ward! Photo of Kasib

Apr 27, 2020

"I want my photo" Kasib shouted at us when he saw our camera. Kasib loves his photo being taken and loves the attention even more! As he's recovering from his surgeries in our long term patient ward, he's become the ring leader of sorts for the friend group that's formed there. We love his goofy demeanor as well as his solid leadership for the other kids! Photo of Kasib

Apr 24, 2020

Today we caught up with Kasib as he watched the animated 2002 movie Spirit with his friends in the ward. Since he just needs time to heal, he's doing a lot of hanging out. Thankfully, we've got a top notch counseling team who organize a lot of games, crafts, and story times for the kids! Photo of Kasib

Apr 07, 2020

Now that Kasib is staying in our long term patient housing aka the Rees-Jones Foundation (RJF) ward, he's missing his friends that are still back in the main ward. Mostly he misses Meron whose bed was next to his for a few weeks. Since the children aren't allowed to go back and forth between the wards, we've been bringing video messages from the two of them back and forth so they can still keep in touch a little! Kasib will record a message for Meron. Meron will watch the message and then record her own for Kasib. And repeat! Photo of Kasib

Apr 01, 2020

Kasib was using his old walking stick to point out which animal he is going to be like once he's all healed! (He also said we were like the antelopes and he was going to eat us, but we won't dwell on our hurt feelings from that comment) He also moving to our long term patient ward today as he's healed up really well and doesn't need as intense supervision anymore! Thank the Lord with us for this progress! Photo of Kasib

Mar 23, 2020

"Thank you everyone for all the messages and I look forward to being healed so I can do all the salat prayers for everyone who prayed for me" says Kasib, after hearing all the encouragement and support from you all. He is doing a whole lot better after having the weekend to recover. He's now starting out another fun week and looking for ways to cause some trouble in the ward! Photo of Kasib

Mar 19, 2020

This little fighter is down for the count. His surgery went well, but he's uncomfortable and unhappy today. His mom is doing her best to distract him by pushing him around the ward, but it's a difficult time. Please be praying both for strength for Kasib and that this will all pass quickly! Photo of Kasib

Mar 17, 2020

Kasib was doing a little bit of boxing today! He is going to the OR for another operation on his left leg to continue straightening it. This man is a little fighter and handling all these surgeries like a champ! Photo of Kasib

Mar 13, 2020

Kasib took down a sign from above his bed and start playing with it. When we passed by, he insisted we take a photo of him with it before he would put it back. Hospitals can be a bit boring and you gotta find ways to entertain yourself! Other than this, he is doing great and finding way to have fun in the ward! Photo of Kasib

Mar 10, 2020

"My mom went outside to buy some snacks for me and I'm waiting for her" Kasib told us with a little glint of anticipation in his eye as he was hanging out in front of the hospital. He is doing well and enjoying all the attention and care he's getting from both our CURE Ethiopia staff and his his mom! Photo of Kasib

Mar 06, 2020

When Kasib saw the camera he got up and posed for a photo! He is doing great and recovering well from his operation! Please keep on praying for this young man! Photo of Kasib

Mar 04, 2020

Kasib's operation went really well! Dr. Tim did a wonderful job straightening Kasib's leg and now Kasib is resting and recovering in the ward again. Please continue praying for this young man as he gets one step closer to being completely corrected! Photo of Kasib

Mar 03, 2020

This morning we found Kasib in his wheelchair, heading to the OR. Today he is having another operation on the upper part of his left leg that will help him straighten it out. This is a lot of surgery for such a young man, so please keep in your prayers for strength and persistence! Photo of Kasib

Feb 26, 2020

Kasib surgery went wonderfully the other day and he's recovering well in the ward. He is already out of bed, wheeling around, and enjoying his post-op life! He will stay in the ward and continue his healing for a while longer still. Please keep on praying for this young man! Photo of Kasib

Feb 21, 2020

Kasib's surgery is happening today! We found him in the operation room waiting area right before going into the OR and he was smiling. He is such a brave little guy. Please keep on praying for him! Photo of Kasib

Feb 19, 2020

It has been decided: Kasib's operation has been rescheduled for tomorrow and he is excited to be on the OR list again. Please be praying nothing keeps this surgery from happening as scheduled this time! Photo of Kasib

Feb 17, 2020

Today's plan was for Kasib to have his second operation. Unfortunately the operation room was busy and his surgery had to be postponed. Kasib didn't get the exact reschedule date just yet, but hopefully he will have it sometime later this week. Until then, he will continue having his fun in the ward! Photo of Kasib

Feb 13, 2020

Kasib is doing great! He spends his time either in bed resting or wheeling around the ward looking for trouble to get into. He is continuing his healing and enjoying his time here with us at CURE Ethiopia! Photo of Kasib

Feb 10, 2020

We found Kasib in bed. He was showing us his strong fists, letting us know he had a restful weekend and he is getting stronger. Please keep on praying for this strong, young man! Photo of Kasib

Feb 07, 2020

Kasib is feeling pretty good today. So good that he left his bed for the first time after his surgery and was wheeling around the ward! Please keep praying for this young man! Photo of Kasib

Feb 05, 2020

One surgery down and couple of more to go! Kasib's surgery went super well and he is already resting and recovering in the ward. Dr. Tim did a wonderful job straightening the the upper part of Kasib's right leg. Keep praying for a speedy recovery! Photo of Kasib

Feb 04, 2020

Kasib is going to the operation room today. He is going to need multiple surgeries to straighten his legs and this first one will be on the lower part of his right leg. Please keep praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! Photo of Kasib

Feb 03, 2020

It's been a long year, but Kasib has finally been readmitted for surgery! We found him in his bed this morning having a snack and storing up strength for his next big surgery day! Please keep praying for this young man. Photo of Kasib

Feb 20, 2019

Kasib came back for his check-up. His lab results showed that he needs phosphate for his bone and he has to take the medication before he can get surgery. He'll be back in a little bit to pick up the meds and then we'll decide his next steps for surgery. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Kasib

Nov 15, 2018

Kasib is a whiz with his knitting! He was suppose to have his operation this week but unfortunately he needs to take medication before having it so his body is strong enough to have surgery and heal. He is heading back home and will continue his medication from there. We will see him back in February to see his progress, please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Kasib

Nov 12, 2018

Kasib was trying to see if the hairband he made for his mother Sara fit or not! He discovered that it fit perfectly and he did a wonderful job knitting it! Photo of Kasib

Nov 07, 2018

Kasib saw all the things the other kids were doing and he decided to join them and learn some knitting! This is Kasib getting his first lesson from our volunteer Mrs. Valerie and he chose to make a hairband! Photo of Kasib

Nov 06, 2018

Kasib has already made one friend. Meet Umer, Kasib's first friend in the ward! They were hanging together and having fun while Kasib waiting for his upcoming surgery, and Umer did his physical exercises! Photo of Kasib

Nov 05, 2018

Kasib has been admitted here at the CURE Ethiopia hospital for his operation! He will stay in the ward for a couple of days before having his surgery, which means he will have time to make a lot of new friends! Please pray for his upcoming surgery and the healing he needs! Photo of Kasib

Sep 28, 2018

Meet Kasib! He is a sweet boy, initially a little quiet when you first meet him, but we’re sure he’ll warm up to us over time. He is coming back in the beginning of November for his operation! Photo of Kasib

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