News & Stories Refurbishing Ventilators for Hospitals during COVID-19

Refurbishing Ventilators for Hospitals during COVID-19

Refurbishing Ventilators for Hospitals during COVID-19

You may know that ventilators are in high demand and short supply during this COVID-19 virus outbreak. What you may not know is that there are ventilator units available, they just need to be refurbished.

The good news is that used equipment donations can be repaired and turned into reliable, usable machines for reuse in hospitals, and we are already working on it! CURE International biotech engineers and procurement team members are acquiring viable medical equipment and making old machines into new usable ones again and available to hospitals in need.

As an organization that operates charitable, pediatric hospitals in underserved areas of the world, we rely on our biomedical engineers to refurbish medical equipment to a high standard to keep our hospitals sustainable. With our merger with International Aid in 2019, we became one of the largest reconditioners of medical equipment in the non-profit sector. 

So, what are we doing to help during the COVID-19 outbreak? 

Currently, we have five ventilators that have been prepared for United States COVID response emergency field hospitals run by Samaritan’s Purse. “Samaritan’s Purse is deeply grateful for the ventilators CURE has just provided to us. Your generous help as partners in the battle against COVID-19 puts us in a great position to help save lives and reduce suffering.” Steve Nickel, JD VP Donor Ministries at Samaritan’s

In addition, our team will continue to work on restoring ventilators, monitors, test lung, oxygen enrichment attachments, and patient circuits for use in emergency hospital situations and for our charitable hospitals in Africa and the Philippines.

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents a new set of challenges and opportunities. Our hospitals need to be prepared for the possibility of caring for sick COVID-19 patients. Ventilators have been prepared for each of our hospitals and are being air freighted later this week. In addition, vital supplies of masks, gowns, and eye protection will be sent. We are delighted that the team has been able to support the vital work of Samaritan’s Purse through the provision of other ventilators. This crisis has united healthcare providers and NGOs alike as we all strive to support the communities where we serve. It has also highlighted the multifaceted nature of our organization and has shone a light on members of our remarkable team who work behind the scenes. Their expertise and commitment is a huge blessing and we appreciate them more than ever.” – Dr. Rick Gardner, CURE Medical Director
Mark Heidenburg on refurbishing ventilators at CURE International for use in hospitals.

The mission at CURE International is to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God. We are finding ways to use our resources to help the children waiting for healing at our hospitals as well as helping our neighbors and communities where we operate to get through this difficult time.  

For more information on CURE International’s Response to COVID-19 and how CURE Philippines is supporting government health care workers, click here.