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About Ketty

In 2013, Ketty broke her arm badly. She went to a local hospital, where they tried to fix it but it didn't work out so well. She was introduced to Beit Cure by overhearing some people that were talking about their experiences. Maureen, Ketty's mother, decided to give our hospital a try. She is hoping that Ketty can get help before her hand gets to a point where it can't be fixed.


  1. 10/23/2014 Ketty went in for her surgery today and everything went great. We gave some books to her to read before she went into the operating room and that kept her mind off of surgery. We’ll try to get some photos of her surgery uploaded soon! This weekend is Zambia’s 50th Independence Day so everyone is excited and especially since the big jubilee celebration is going to be just across the street from the hospital at the national soccer stadium. Ketty and the rest of the kids are excited to get to stay the weekend and watch all of the busyness and fireworks from the ward!
  2. 10/22/2014 Ketty has made a new friend in the ward, Esther ( They've been bouncing a balloon around to each other this morning and there have been a lot of giggles! They are both scheduled for surgeries on their elbows tomorrow and then they will be cast buddies!
  3. 10/21/2014 Ketty is a very reserved young lady, but she loves to color and spent some time today making sure all her marks stayed inside the lines! This afternoon, we had worship time with all of the moms in the ward and Ketty joined us. Though she was shy at first, by the end of our time she was clapping and singing along!


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