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Gift's Case is Complete!

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Gift's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Gift's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Gift.

About Gift

Though Memory’s baby is two weeks old, he has not yet been given a name. It will have to be a family decision, but before that can happen the baby needs some serious medical attention. He was born with spina bifida, so in result there is a large sore on his lower spine. Sadly, this will likely mean that the baby won’t be able to use his lower limbs or control his bowels when he grows up.

He was brought to Beit CURE by his Aunt Kaluba who explained that Memory was mentally ill and epileptic. She didn’t understand the need of her child’s condition, so Kaluba took it upon herself to help him. The baby’s father is unknown, and his grandmother helps Memory care for him. At first, his grandmother refused to take him to the hospital because she needed to tend her farm, but the baby’s spina bifida wound became infected and his temperature spiked. That’s when Kaluba stepped in.

The baby’s wound has been cleaned and dressed, and he’s scheduled for an operation on Friday. We admire Aunt Kaluba for the love and responsibility she has shown for her nephew, and we pray for the physical and spiritual health of their whole family.


Most Recent Status

  1. 02/18/2013Gift Nkhoma's case is complete! He has been referred to the University Teaching Hospital to continue recovering and it seems our part in his journey is done. Thank you all for the support and care that made Gift's treatment possible.
  2. 02/15/2013Congratulations! We met Gift's funding goal together!


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We have met Gift's funding goal!


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