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Sylas's Case is Complete!

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Sylas's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Sylas's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Sylas.

About Sylas

Lydia and Paul are new to the world of parenting. Lydia gave birth to their firstborn son, Sylas, only three months ago, and since that time, an exciting new chapter of their lives has begun to unfold. Unfortunately their story took an unexpected turn when at one month, Sylas’s head started increasing abnormally in size. They had never seen a child’s head grow the way their son’s was growing and didn't know where to turn for answers.

Thankfully, a member of their community noticed the increase in Sylas’s head and recommended they visit a clinic in Northern Uganda. It was only a short distance from their home, so Lydia and Paul went together to find out what could be causing the swelling in their son’s head. Little did they know they were about to discover that Sylas has hydrocephalus, a life threatening brain disease.

“The doctors told me that Sylas has water on the brain,” recalled Lydia, “but he could be healed at CURE.” Sylas will be receiving his lifesaving surgery early next week. Lydia looks forward to watching her son grow and hopes that one day he will use the life he has been given to spread the gospel and share his story with others.



  1. 11/20/2012 Sylas's treatment date has been changed to 11/20/2012
  2. 11/16/2012 A new photo for Opio Sylus
  3. 11/16/2012 A new photo for Opio Sylus


We must raise $1750 to support this life-changing procedure for Sylas at CURE Uganda. (FAQ's)


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