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About Andy

Andy is such a responsible guy...the first time we met him, we found him telling the other kids the rules for the playroom and that they had to get permission before heading in there. He is here due to his spina bifida and clubfoot. The course of treatment for clubfoot would usually be straight forward. We would operate, cast, and put him in braces, but because of his spina bifida, there is risk in that his feet might not heal quickly or respond as well. So as the doctors laid the options down for his mother, they decided together the best way forward for him. We are praying that his surgery and the healing process will go well this week, and that we can help make walking easier for our little guy!


  1. 06/17/2013 Congratulations! We met Andy's funding goal together!
  2. 04/12/2013 We have really missed Andy, but he has not yet come back for a review so we are not sure how he is doing, but we hope and pray that he is well. When we hear or see him, we will let you know whats up.
  3. 04/04/2013 We have not seen him yet :-(
  4. 03/20/2013 No Andy yet... let us hope he shows up next week.
  5. 02/08/2013 A close up of Andy's cast
  6. 02/08/2013 Andy Muhinga was discharged from CURE Kenya and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS ANDY! GET WELL SOON BUDDY!! Learn more at
  7. 02/08/2013 Check out that smile, recovery has gone quite well for Andy.He is feeling good, and even going around bed to bed asking people to sign his cast! Have We mentioned how smart Andy is? Yesterday he received a get well card and was able to read the entire thing in english, no swahili translator needed! That is so so rare!
  8. 02/05/2013 Andy Muhinga is in recovery at CURE Kenya. Learn more at
  9. 02/05/2013 Doctors are so pleased with how surgery went this afternoon! Here are some close up shots from inside the operating room!
  10. 02/05/2013 He is heading back everybody!! Andy Muhinga is in surgery at CURE Kenya. Learn more at
  11. 02/04/2013 Prayers for Andy as he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow!!
  12. 02/04/2013 Here is a closer look at Andy's clubfoot.
  13. 02/04/2013 Andy came prepared, he has himself a little gameboy!
  14. 02/04/2013 Meet ANDY!!
  15. 02/04/2013 Well, look who just walked in ! Andy Muhinga has arrived at CURE Kenya. Learn more at


We must raise $1000 to support this life-changing procedure for Andy at CURE Kenya. (FAQ's)


Andy's funding goal is closed


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