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About Ezekial

I don’t come from a big family, but I have to imagine that if you do, it can be hard to keep track of everyone. Ezekial’s dad Wilson seemed to prove that point after I asked him what order Ezekial was in their family of 10 children – “Umm…let me see…he’s number seven…is it seven? No, eight. No, no, he’s number Six. Yes. Six.” Coincidentally, it was when #6 was 6-years-old that Wilson and his wife lost track of their son’s developing disability.

Unknown to his family, Ezekial was starting to experience more difficulty and pain while walking. And whether or not he himself realized it, the bones in his feet were overgrowing and in the wrong direction. As 1 year turned into 2, and 2 into 8, Ezekial and his progressing condition remained under the radar. But finally, late last year, Wilson got back on track with his son after noticing the then obvious deformities in both of Ezekial’s feet. “When I saw his feet last year, that’s when he told me that he had seen the problems starting just when he was six years. So I didn’t want him to spend any more time waiting, and I’m glad we found a treatment,” Wilson told me.

By God’s grace, they crossed paths with us during a mobile clinic & Ezekial went through a successful first surgery on his left foot in March of this year. The procedure that was done will be repeated on his right foot and involves cutting his overgrown heel bone & shifting it over into the right position. Both Wilson and Ezekial agree that his left foot “looks nice” and they look forward to surgery number two. When I asked Wilson what he likes most about his son, he said, “I’m glad that he loves school & that he’s such a hard worker,” and I know Ezekial really appreciated hearing that. He might have felt like a neglected #6 for a while there, but I love that God always had him on His radar and planned for this surgery even before his parents knew he needed one.



  1. 05/10/2013 Sadly, another no show for Ezekiel, lets all whisper a prayer for him today.
  2. 03/08/2013 Ezekiel missed another appointment, and we do not seem to have a contact number to get through to him and let him know of our next clinic. So for now, we are just hoping that he will be able to come through soon or have the mobile clinic coordinators in Nakuru find them and let them know when we will return.
  3. 01/07/2013 and then a third miss :-( Please be praying that he is doing well even as we hope to see him during the first mobile clinic in Nakuru, which will be in February.
  4. 10/18/2012 Ezekial's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 11/29/2012 - two misses now. God willing we will be able to get through to his dad and communicate the date for the next mobile clinic in November.
  5. 08/27/2012 Ezekial's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/18/2012 - There was no Ezekiel at the clinic on Thursday, I don't know why, but I hope that he will be there in October.
  6. 05/04/2012 Ezekial's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 08/23/2012
  7. 03/09/2012 Despite our mobile clinic getting cancelled because of a government hospital strike, Ezekial still showed up for his review...he just came to Kijabe instead :) Everything is progressing great, and after getting his casts off & getting measured for a foot brace, he was recasted until we see him again in May!
  8. 03/09/2012 Ezekial's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 05/03/2012
  9. 02/03/2012 Ezekial's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 03/08/2012 - We're scheduled to see him for review at our next mobile clinic in Nakuru!
  10. 02/02/2012 Ezekial went in for a cast change today, and all is well! His foot looks great, and after recasting, he was discharged. That said, him and his dad are still waiting on transportation, so they'll stay the night & head home tomorrow. Ezekial's dad Wilson wanted to make sure they had a picture with their roommates before they head back :)
  11. 01/30/2012 Ezekial did great in surgery! Dr. Theuri was able to get rid of some of his deformed bone and to realign some other bones. He drilled two pins into Ezekial's foot to hold the shape as it heals, then he stitched him up & casted him. Now let's be praying as Ezekial recovers :)
  12. 01/30/2012 Ezekial is in recovery at CURE Kenya
  13. 01/30/2012 He's here and now getting prepped for surgery!
  14. 01/30/2012 Ezekial is receiving treatment at CURE Kenya
  15. 01/09/2012 We are still counting down days until Ezekiel comes in for surgery, and i am sure he is too. It won't be long now until his right foot looks like his left:-)
  16. 12/16/2011 Congratulations! Ezekial's funding goal is met!
  17. 12/13/2011 Ezekial with his dad Wilson :)


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