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About Tadi

Tadi's mother and father both work on a pasture with cows. It's clear to see in person how important CURE is to this family that otherwise would not be able to afford the surgeries required to correct his deformed hands and feet.

Tadi was a little grumpy when I was taking his pictures. He was really trying to take a nap as you can see from the photo with his mother. He's a funny little baby, though. He entertained himself on the ground, throwing bread at his mother while we spoke. He wasn't wearing any pants while he was sitting on the concrete outside, which was a bit concerning.

Tadi is the youngest of 3. He has one sister and one brother. The first two surgeries he will receive at CURE will be to straighten his feet. Please pray for this little boy and his family as they start their journey to his healing.



  1. 08/13/2012 We still haven't heard back from CBR regarding Tadi's health or rescheduling an appointment here so for now we're going to go ahead and archive his case until we get word on when he'll be returning to us. Thanks everyone for your patience and prayers for this little boy and his mother.
  2. 07/27/2012 We communicated with CBR, where he is staying. Tadi was sick again on the 17th so when he gets healthy, he'll be back to get his surgeries at CURE.
  3. 06/05/2012 Tadi's treatment date has been changed to 07/17/2012 - Tadi is still sick according to the caregiver at CBR, where he is living with his mother. He is scheduled to come back to get a check up next month.
  4. 05/28/2012 Tadi's treatment date has been changed to 05/28/2012 - We are still waiting for Tadi's mom to call and reschedule an appointment for our little friend. Until then, thank you for keeping him and his family in your prayers.
  5. 04/26/2012 Tadi's treatment date has been changed to 04/26/2012 - Tadi was discharged due to an ear infection. He couldn't get surgery so he will be rescheduled.
  6. 04/19/2012 Tadi's treatment date has been changed to 04/23/2012
  7. 04/17/2012 Congratulations! Tadi's funding goal is met!
  8. 04/02/2012 Tadi is a baby boy that needs surgery for his two clubfeet and both of his hands.

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