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About Naol

Naol does not know how his right leg came to be deformed, but it didn't happen at birth. Despite his condition, he loves to play with his friends and two siblings. He has 1 sister and 1 brother. Though they do not have much, their family environment is friendly. Naol's father finds work from day to day while Naol's mother stays at home with the children.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Naol just smiled. He does not know. He isn't in school yet, but hopefully he will be able to begin once he finishes with his operation at CURE.

Naol's right leg is genu valgum, which means that it is bent inwards, making it very difficult for him to walk. He will require a DFO, which is a surgery that will straighten out the leg, offering him the chance to run and play with the other children his age.


Most Recent Status

  1. 10/02/2013Naol was very happy to see us, his mother says he is doing great and he plays and run around with his friends.The doctors saw him and says they are seeing good progress and they will see him once a year to make sure everything is good.
  2. 04/05/2013Naol came yesterday for his follow-up and he is doing well. The doctors saw him and said his leg shows a good correction. We will see him again in a couple of months to check on his progress.


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Angela Sundin

Jun 13, 2012

Hi Naol!

Van Richardson

Jun 13, 2012

May the Lord Jesus Bless and Keep you; May He smile His face upon you; And be Gracious and give you Peace.”…